Fast lane or slow lane?

traffic-610x390What am I thinking? This is life in the fast lane – “apparently, it is life in the fast lane,” I said to myself, while thinking – just how, I literally got here from hell and back.

There was no doubt about it, but its certainly nothing like the, “Fast and the Furious,” with the late Paul Walker and Van Diesel driving fast cars and fast lanes in their Hollywood blockbuster films.

Well, maybe? Close, but not that close, but close. It’s been since December, since, I got off the slow lane and into the fast lane and jumped on the band wagon for a new life. I’m still here and still adjusting, which seems to be a good thing in my game book.

But for others, they wonder, if I’m able to pull off the most impromptu stunt of all time, as if, I were making the greatest motion picture of all time with the help of Actor Burt Reynolds, character Sonny Hooper, from his movie, “Hooper”.

Oscar statuettes sit in a display case in Hollywood“Yes, I know! Tonight is Oscar Night in Hollywood – “its Tinseltown’s biggest night in the industry and the biggest party in the town,” as they say.

I smudge for the biggest upsets and letdowns and surprises, which could swirl at tonight’s biggest party into a political satire or an ordinary Oscar mania show that seems to never fail the movie industry with lots of the unexpected outcomes and more.

Who will win? Who will lose? Who will become the most awed, “holy shit! – how can that be, moment of the night!”. It’s always something of a spoiler or two, when it comes to awards shows on television, not just the Oscars, but other shows like the Tony and Emmy Awards shows.

I haven’t seen a movie or motion picture in over a year or so, since the great debacle 0f losing my house and the life I had in Oregon, which transpired to me to take the fast lane of life to a new life elsewhere in the Untied States. Evidently, I’m much, much closer to the publishing world’s of Chicago and New York, than, I am from the movie industry in California, when I was only a two or three days drive from Eugene to Los Angeles.

81y7qafljel-_sy355_Now, it’s either a three hour drive to Chicago, where the Cubs and the Chicago White Sox are have the city at the edge of their seats, when it comes to the two rival clubs, during baseball season.

But – the game doesn’t stop there either, Chicago is also the home of the world famous, Chicago Blackhawks hockey team as well as the NBA’s Chicago Bull’s Basketball franchise.

TrumpWhat more can the “Fast Lane of Life” offer up to a putty tat like me?

A blogger who seems to think, he’s a goddamn pussy cat, that seems to purr its furry little middle finger at the rigors of high priced fake news idiots like, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who can’t seem to tell the truth and nothing, but the truth and keeps going off-course, like a bottle of Miracle Whip gone bad with the addition of some much needed Maple Syrup between his collective walnuts and the blonde bimbo Kelly Anne, who seems to be more rapid than Spicer himself.

“Go figures – it’s donuts!”, no doubt, just corn syrup gone wild.

Sadly enough, they’re both collective mules, who can’t seem to get the real P’s and Q’s with America’s working Press and the WH Media Corps, all while the press corps rages, a media war with Secretary Spicer and his uncanny reality show at the podium of the WH briefing room on a daily basis.

Ideally, I’m beginning to think, life in the fast lane seems to be the uncanny fast lane in Washington, D.C., with the so called, “Trump reality show” and more. It’s only peaceful enough, that I can handle life in the slow lane for now, but Van Diesel and the Fast and furious gang will have to hack it out at the movies until the franchise runs out of story ideas and ceases to work the box office numbers in the years to come.

lorne-michaels-16242370-1-402It may, be Oscar night in Tinseltown, Hollywood and Los Angeles, but, they’re all in the same city – likewise.

So, rave and cheer on for your favorite movies and stars, who walk along the Red Carpet has the biggest party in show business gets underway – I’m just hoping, it doesn’t turn into a political satire for another one of those silly Saturday Night Life sketches featuring the Trumps over at NBC next week in New York City.

Seriously, that would make SNL’s Executive Producer Lorne Michael’s have an uncontrollable ulcer, he can’t seem to shake, since the birth of SNL.



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