The battle for Blue Moon

78e3b5d9d7d9c9a5d5db7cb0aad224b1I’ve yet to come up with a title or where this will actually lead? It’s probably one of those things, you never see out of the blue. Not, just the blue, but from somewhere, out in a bluemoon.

But in reality, so is Life. Those very moments in life, become something of a Saturday Night Life comedy sketch of sorts. I’m sweltering the cold nights, until the warms breezes of he Summer months makes its return to the Great Lakes and the American Midwest.

Life is so transparent, that, I sometimes have the hardest time trying to comprehend the entire book of life.

It has its up and downs and its battle zones. But, the battles that are fought aren’t the one’s, that you’d take to war and fight to the death, it’s actually the opposite when your fighting to establish the red zones of life – something, that can’t be easily done overnight, but that could be done over time.

Time is what scares me the most, it seems to be the most logical fear of fears, that faces the wind, as you leave home and become an “alien” in a transparent world.

A world that becomes your own, but, not the one you once had, before you left your desired the planet of choice. It’s something new, that would gives you fresh minds and chores to cough up under the remedies of life.

afd-196312I feel like, I’m living live like a Vulcan, a descendent of Admiral Spock. Even though, life may not be like “Star Trek,” but somehow, it seems to feel like the dark side of the Blue Moon.

A darkness, that seems to creep up from time to time, that makes you nervous like a twit, who can’t seem to climb a tree to catch the very same dream catcher that eluded you for many years.

I thought about becoming a “Jedi Knight” to conquer of master skills of a Jedi – but, the Lord Vader and the dreadful Empire wasn’t to far off into the vast limits of space, as I seek the quest to become a Master Jedi Knight at life.

It boils down to what needs to be done to become a Jedi Knight. Life is too precious to waste, especially when you’re yawning to crunch the numbers into your fifties and beyond – perhaps, that’s what brotherly talk was all about? Crunching numbers and doing the impossible, which was tought to be the impossible to begin with.

Jedi? Vulcan? Vader, the enemy Empire? Who’s the one to conquer the Master Jedi Knight? The impossible is never impossible, it’s always possible to win them all and dread them llike a prized fighter.

No matter, how one see them in today’s world – it’s a part of life, simple grace.

I may have no Castle or knights in shiny armor, but, I do have one of the best partner’s in crime, my best friend and brother, who keeps those toes spinning, no matter, what the deal is, we’re both in for the same ride, as Spock and crew take the road to no man’s land in the outer reaches of space and the Jedi Knight’s of the rebel empire took the very same route to win the battle with the empire and more.



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