Who remembers Sat morning’s?

pr_tv-guideIt was an era before we ever heard the word “Cable Television Network,” such CNN, Fox, MSNBC, the Cartoon Channel, MTV – it evidently became known as “Generation X”.

I remember, when I was kid, every Saturday Morning, I would wake up, turn the television on and watch Saturday morning cartoon’s, until there was no more – at least, until I drew an interest in Major League Baseball and than, getting hooked on some several MLB favorite teams across America.

The Saturday morning cartoon rituals of the 1970’s, started falling victim to cable television as the popularity started to gain momentum, as the original network television stations such as, ABC, CBS, NBC started taking a backseat, while new networks were born among the Cable Televison Networks.

tumblr_o4pnwcyvcf1rpqdi8o1_500By the time, I had already gotten older, I had already gotten my favorite Saturday morning dose of favorite Saturday morning cartoons. I not only settled with the “Flinstones”, “The Jetsons”, “Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids”, “Scooby Doo” and a host of other’s that included live action shorts such as, “Shazam” and “Land of the Lost”.

The buck didn’t stop there, as the list kept growing and would take forever to list them all.

What made it special about all those Saturday morning’s, when you didn’t have to worry about going to school the very next day as it was a Sunday, the very next day, yoube starting the school week started all over again – but, you still got your does of afternoon cartoon’s, as you gotten home from school to such show’s as, “Batman”, “Bugy Bunny”, “Garfield and Friends”, but there was also Walt Disney’s, “The Mickey Mouse Club”, as well.

Those Saturday morning’s, were probably some of the best moment’s of life, when your kid, but has you get older you often wonder where the time has gone since your childhood. Even tho, you can still many of those cartoon’s on the cable television networks, that once was shown on it’s sister networks, such as ABC, NBC, CBS.

Sometimes, we wish we could be a kid again and enjoy those Saturday mornings as we once did in our childhood’s.



One thought on “Who remembers Sat morning’s?”

  1. Funny you mentioned this, I was just talking to a friend yesterday about Saturday morning cartoons! Her son was ready to whack her with her cane and both of us immediately thought. “Bam Bam!”


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