Armchair blogger

cropped-underwood_typewriter1.jpgNot very often, do I often get to do the “armchair blogging” run on my blog from a reclining chair.

There’s so much sense from writing and blogging from an office chair in my shared office with my best friend and brother, as we share half of the same desk.

But, writing from an armchair is like writing from a fishing boat with no set course of where you’re wanting to drop anchor and sport fish for the rest of the day. Viola, it’s just that, being the writer & the blogger right from an armchair quarterback – the recliner.

“Why the change as you ask?”, well, beats the hell-outta me for sure!

The change of scenery gives me, the chance of mind bogging the game plan and the mere creativity of writing a blog with the envision of the next great American blog – not exactly the great American Novel.

snoopy_editsBut, there’s a catch, your writing instructor never told you to “eat, sleep, edit and write”, while reclining in an a reclining armchair as writer and blogger, much like Snoopy writing and editing atop his Red Baron Dog House in the Peanuts Comics Strips, by the Charles M. Schulz.

However you write, it’s best to try not to go to sleep while you’re reclining to comfort, with that said, it’s literally addicting and delusional as a bad habit. Go figures. That’s the rattle tat tale of being an “armchair writer and blogger” on sensible Monday, when it comes to a stormin” normin day of hectic writing in a recliner.


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