New Era

When you start something new, you always wonder how you got there in the first place? 

Yesterday, I did something, that I’ve not done in a million years or should I say in ages! The tactic was simple, you walk into a business, inquire within the minds of its management and you realize toward the end,  you just went on a fishing expedition and you reeled in the bissgest fish in more than twenty  years. 

It amazes me on how,  I did just that! But,  it was easier than, I thought? it would  be from the beginning. I gambled my marbles and poker chips early, the payoff was better,  against the odds. 

“Huzzah”, as friend would say later in the evening,  when she gets the news of what just happened several  hours earlier.

Life is likely to keep me here for now – even though,  I still miss the great Pacific  Northwest and its where “home” is – but for now,  a new era starts fresh and who knows, where it will lead next?



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