There was change, big changes – Yikes!

ChangeI know some of my readers and followers of my blog have been questioning and wondering in “thought,” why I have posted lately? You might as well pull up a chair and have something to drink as this could be a long or short blog entry – depending on how these old lingering fingers do the typing, as I write this blog.

Since, my last post back in May, things started to take a turn for some unexpected changes in early June. I was planning on running a series of blog posts back May and then change came – for starters, I went back to work for a company, I once worked for back in my younger years in the restaurant industry in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

Suddenly, change number two took place in the middle of June and landed me in the hospital on unexpected medical issues, including the an astounding diagnosis of “Cancer.”

“How it got there and where it came from is a Diagnosis Mystery,” certainly not the murderous type with the likes of Dick Van Dyke and his “Diagnosis Murder”. I was told by a friend, actually, my best friend who not only is my best friend, but also my brother. He told me, a doctor who was treating his wife at the time for Brain Cancer, that “everyone has cancer,” but, it was just a matter of time for it to show up in the doctor’s diagnosis during medical tests and more – “sometimes, it could be years before it actually shows up,” he said.

It all came “without warning” and an astounding surprise to everyone in mu family twenty-five hundred miles from home in the Pacific Northwest, as I settled for a new life in America’s heartland – the Midwest and the Great Lakes.

While spending my time in the hospital for a week, I kept wondering why things were so jittery and I kept asking myself, “why me?”.

At the same time, I kept asking the higher powers of heaven for answers as I held my faith in the trust and the powers to be of heaven to one day find the truthful answer to my astounding and mysterious questions of, “why?”.

time-travel-header1.jpgPerhaps, it was a calling card to get me to look at the better leases of life and to straighten my ways of life for the better and more? Anything could be possible, I’m thing and I just have to do the math to find the right equation to get the right answer I’m looking for.

As Mark Walberg’s character, Mark Watney was stranded on the planet Mars, I kept thinking towards the end of the film, when he addresses students about his journey of getting stranded on Mars and “everything goes south, you gotta work the math to fix the problem,” he said to a ground of NASA students looking for a future in Space Exploration and beyond.

As I write this, I keep wondering, if this all had to do with the recent events that took place in Oregon, before I moved to the Midwest with my best friend and his wife, where the weather is much warmer and there are more severe storms than in the Pacific Northwest.

Perhaps? This an another clue to the answers of life? Again, anything is possible, I still have to figure out the equation to find the right answers to life.

I know a few years ago and a friend of mine and former news reporter who spent twenty-years in the news business as a reporter/anchor also had cancer himself and sought treatment for the disease and went on to build a successful media business of his own, during the course of his battle with Prostate Cancer here.

Rick Dancer’s story is so inspiring, that I’ve asked him for some moral support, not only as a person with cancer, but also a person who has experienced the treatment of cancer and living with the disease as well.

I’m not only scared of what the cancer can do to me in the long run. As I sought treatment under my doctor’s recommendation, which is chemotherapy, I’m hoping it will help stop the growth and spread of the disease to other parts of my body and let me live a longer life even though, it has spread into my liver they say, which worries me a little and keeps me wondering on how far past the liver it has gotten? Hopefully, I will know the results soon on the next doctors visit when I take round of Chemotherapy?

They say, the story of life is a “never-ending” and goes on and on until the final chapter is written and “The End” is written the final pages of the story to be written. But, it hasn’t happened yet, I’m still here kicking and enjoying life, when I can, plus working outside of my time blogging and writing when the time permits and enjoying my amateur radio pursuits in between the hectic life of living with cancer.

With my family twenty-five hundred miles away in the heart of the Pacific Northwest of Oregon, the news of getting cancer has taken its toll on a few family members, especially my Mother and two cousin’s, who’d rather see me home and be treated there and close to home.

But, I had opted to a decision to get my treatment here in the midwest, unless the disease takes a turn for the worse and I will obligate to go back to the PNW for the final durations of life – which, I hope to never see and continue seeing a healthy life of beating cancer and living life to the fullest extent, in fact, my Doctor thought this was an excellent idea and I couldn’t have agreed more with my own thinking.

It give me the option of continuing my new life here in the Great Lakes and living a life that I had never experienced away from home and family in so many years. “Dreams are dreams and life is life,” they say. I couldn’t agree with it more. But, there is so much in life I’d like to see, I’m just not ready to leave this planet Earth, just yet – perhaps, that is what the heavens called for and offered me a longer lease on life? Who know’s? It’s probably written in the book of life as another chapter starts and a new one crops up to the unexpected.

“This was it,” I’m thinking? A new lease on life with a new chapter being written?


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