Cancer is like an oil change

DeskMy life feels like an oil can – not exactly, “Oil Can Henry’s,” to say – just an oil can running low on grunt and grease. The engine starts fine, humanwise. It’s just grut in the oil of the human body, that’s rustic and old.

The human body, these days runs like an automobile engine running the newest and oldest of technology, like “self driving cars and more.” Not exactly fresh off the assembly line, unfortunately, that’s what it feels like, while living and battling cancer.

I’m really not the newest model off Ford Motor Company’s assembly line, but, an old rustic ’65 caterpillar running on spare bone parts, which you can hardly find in this day, age and century, unless you’ve checked every “bone yard” in town and came up empty-handed in the bare bones of the never ending salvage wars.

oz1015-341It seems so surreal, that the disease is real, that I’m still “shocked and amazed,” at the diagnoses of getting Cancer.

Cancer astounds me so much, I wish I knew how to turn it off and fix the broken part myself, which, I would ideally find anew off the assembly line, while playing catch up with the Lion and the Scarecrow on the Yellow Brick Road as they make their way to “Oz,” with Dorothy and Toto.

It seems to be the catalyst of life or is it? An equation that still needs mending to the problematic of answers. But, it’s not nearly enough to conquer the fight to judgement fighting a disease, while fighting a medieval knight to the final countdown toward his entry into Knighthood in the fabled land of Camelot.

My life now is in the middle ages of those medieval times, but it’s certainly not the 5th Century to say – it’s the roaring 21st Century – “The Buck Rogers” Century. But, I’m not fighting for the knighthood of the 5th Century to 15th Centuries of those medieval times. It may feel like modern times with a twist of 5th Century Medieval times, but that’s what it feels like inside – I’m in the race for knighthood literally.

As I endure my second round of chemotherapy this week. I’m feeling chastised of continuing with life, work, writing and probably producing and writing short films, not only to mention that, but also help my best friend and brother with his business along the way.

As Lt. Pete “Maverick” Mitchel,” would say to his co-pilot “Goose” in the Movie “Top Gun” – “I feel good,” as they slap high fives on the tarmac of “Fighter Town, USA, known as Top Gun.” I’m feeling the same way a Maverick stated to Goose in the movie with Tom Cruise.

Has life would have it, we have a wrap and the fight goes on until it’s no longer seen as threat to the human body. As my friends and family say, “You got this,” your damn right, I got this and I’m ready for battle as the USS Gerald Ford sets sail to the high seas after being christian a few days ago the battle goes on.


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