More changes in life

Change I’m still sticking with the changes as things progress with my Cancer treatment as it goes into its fourth dosage of Chemotherapy with two more to go until the next PET Scan takes place to see where things are sitting and if the Chemotherapy treatments have helped stop the spread of the disease? I would consider it an extension of my lifespan on earth, if the PET scan results come back favorable to the medical team that is treating me for my cancer.

I’m just hoping for the better than the wacky canny insane results, where things go downward spiral into uncertainty, “let’s hope for the best of the best, not the worst of the worst,” I say in my centurion old mind at this age and life.

The new ride

Denali Pic 2017
Photo by the Author

A couple of weeks ago, I took this blue thing out of lay-a-way and brought it home from the shop. It was probably one of the best investments I’ve ever made since my move from Oregon over six months ago to the Midwest.


The bad boy has been getting me “addicted,” in “driving” to and from work and to my chemotherapy appointments at the cancer. It feels refreshing not having to fight to rely on getting a ride share with UBER or vying for the car with my Brother’s wife and juggling between our doctor’s appointments, my work schedule – this “new toy,” literally saves the day, ultimately.

It makes sense in having your “own set of wheels,” and get this – gas is way cheaper, when you can get a full tank of gas, a gallon to say and getting nearly 70 to 100 MPG before filling the tank on the next round at fuel at the pump.

Besides, it only cost me, $2.98 a gallon at the local gas station, where we get our fuel for our cars and now my bike. I’m actually enjoying it more than ever, since I learned to ride and drive motorcycles as a kid on my Grandparent’s farm as a child, along with my cousin’s when we were all young at heart.

The sense of having your own wheels makes, the “independency” a little more “wicked” and bubbly to be able to do what you want to do and where you want to go, when and whenever you want too. I had the same sensibility with my bicycle back in Oregon, when I would hop on the bike and take long day rides around town or out into the country or take the bike on the bus and go to a town miles away with the use of public transportation and ride the bike back home for the ride of the day…

Making memories last

Memories are made when your able to do that the things you want to do with the things you already own and call your own as well. That’s the same feeling that I have with my new Denali Scooter, named, “Blue.”

Fidler’s Pond

It’s nice to take a ride to places you’ve not yet explored, once you’ve made a major move to a new home and while visiting “Fidler’s Pond” in Goshen, Indiana. It’s an awesome piece of land with a well stocked with fish and an awesome walking/bike path around the park.


I had a chance to visit this historic park along the Lincoln Highway in Goshen over the past couple of month’s. It’s just a beauty to see and watch, as nature calls it home for the many animals that live in the surrounding area of the pond.

There’s amble parking and a picnic area for all to enjoy as well as an outhouse barn, that will allow you to visit and tour the park, as well take a canoe into the water and paddle away as the ripple effects of the wind-driven water brings of waves to life as paddle and make your way across the pond.

Life is good. Cancer treatment is going well and better than I had originally thought. But it’s good to know, that I’m in good hands with the folks at the Cancer Center that have been treating me like a Royal King with surpreme treatment with the royalty of love and compassion of their patients that they treat on a daily basis.

Until next time – that’s a wrap.