Entitlement of Life

It’s only human and an entitlement. What’s the worst possible thing that could possibly happen? Ditto. “Smurf, it’s just that – smurf!”

Who know’s? It’s just one of those total obnoxious thought’s of the day or night! “Pure mayhem,” its more like the common denominator vibrating to the wrath of winter blues.

Just what is the enlightenment of life? I never really thought of that much, since my move last year. Life has changed and has been “daring” at least to say – strange, but true.

It seems more like a wishbone of sorts – no, I’m not a hungry dog looking for one of those juicy steak bones, that would spare me hours of craving the sharpening of my “razor” like teeth, much like a hungry lion.

My entitlement to life seems to be numbered in many ways, as my fight with Cancer continues. I have never experienced such manners in life, as my life has experienced in life today.

It seems to be somewhat of an understanding of sorts – but I can never be sure, if, that’s what’s I’m getting myself into?

I can only pray, that life continues for me for years to come and more. Eight month’s ago, I never understood what Cancer was all about – I really thought I was immune to the disease? But, I guess, that wasn’t true to being with and was a total misconception on my part of life.

By the grace of the heavenly powers to be, I’m grateful to still be here on this loving Earth and more. I have many goals and dreams to finish and conquer before my life ends in the days, when I feel those dreams and goals have been fulfilled and business is all taken care of and all.

It feels scary at times. But, I need to remember to keep my head above the water, as I swim across the ocean of life.

I love life and the people around me, that I’ve lived and worked with for many years. But, what bother’s me the most, is being away from family and friends, left behind and trying to make new friends along the way in a new era and place your not all to familiar with in life and everything is still new to you in many ways, you’ve not year explored and all.

It’s only a matter of time, when luck becomes a reality to return home after nearly and year and half away from home. “Life is crazy at least to say,” but, was all worth it? Time will tell, one way or another.

One thing that I’m still getting used to, is the cold winters we have here in the Midwestern part of the country, compared to the winters I experienced in the Pacific Northwest and their two completely different worlds when it comes to the winter months – there’s no doubt about it!

And that’s what they say, “that’s life for you my friend.”

Life & Chess

rs_300x300-140326085317-600-monopoly-game-ls-32614A few days ago, I was watching an online video on “YouTube,” of someone I follow regularly, he stated that, “life is like playing chess.” Literally, life is actually like playing chess in my opinion, statistically – it’s more like the game of “Monopoly.”

Fighting Cancer, juggling work, tending household duties, chores, writing, blogging and stringing life’s most precious moments – all-in-all, it feels like a “Monopoly in the game of life!”

Statistically, that’s how’s it’s all played on the board game, even though, it still feels like a game of Chess, “holy batcape Batman!”.

httpmy52books-comjrfs-21-the-strange-case-of-dr-jekyll-and-mr-hyde-by-robert-louis-stevensonPerhaps, that’s what the book of life is all about? But, life in general? Is it really the same? What and how can the two co-exist in this day and life? Someone, please tell me the difference before, my mind explodes to the gadgets of deciding which bag of candy snacks to buy at my next trot to Walmart, the Dollar Tree or some spooky crapper candy store, that I haven’t yet seen since my spooky doozy days of childhood.

I’m not necessarily talking about the ride through Dracula’s Castle or Uncle Frankenstein’s resurrection bed with Doctor Jekyll and his assistant, Mr. Hyde, presiding over Uncle Frank’s re-electron’s of life.

I’m thinking of winning the game of chess – literally Evidently – I’m still playing “checkers” in this so-called karma life, we inhibit in the middle of nowhere in the vacuum’s of space.

It’s just one of those day’s, when things go “haywire” and all sorts of things pop up here and there and your mind starts tinkering about something elsewhere the world throughout the day and more, is it just bugs? It’s driving me insane, “goddamnit!,” has I say in as the winter chills continue to settle into the snow belt states of Lake Michigan.

shutterstock_292985246-e1471295102105Somehow, it just get bug’s the heck outta ya and a whole lot more and I kept thinking just the other day or was it a couple of weeks ago or a few month’s ago, “what the hell are you talking about you idiot – “your just an instant karmarass living in the midwest, you nimchuck!”

Just what I figured – a “karma kicks my ole’ Pacific Northwest’s ass!”

My First White Christmas

xmastree.jpgIn the history of the Christmas Holiday’s, I have never missed a family Christmas nor any other major holiday until the Christmas of 2016, when my life changed entirely.

It’s been a year since, I left home for a new life in the upper Midwest,which bears down near or near the Great Lakes. A region known where you can expect extreme cold and harsh winter’s of the “North Pole” to slam dunk the region at any time during the Winter month’s.

Being away from home, Family and Friends, brings the entire holiday into perspective to the meaning of Christmas, by the time you read this, Christmas would have already passed on and 2018 is already underway – even though, this is my second Christmas away from my family and friends in the Pacific Northwest.

ortreeChristmas Eve, also marked the first time in my fifty plus years of life, that I’ve ever experienced – “A White Christmas” – yes, Virgina, a White Christmas.

Seeing a White Christmas gives me a whole new perspective to the meaning of Christmas, when it comes to having snow on a famous holiday lik, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

It’s something you don’t see very often in the Pacific Northwest, unless you happen in the live in the Cascade Mountains or somewhere in Eastern Oregon where snow is an annual plateau of daily life each winter during the Christmas Holidays.

Eugene, Or., Jan 1969

I forgot what the harsh winter’s were like, since, I was young kid living in rural Oregon during the late 1960’s, when a brutal and surprising snowstorm slammed the Pacific Northwest with more than three feet of snow in the Willamette Valley in 1969 – brutal, but tolerant at the time.

Seeing my first snow’s here in the Midwest last year, was more of a mild winter at the time, but, not as cold has it is now, when the temperture sits around 1 or 2 degrees and the wind chill is much lower than it is in the below zero digits or lower.

The brutal cold wasn’t something, I was doggly prepared for, as I experience the Arctic cold in the Great Lakes.

It was nothing compared to the winter’s I’ve seen in Oregon, unless you get of those clippers bearing down on the PNW from British Columbia, Canada in one of those late December early January weather ritual’s.

Since, Christmas passed on for the winter of 2017 and bears down into the new year of 2018, we shall see how well, I can survive the cold and harsh winter’s here, as I continue my fight with Cancer and the ever surging snags of tingling in my hands and feet as Mother Nature and winter’s wrath continues to bear down has my new life continues into the New Year and into 2018.

Happy New Year to all as I work into a more routine writing and blogging schedule for 2018.

Happy New Year 2018!

happy-new-year-whatsapp-status-text-videoHappy New Year folks! Sorry it has been hectic here, has I continue to settle down and me life new again in the Midwest.

Has many of you have been following my progress with my fight with Cancer, things have been progressing really and treatment is progressing as well and keeping the disease in check from spreading, so far so good, which is making me happy and keeping my lease on life intact as one!

2017 was another interesting year to say as the last few weeks of 2016 were the strangest days of my life, as I left home for a life elsewhere in the country and being away from my family, friends and a volunteer career that spans for more than thirty-years to the communities I loved and shared my knowledge and experience with through the years – evidently, I haven’t actually “retired” from public service yet and still have some years left under my wings and more.

One of the hardest parts about living far and way from those you love and worked with for so many years, has a new meaning in life – “strange Armageddon”. I’m still learning the history and the story of life of where I live now in the Midwest, even though, I’m experiencing my first severe cold winder! Lat year was mild has it was like in the Pacific Northwest, but this Winter is sure a wallop of a winter, which doesn’t mix very well with my cancer treatment as my fingers and feet tingle and spike big time, when the cold temps get into those famous Arctic Cold Winters, that many experience in this part of the country.

I’m hoping 2018 will give me more time to write and blog as well as continue on the many projects that have been put on hold since I left the great PNW… Hope everyone has a wonder New Year and a safe 2018 as well…!