Life vs the holiday’s

oldtypewriter-2.jpgThis past Thanksgiving, I was struggling to write, blog or write something, that came to mind? But, the struggles of life, took a turn to the memories of Thanksgiving’s past with loving family, whom I left behind two years ago.

As, the keyboard strokes came alive, I tempted to write my latest entry to something, I started writing many moon’s ago in this daily life. “To blog and write tirelessly,” was to make the story come alive in a variety of genre’s that my readers and subscribers can enjoy.

Selfishly, with the bores of life’s troubles, it all came together as they clashed upon one another. It’s the power of one’s genuine nature to implore ‘the righteous words of wisdom, when it comes to writing on a daily basis.”

jumping out from water salmon  on river backgroundWith recent passing of my Mother, earlier this Fall, life in general has been a struggle. I can’t imagine not writing on a daily basis as my personal life implores the demands of life – it run’s more like a fishing trip down Oregon’s Snake River near Bend, Oregon with an old high school buddy who practices his trick’s of the trade, as a treasured and veteran fisherman along the Snake River.

“It’s competitive at least to say,” harmony to the sounds of Jazz music and rhythm’s of classical Blue’s music, makes the mind work in creative ways to create the story of the day to be written and read for all at the end of the day.

mt-st-helens-6052981b3aa9440e “To bear the beans of life,” as a cousin once said, “you’ve, literally been to hell and back in those two years,” he recently said, during one of our our online chats with one another.

The gesture is literally true, that, I’ve been to “hell and back,” in the nearly two years since, leaving my beloved home for a more venture life away from home. The transition only been “a strange one” to say, as if you were just deployed to your “Freshman” year in college and it became a massive volcanic eruption in it’s own way.

Life was never a dual moment, it’s mostly an adventure, an adventure one has never taken, since his boyhood days, while walking the in the woods with Pine trees and towering Douglas Fir trees along the beaten path. t

The trending isles of life begin to merge as a story in its own ways, as one was never told or written into the stardate logs of the Captain’s daily journal has he travels the vast voyages of space and the universe.

This holiday season, I’m eager to make the best of it, but it won’t be the same without the Christmas morning texts or phone calls from my late mother, who has since passed away and left her family behind to the merits of life. My only wish is that life is gentle to me in my fight with Cancer and that I survive a long and happy life in the years to come – the battle wages onward and the fight is not yet over until the final battle is waged into victory.

“Theatrically, the final chapter is yet to be written,” a fellow writer once said in one of my college writing classes.