The Writer’s Pen

02eb88b3f0f76540cc223c13acc6688fIn all seriousness with the bets of life – several friends on my Social Media networks are saying that “I got this?”. Literally with a new job being lined up, as I gear up to start my new position in my career field in the food industry – I’m starting to feel a little critically acclaimed that life is – again, is really starting to begin with the second chapter in the book of life, as I stated in a previous post, recently published earlier this week.

As I take the stroke of one of my favorite writer’s pen that sits nestled in my pen and pencil cup, I’m hesitating to figure out where the lastest keyboard strokes and the written strokes freshly written into my ” Blog Draft’s Journal,” where most of my ideas sit candidly and await their turn to breath new life into their storied and treasured joy to be written into the words for several blogs still being qued into the editing process to be published into future stories for my daily or weekly ritual of blogs to be published in future blog posts.

It’s the story behind the pen that makes the strokes of the written words come alive and bringing the story to the readers as “treasured” works. Perhaps, “it’s too good to be true,” but oddly enough, it could be “the real deal” at least to say?


Sadly enough, its either fiction or non-fiction at least to say? One of my late journalism instructors in college once mentioned those very same exact words – today it still rings true in many ways – give or take. You pick. Be the judge and converse the realities in which words are about to come alive in the ages if electronic media, something we didn’t have back in the late 20th Century until it hit the fan well into the new century.

With the digital age of technology these days, it only gets more technical as we advance in age through the century and well into the future – the past is only a memory that we can cherish some fifty years ago before the digital age took off like a firestorm. Perhaps that where life is leading us today? Give or take – we shall see, that’s a wrap. But my trusty writer’s pen is still my working buddy when I’m literally stuck at the digital age of my keyboard pounding the strokes of the Liberty Bell, all while looking at the daily rituals of life of the western horizon of the Great Lakes region for additional inspiration to pen my next masterpiece.




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