The Five AM Morale

It’s one one of those nights when you can’t sleep. You come home from work after a long day standing on your feet cheering and laughing with customers at your regular job, you come home, shower and hit the hay, only to be able to “catnap” here and there throughout the night – its that “Five O’Clock in the morning jingle bell” that kept you awake for much of the night, per say.

It ain’t nothing to do with “Star Wars” and the Jedi Knight, “Luke Skywalker” and the rest of the force, which may be with you after all these years as the serial movie franchise continues to grow beyond its original concept and the mothership, “Star Wars.” This is present-day human life on Earth, as “Force and the Empire” battles on in a galaxy far away somewhere in the distant universe.

I know, I ain’t no Jedi Knight. But ole Yodda would probably say I am, which I hardly believe I am not, which is probably true, to begin with in the first place?

So why am I really up at five am in the morning? Unfortunately, my dear, it’s Monday morning, which also happens to be “tax day,” in America. Insomnia seems to drive me literally crazy at times and nothing else. There are so many variations to compile to muster the boiler of sleep or should I say a “Great Dane of total chaos and kangaroo munchkins slapping each other like hell somewhere in the African Desert.”

Pretty huh? Not quite Simon, not quite, but, all most, you’re just not quite there yet to conquer the yellow brick road with the Tin Man, Scarecrow and the chastity Lion for the trek to OZ.

So, what do I with some so with some hard boiled five am in the morning wake up call – scuddle my butt out of bed and look at a tense blank screen on my computer monitor and see what the heck, I’m going to pen at the wicked hour of 5 am…, certainly not the chore I was tenderly looking for as an early riser, to begin with on Tax Day, but at least everything was done, pitched and done with, hooha, makes for a good day, all in all, I would say and you can’t beat that to being with at the end of the day.

A little boy makes a wish for Mom

shutterstock_43304338While sitting at my desk catching up with friends on social media, one story that caught my attention was of a friend of mine back in Eugene, Oregon, who spent most of his career in the News Media Business, now a public figure on Facebook with his own Facebook Live shows and more about Oregon, including traveling around the state and what to explore and more. He recently did with a short video vlog about this 5-year-old boy in Springfield, Oregon, wanting to cure his mother of cancer with a trip to Disneyland.

“Yes – Cancer!” As Rick Dancer said, “what kind of kid would come up with an idea like that wanting to cure his mother of cancer with a trip to Disneyland,” he said on one of his Facebook Live Vlog?

b18488d721ad65b09f83b988727a0204The kid – only Five years old with an ambitious dream to cure his Mother of a disease that could literally take her life at some point in time. But this?  Is just one of those amazing stories that seem to brighten everyone’s day in a zillion ways you could ever imagine –  a young kid at the age of five wanting a cure for his Mother.

“If I were his age and my own Mother had Cancer in a way this little boy’s Mother has, I would want to try the magical powers of Disneyland to cure my own mother in a way,” I would tenderly say in my own childish words as tendered aged five-year-old.

Only time will tell when this amazing story continues the process of being told by a bright-eyed five-year-old kid.



Midnight to Daylight Battle

writers-desk-300x180It’s practically after midnight, I’m sitting at my desk thinking of a unique piece to write about & work on through the night or nearly through the night? All Depending on what karma decides to give me as the night drags onward into the darkness toward the world of – “Daybreak.”

Darkness seems to never fail for those who write and work as night owls of the darkness or the abyss of the night. But, for me its somewhat of a battle of sorts – idea’s don’t come as easy as it did in my younger days as a writer on the college rag,  “The Torch.”

It all started back in the day’s of the early 1990s when I was trying to decide if I wanted to go back to school or not; some six or seven years after graduating from high school.

That leap of faith had me deciding between several career choices and a twist of fate – fate at the time, I literally decided a childhood dream of writing would be the key to going back to school in some form of Journalism rather it be writing novels, scripts for movies and television or just plain jane freelance writing on whatever topic blew into my mind via magazine writing or the likes.

At the time I went back to school I was building a growing Firebuff and Incident paging Network called, “Oregon Firepage,” it was the start of my news stringing career as a freelance news stringer managing the local and statewide “Breaking News Coverage in the public safety spectrum of police and fire departments across the state,” not only to the fire buff groups across the country but also to other statewide paging networks.

It was tough and competitive with other similar fire buff networks getting local and statewide Breaking News Coverage. As the fire buff networks died down or other networks getting bought out by other networks across the country, it was time to reconsider the next plan of battle.

The battle made me decide New stringing was still my best bet while continuing forward with my paging network.

pexels-photo-359989.jpegAs daybreak started to rise, I was still in the battle picking up the pieces and editing away as I kept writing for a few hours before getting some much-needed shuteye and some needed rest from a long day in the chair while getting Chemotherapy the day before at the cancer center.

As the sun rose above clear skies and high clouds started rolling in for an anticipating series of storms started to trek into the Ohio Valley from the western fronts of the Midwest portion of the United States. My battle continues as the day drags on toward the dawns of Sunset, which is still a few hours away from the dawn darkness.

“It may very well be another night working into the darkness of deciding of what type of blog articles to pen for the rest of the month? Again it’s a battle to be seen, if I even have a standard set of quota to pen each month, as I try to break the cycle of slacking weekly for numerous days of not writing and penning anything worthwhile it would be well worth the effort and gaining the upper hand in the battlefield.

Perhaps it shall be seen how the battle goes for the month of April.

Are we a part of Star Trek?

pngtree-five-hawaiian-islands-png-clipart_675136Some folks have been asking me since leaving Oregon for the Midwest, especially an old childhood buddy that I grew up with who now lives in Hawaii with his lovely wife on how I am adapting to life in the historic part of the country?

Evidently, we’ve spoken several times over our social media platforms and have expressed our differences in living in different parts of the country together.

With him living on an island in the Northern Pacific Ocean and me living on the mainland of the United States in the Midwest, history bestows both our new homes and the regions we now live our lives as we get older.

It’s quite interesting to live in an area of the country that has a rich history in the birth of our nation. I never dreamed in my entire life, that I would live a part of my life in a historical part of our nation other than the Pacific Northwest, where I am originally from.

It makes for some great stories to tell the kids and grandkids, about the chuckles of history from one part of the country to another.

Living life elsewhere is like living in a “time warp,” yes as in another time and place. The reason I bring this up, the other day I was watching a video online of an old television series that I used to watch as a kid, called “Grizzly Adam’s,” with the late Dan Haggerty in the leading role – the buck didn’t stop there as the video that was made was a TV movie made after the series ended its network run of a young boy going back into time in the 1840s and meeting Grizzly Adams, while trying to save a small bear cub from a wicked and cruel circus owner.

In contrast, it feels the same way about leaving the Pacific Northwest. How strange can a perspective like that be? – ultimately, if you really think about it, the magnitude of the feeling makes you feel like you’ve time traveled from one time to another while moving elsewhere, it the gut feeling at times when it comes time to think about how you got here from there.

“Hmm, that sounds meaningful?” Well in a curious way it does while time warping from one place to another? – “what is the universe coming too?; I consciously ask”. Perhaps, I’ll just leave it at that, “Mr. Zulu warp drive, out there somewhere, aye Captain, he says.”

Maybe our universe is worth a look into the “real Star Trek?”.