The Five AM Morale

It’s one one of those nights when you can’t sleep. You come home from work after a long day standing on your feet cheering and laughing with customers at your regular job, you come home, shower and hit the hay, only to be able to “catnap” here and there throughout the night – its that “Five O’Clock in the morning jingle bell” that kept you awake for much of the night, per say.

It ain’t nothing to do with “Star Wars” and the Jedi Knight, “Luke Skywalker” and the rest of the force, which may be with you after all these years as the serial movie franchise continues to grow beyond its original concept and the mothership, “Star Wars.” This is present-day human life on Earth, as “Force and the Empire” battles on in a galaxy far away somewhere in the distant universe.

I know, I ain’t no Jedi Knight. But ole Yodda would probably say I am, which I hardly believe I am not, which is probably true, to begin with in the first place?

So why am I really up at five am in the morning? Unfortunately, my dear, it’s Monday morning, which also happens to be “tax day,” in America. Insomnia seems to drive me literally crazy at times and nothing else. There are so many variations to compile to muster the boiler of sleep or should I say a “Great Dane of total chaos and kangaroo munchkins slapping each other like hell somewhere in the African Desert.”

Pretty huh? Not quite Simon, not quite, but, all most, you’re just not quite there yet to conquer the yellow brick road with the Tin Man, Scarecrow and the chastity Lion for the trek to OZ.

So, what do I with some so with some hard boiled five am in the morning wake up call – scuddle my butt out of bed and look at a tense blank screen on my computer monitor and see what the heck, I’m going to pen at the wicked hour of 5 am…, certainly not the chore I was tenderly looking for as an early riser, to begin with on Tax Day, but at least everything was done, pitched and done with, hooha, makes for a good day, all in all, I would say and you can’t beat that to being with at the end of the day.

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