Guilty as pledged

It could have been instant karma? It could have been something else? It could have been a sign of the times or vise-versa of them all? Karma literally killed me in the first draft of this blog! Yeah, I know? “What were you thinking, you little slimeball?” – well, I was trying to save something to the clipboard and I utterly cut the paragraph I had penned elsewhere in the story as I was going to move it to the front of the pack, adamantly, I cut the whole entire paragraph, to a cyberspace death – whoops!

“Sheesh, what the hell was I thinking?” All I wanted was to make a perfectly sound paragraph moved to the front of the pack and it utterly disappears without ever reaching the light of the clipboard! Some editor I am huh? “blah, blah, blah,” I hear ya all saying…, “your screwed Newton!,” well yes – ultimately, I am screwed, so back to the drawing board, kiddo..!

Drawing boards are something of a chime, an architectural build to make the story come alive, somehow, the story sounded perfectly sound and structured in nature, if the missing link had made it to the front of the pack in the first place. But the front of the pack never saw the daylight of its presence, which make it quite interesting to the likes of a gumshoe detective novel of sorts and editing failed to make the editing process complete but is the “prime suspect” of truth to begin with.

And the co-conspirator is ultimately the writer and author himself – “guilty has pledged your honor”, as I say to the court.

That pretty much sums it up for this one? See you on the next one.

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