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Shockwave – Sadness never stops

blogpix3.jpgAs I continue my “Shockwave Series,” while dealing with the passing of my Mother almost two week ago from last Sunday. I’ve stumbled away from work at my regular job, as, I continue to evaluate and process the ordeal of losing a beloved family member, whom, I’ve been entirely close too for many years – fifty-three years to be exact from childhood to adulthood.

I routinely sit at my desk on a daily basis, as I write and work on resurrecting some old writing projects that have been put on hold over the past few weeks, few months to a few years, all while, I look at picture from Christmas 2012 of my late Mother, which is a background on my computer screen of my laptop.

The harsh realities of life are so unreal that, I often think it’s only a dream? I’ve yet to wake up to see, if it is the real deal or not, obviously, it’s the real moniker of life!

The sadness of grief, the solid liquids of steel, as the seasonal likes of Fall start’s to settle into the Midwest, life isn’t yet taken for granted. But, lives in amazement with daring puzzles to be solved with the revealing likes of Sherlock Holmes, Thomas Sullivan Magnum or novelist turned private detective, Richard Castle, well all looking to find the answers to one of life’s most daring puzzles.


Life runs like a spring rushing from the famed Colorado or Snake River’s, it’s refreshing to hear familiar sounds of water rushing down the paths of the empty canyon’s, creek and rivers. Many have never seen in these famed canyon’s in their lifetimes – the high canyon’s dwell rich history of ancestry of America’s pastime, since the last great battle of General Custer and his men at Little Big Horn, Montana in 1876.

Forever in the hearts of those that loved and cherished the friendship, comfort and companionship of my Mother, life is still deluged with mysteries of the unknown, rather it’s on Earth or in Heaven, the truth is to be told that the memories live forever in the hearts of those that were touched forever, perhaps, that’s the truth, “the mystified truth of life.”

The sadness and sorrow never stops, but the healing of faith is just starting with a new beginning in store for life.


First Christmas away from home


For the first time in my fifty-one year’s of life, I’ve not had the joy of being home for Christmas with the members of my family in Oregon, as I now live a new life in the Midwest – it’s the modern age of Christmas goosebumps.

At least, the Grinch didn’t steal any presents under the tree with my name on them or did the cadre of dogs my parents own, let them shred the perfectly wrappred gifts into chaos of shredded tators after long hours of prefectionist wrapping by my beloving Mother.

loghomeatnightWhat really surprises me to this very day – I’m seeing my very first White Christmas! Something, I don’t see very often in the heart of the Willamette Valley of Oregon, where I’m originally from.

White Christmas’s in Oregon are likely to be seen in Eastern Oregon on the Eastern flanks of the Oregon Cascade Ranges or down in Southern Oregon near the Oregon-California Border has you get toward Medford and Ashland, Oregon, along the Interstate Five Corridor going south toward California.

With my first Christmas away from home, I’m likely to survive the onslaught of surviving my first ever White Christmas, but missing those I love the most back in Oregon is the bummer of it all, as I know, we’ll all manage to make the most of it this holiday season. I’m hoping Santa was good to them all, while I’m still hacking it out in the new digs and life.

Merry Christmas everyone, family, friends and readers.

New life, brings new challenges!

elkgosh1st-snowdec-2016  Traveling across America for three-day aboard one of the most impromptu traveling tools in America via train on Amtrak, gave me a broader and wider experience of traveling by long distance aboard a train from Eugene, Oregon to the Great Lakes Region along the boarders of Lake Michigan and the State of Indiana.

Something you’d never expected when you travel such distances from a place you’ve called home for more than forty years, but leaving your own next after thirty years of living on your own for a new life Three-thousand miles away from home, brings on many new unexpected challenges and more.

For instance, My Mother already seems to be getting lonely, because her one and only Son has the family nest after so many years of being close at will and more.

15492246_10211592726396349_92686514481834614_nIt brings on the scary advantage on both sides of the Union – neither of us are around to see one another. My mother still needs to learn the ropes of the current power of technology and how to get around it to communicate with me on a daily basis. Even though she’s getting pretty good a texting back and forth with me on the East Coast and her on the West Coast.

There are the crazy times, when the montage of craziness kicks in and drives one or the other into a bit of homesick frenzy. I love my mother dearly, but, I also worry, that she sometime’s doesn’t understand, I’m on my own, away from home for the very first time in my fifty-year of life – yes, I know, I would’ve left “Dodge” after graduating from high school and dwelling into the college life and the after college life, after college – but, college waited monsoons’ later in life.

opening-sequence-gilligans-island-29845127-834-621It’s something that brings on a new challenge for the both of us and more – time and challenges. Mom home in Oregon without her beloved Son, Me, tons of miles away from home in the Great Lakes without his Mother, but us both were practically in the same boat to say! It’s certainly, it’s not the same “three-hour tour,” that was taken by the Skipper, Gilligan, the Howell’s, the Professor, Ginger and Mary-Ann of “Gilligan’s Island.”

Totally a new ball game in all. Challenges are likely to go south from time to time, but the problem(s) can be solved as they go as other challenges and problems crop up later on down the road. It’s not like I feel like living on a deserted planet or living along on a deserted island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean waiting to be rescued after being a castaway for many years.

chicago-cubs-logo-featurePerhaps, being a castaway is like learning how to swing a bat, as new Chicago Cub’s standout, waiting to hit his first ever grand slam out of Wrigley Field, in his first major league debut, as a career grand slam master. Hey, I’m a die-hard Oakland A’s fan so, don’t go frittin me about the Cub’s or I’d be calling the dead spirit of Ty Cobb to help me with some trouble makers chilling my chain over the A’s!

Well at least that sum’s it up – More life challenges to come, more journey’s to explore and stories to tell, this could get interesting than what was told in Neil Simon’s “Chapter Two” with James Caan and Marsha Mason of the same name as Simon’s Broadway play and the his motion picture of the same name.

Life is only the encore, telling the story of a lifetime is winning the Oscar at the red carpet!

Is Fate near?

blog_pix3.jpgIt’s a late Friday afternoon in Eugene, I’m not only out and  about, but certainly not at Library downtown, as usual, where, I’ll write most of my blogs these days, due to the lack of internet access at home – you can thank Comcast for their ugly bug of service in that department, at least for now.

I found a a nice little gem of a place to write and enjoy the chaos of life not far from the Library, but right directly across the street from the digs of Eugene Fire Station One, at a little pizza place with outdoor covered seating and a little gaming place right next door or across the hall from the pizza place.

At least now, I can watch the Station Crews from Eugene Station One, hit the streets with their lights and siren leaving the station on Emergency Runs across town whenever the bell rings – “Ahh, the old day’s of watching EMERGENCY!”

In the past few days, since my last blog post, the game plan on the foreclosure and housing saga, since it all began two weeks ago with the sale of my late Grandfather’s Condo, which I moved into a year before, I graduated from high school – only to find out later in life, after my Grandfather passed away, my name wasn’t on it, but that of my Aunt and Mother.

Surprisingly, it got Foreclosed on more than ten days ago – as I mentioned above, the game plan has changed and now the battle heads to Court. I’m going to try to stay as long as I can until, I can find some suitable housing, that would suit my needs and having another home office to write, blog and work with as an everyday writer and blogger.

I’m still scared to death and what could and what might possibly happen in the long run? They either give me a reprieve and give me some leaway, until I find suitable housing or click it and scud missle me to the streets and as a “writer without a roof!”, i.e., join the ranks of being homeless without a roof over one’s head.

Everyday, I’m feeling the anger, the disappointment, the constant embarrassment of telling friends and family, that I may not have a roof over my head sooner or later, despite the fact the Holiday’s are coming and just around the corner – Thanksgiving and Christmas. For some us, we all view them most magical time of the year.

I’m starting to think, the magic ain’t there – but, people always tell me, “if want to see the magic happen, have some strong faith and make the most powerful wish you can afford and pray that it comes true. I kinda feel, I’ve probably lost my spark with the far and the beyond. Perhaps life itself is a Scrooge of its own? Maybe not.

I haven’t wished for the magic of Christmas or spirit of the holidays for many years, since, I was a child. Sometimes, I wish – “I would just wake up as if nothing happened and it was all a bad dream gone bad,” but in reality, it’s life.

…, to be continued.

7th Anniversary blogging!

Today marks my 7th Anniversary blogging – several years ago, I asked myself, “where am I going with this blog and why?”

Some 200+ blogs later and seven years of writing, I still don’t have the answer to that question – oh well, “frubar!”.

At least I’m writing and blogging that’s all that matters in my seven years so far.

I look forward to another seven years into the future and more blogs later to top it off when I get to year 14 or 15.

Indeed this should be fun, stay tuned.