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Forward in time

pexels-photo-359989.jpegLast weekend we turned our clocks ahead by one hour for the hour’s worth of sleep that we lost back in the Fall, when we turned our clocks back an hour for the hour we lost during Daylight Savings Time, during the Spring forward saga seven months before. Aloha welcome to “Spring forward, Fall Back time saga routine, once again folks!” – it’s just the majestic of things to come.

I often wonder each time we Spring forward or Fall back each year if I’m on the right biological clock or Earth time? Bummer, no one never seems to know the bonafide answer to the earthling truths of the trade? “What’s the world coming too,” as “Smokey and the Bandit’s,” “Sheriff Buford T Justice,” would say before his biological watch goes off on his slow mo’ stopping time watch in “Smokey and the Bandit 2.”

I’m mystified, in many ways, as I have never explored the opportunity at will to seek and satisfy myself to find an honest answer at why we do this each and every year? Even though, I know it’s been the norm since the late Benjamin Franklin brought it up in the 1800s.

With the day’s getting longer and the warmer months coming ahead, it may seem like a good thing in the long run in the likes of camping, fishing, hiking, picnicking, exploring and more. There’s always something to do when the days get longer and warmer. Not to mention, I’ve always been a fan of the warm Spring and Summer months – ok, its a confession, as for Winter’s, “I’m not so keen” at least to say – it doesn’t run well in my blood with my fight with cancer when it comes to the winter months – “it’s the vampire sucking time in your blood,” I tell folks with a chuckle while holding a hot cup of wicked witches brew in one hand and cursed witches flying broom purchased from nearest Enterprise car rental outlet somewhere in America. This shit really doesn’t fly with the broomsticks, even though it does with the hot warmth of hot cheese sticks from the fast food chain or hot and fresh right out of your own oven.

“Hmm, the culprit shame!” It’s just another confession counselor or should I say, screw the back pay and just dig in and eat the cheesy roll, then you have a full confession outta me and point blank – ditto!”.


“Jelly Beans in life”


il_340x270-1319978492_hfi1I got the jelly beans of wondering where life would lead me this time around? This week made a major turning point in realizing the meaning of life as my Cancer battle began two years ago.

For the first time in my entire life, I’m really alone without the most productive springboard in life – My Loving mother, who penned on leaning on a promise in life that she’d be there in life as a “big supportive player in all the major steps,” I’ve walked in through this entire earth, as she lived her life to the final days of her life’s ever ending battles of her own struggles with life.

“Mother knows best” as they say, “Father knows best” as when it comes to the father’s side of things. The meaning runs true as if you were watching the classic 1950’s television show, “Father knows best.” The same game plan, the same scenario with a twist to the motherly side of things, as if the show was written to the mother’s side of things in the family.

il_340x270-1319978492_hfi1With hope, strength, courage still riddled into my morals of life, the beat continues to beat to the songs and chants of life. I’m not entirely opposed to chasing life entirely on my own – even though I’m well into my early fifties as the second chapter of life in my book of life is written into stone and fine-tuned into the stalls of life.

Perhaps? The second chapter of life as you grow well into your next fifty years into your 100-year Centurian mark of life, you’ve struggled with the accomplishment of achievements you made during your entire life without the gaps of failures tramping across the horizon and ricocheting across the pond negatives before they became the crown jewels of positive achievements.

My springboarding to achieve the goals in life is to achieve them in the best possible way that I can work them into the great voids of futuristic positives and assure my entire moral of life that can be attested to the right outcomes in life, rather than the false negative that can throw the entire game plan out into the entire playing field of drift, agony, intolerance and more the leads those positive achievements into the falsehoods dire consequences and the good vibes never get written onto the headstone over my elegant dead body if my likelihood never beats the fight of Cancer and the greatest achievements in life.

As I said before, “Chapter Two,” is only now being written into the harden stone tablets atop the highest mountain peak that oversees the vast iconic valleys and towering Noble and Douglas fir tree’s that tower the great region of the Pacific Northwest from all angles of the “Lewis and Clark Trail” to the north along the Columbia Gorge near Portland, Oregon, to the wagon ruts of the “Applegate Trail” to the Southern tip of the bordering states of Southern Oregon and Northern California, the story continues to be written until the end of time.

Until then, “that’s a wrap!” – until we meet again on the same Bat Channel, same bat time (who knows when?) and remember a “writer writes always!”

# # #





Battle cries

il_340x270-1319978492_hfi1Life has to be simple – simple enough as it could lead to good things and good fortunes of justifiable eternity. “How do we get to the credibility to justify the true credibility of thought?” – “there’s no particular answer to the very question,” says an old friend, even though we must look for the correct answer as we follow our path through the journey’s of life.

I have “the hope, the courage and the strength to foresee the great ends of the battle,” which could very likely lead me to a better a better existence in life with the dreams and passions I’ve carried through out my entire life.

I still struggle with daily with Cancer as a human being, all while trying to make a better life for one’s self, “it’s war” as I once said, to a friend in the Pacific Northwest. It’s never easy trying to win a war with a disease you’ve never dealt with in your entire life. – a completely different animal.

It’s “the bravery, the courage and the strength,” that makes the numbers work in magical wonders to succeed in the righteous travels to “yellow brick road.” It may not be Kansas or Iowa, but somewhere on Earth as the heaven’s spiral above the horizons of our universe – the answer lies within the darkside of the good deeds of the heavenly heavens.

An old Junior High School friend recently told me, “that I had more love and support from those than I ever thought possible,” evidently she was right to begin with as one of my mode swings went into full disclosure mode a few weeks ago when I was getting into a case of lowdown’s.

“I still seek my answers and its forethought’s on life. Its just a matter of time, indeedly to say.”