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Dirty old tricks, bring back new tools

Tonight, I get a phone call from a long time friend. Not really a friend, but a long time source that used to pass the greatest of times and was the greatest source of information, whenever I was in need of something prestige and prime time – that was the easy part and the worst way out of keeping my ass outta jail. The hard part – well, that’s something that is worth a thousand words without a thousand words from a much-needed photograph to spell the truth and my fall from the dignity of grace.

My only downfall was getting involved. Very involved! It was stranger than fiction, but worth the truth and the honor of living and honoring the code. I was either handed down a sentence from a far exotic location rather than leaving home and getting the job done from my very own seat of justice – it was somewhere between “the twilight zone” and the “X-Files” and somewhere between “Lost” and “Gilligan’s Island.”

I was granted some new tools of the trade  – and, I was told to use them wisely or else? As they say, I would be “dead meat” and “cantaloupe” by the time I was finished with job.

If you’ve ever seen the movie, “Ronin” with Actor Robert De Niro, you’d probably know what I’m talking about – the recruited sham and price for money was literally on target. But, it was only written for a character that would eventually elope into the twilight to make the score, drop was secured, kill the target – no matter how far and how deep they had to go to make sure their mission was the best in the record books and mere clandestine between the spotter and the ace kill from a primed sniper willing to get the job done.

It was the worth money, but it was worth the stabbing thought of killing off the most impromptu characters ever created in the history of writing and story telling – the death of the Super Hero team the Avengers and the creation of doom, not only gave the avenging marks of the prime suspect, who seems to be known well-known, if it hadn’t been for the “caped” crusader himself, Gotham City and Clark Kent’s Daily Planet may have survived the barrage of the Hulk and the incriminating insane bombardment of Marvels Comics loss of deterrent of compulsive gambling, the heroes of our time would have survived the cut and the deals they made with the insane mafia of Donald Trump and the Grand Plaza Hotel.

It had been sadly announced earlier today in a secret meeting in the writers room, that Marvel Comics will make no more of our beloved Super Heroes and with any Hollywood Studio Executive until one brainstorming demand is meet with grace and fellowship of the ring – free popcorn for all at all their movie franchises involving Marvel Comic Characters on the big screen……

Uh, waitress – extra butter please and an extreme Coke Cola with my order and the tab will be in the loyalty of Marvel Comics and their Executive Producers!

Happy April First my friends – enjoy the Popcorn and the read of the day! Hooha!

Memory Lane: Comedy skit television still has it!

¬†Watching old television shows is like walking back into one’s past. Once you walk into the quantum leap of your past, you start to shed some tears during your “the wonder years,” but what it comes to play twenty, thirty or forty years later into your future – those tears bring back the memories of classic television, we don’t often see in today’s prime time television line-up’s.

I couldn’t help the fact that my daily dose of medicine and laughter literally caught up with the show’s that were once shown on prime time television in the 1970’s and 80’s. I remember watching on Tuesday nights with my folks “Barney Miller,” “Happy Days,” “Laverne and Shirley” and who could forget the “Bob Newhart Show” with Bob Newhart himself.

Cast of Mary Tyler Moore Show, 1970-1977.

A friend of mine from my high school days, recently confessed under the oath of Facebook tyranny, that he didn’t realize it until now – that every character on the “Mary Tyler Moore Show,” used their real first names! It’s true, Actress Mary Tyler Moore was Mary Richardson, Gavin MacLeod played Murray Slaughter, a hardworking network news writer, Edward Asner played Lou Grant the overworked News Director, Ted Knight played Weatherman Ted Baxter, Valerie Harper played Rhoda Morganstern, Georgia Engel played Georgette Franklin, Bette White played Cooking extraordinaire, Sue Ann Niven and Cloris Leachman played the ever minded Phyllis Lindstorm all had recurring roles as the show ran from 1970-1977.

Moore, Asner, and Knight used their real first names in the show, as the show grew into popularity with fans through its seven season run. Popular at its time, childhood memories still find me watching this show from time to time and the bigamy of comedy the show’s producers provided each week on network television.

As we grow into the twenty-first century of television, such classics as the Mary Tyler Moore Show, will forever be the classic of American Comedy shows involving the premise of a single women making it on her own as a feisty television news producer. The show was cancelled in 1977 by CBS, but the laughs and the memories of watching classic television can be seen in reruns on the MeTV Network.

The Mary Tyler Moore Show wasn’t just one of my all time favorite comedy classics, it grew with the likes of M*A*S*H, Emergency!, Adam-12, Ironside, Hawaii Five-O¬†and many, many more that have brought on some of the greatest memories television comedies of the 1970’s and 80’s.

The calamari of prime time television has changed through the years, it didn’t stop me from having such favorites and childhood memories with friends who came over each and every Saturday night to watch such television favorites as Emergency!, Adam-12, The Six Million Dollar Man, Hogan’s Hero’s and more.

Series Photo Season Six

Comedy writing during the 1970’s was probably at it’s best by today’s standards, but likely hard to come by if it were written nearly forty-years later into the future of the twenty-first century. Even more brilliant than comedy of sitcom’s from 1950-1959 were some of the most brilliant writing and comedy skits ever produced in the history of television.

To name a few prized comedies of the 1950’s, some were never known to those in this generation and some were known since the birth of comedy skits of the ’50’s, “I love Lucy!” made Lucille Ball instant star on CBS, “Bonanza” which starred the late Micheal Landon as young Joe Cartwright on NBC, the “Jack Benny Show” on CBS made Benny a household name by the end of the decade, “Ed Sullivan” became an instant hit, when he hosted the British famed rock group “The Beatles,” to the United States for an appearance on his show on CBS in 1964.

Television couldn’t be any better than this, but the memories of classic television viewing proves once again, that television can be fun and amusing as reruns from old-time favorites and more even in generations or decades later – One could rant on and on, that Barney Miller and Welcome Back Kotter and Taxi were in the prime decades later as classic comedy’s.

And that’s a wrap – down memory land.