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If The Shoe Fits!

Over the weekend, I was in the market for some new shoe’s. However, one foot was able to fit into it’s own shoe, the other was so fluid clogged it was a bitch mustering to make it fit as peanut butter and jelly with specs of grand olives and minced chives – it work with the added additions.

Just before, I went to bed the night before, I said to myself “pray to the fluid gods and ask for the swelling to lower down a bit, so I can fit my foot in the the stupid shoe.” I did just that.

At the break of daylight, the first thing, I did when I woke up was check the swelling in my foot and try fitting my foot into the shoe – “the magic,” of the prayer the night before worked,  it’s little wonders as I was not looking forward to taking then back to the place where I bought them and throwing the white towel into the ring to the grieving opponent of regret.

Grief and agony wasn’t my first choice – I wanted to win the jealousy battle of wanting to wear some new footwear and and enjoy the lasting smooth sails of of walking causally in new shoes and not having to worry about getting my feet wet, while water sipped through the cracks of my old pair of shoes.

Of course, it’s a winter need to keep my feet dry and my socks warm while out and about. But I’ve worn them for most of the day, so they can stretch and get the feel of  working my foot souls into a product that was looking for some much needed work in and out and at home.

Now, that my feet are bone dry and happy with their new home, let’s hope it’ll my life is a little bit easier on the causal walk during the highlights of my daily life.

Ciao and with a spice of Chow – my feet are happy and warm as a brittle campfire pit! Ciao!


Death of The Lion King

Zimbabewe’s most famous lion, Cecil was killed and poached by an American hunter for $50,000 paid to guides. Cecil’s death makes waves around the world.

Cecil the lion, Zimbabewe’s most famous lion, poached and killed by an American game hunter, who thought he was on a legal safari game hunt – but later, realized he had killed the country’s most famous lion, the “Lion King,” himself, named Cecil.

The death of Cecil has spread among the world like wildfire. The man responsible for Cecil’s death has gown underground and into hiding news reports have stated, since the story broke of Cecil’s death.

The question now – is why? Why did he do it? Why did the guides trespass and lure a famous lion from it’s family and pack? The answers and questions raise a lot of hair and a lot of skeptical eyebrows along the way.

Seeing Cecil roam with family and friends will be a tough one to swallow and the fate of his family along the way.

Where no man has gone before

The Universe

They say if it’s out there – “We’ll find it!”

Stephen Hawking’s recently pledged $100 million to search for Extraterrestrial life in one of the most extensive searches ever taken upon man to search for Alien life outside of our own planet within the Milky Way and beyond.

In what could be as long as decade in the search for E.T.. they say, alien life outside of our planet either exists or doesn’t, “but the truth is out there,” they say if you ask Agent’s Muddler and Scully.

In my own opinion and my own mind, I strongly believe there is life outside of our solar system and beyond in the far deep reaches of space – rather it’s the “Starship Enterprise,” The “Battlestar Galactica,” “Han Solo,” “Luke Skywalker,” and the entire rebel force looking for a new home from the deep reaches of space, the colonies and alien life is out there to say.

Cosmologist Dr. Stephen Hawkings

Alien life in my opinion is not about little ol’ green men with pointed antenna’s on their heads or the likes – it’s about life outside out own planet, our own world.  If they is life outside out own galaxy and in another civilization far from our own, we’ll find them one way or another or vise versa, they’ll find us.

But, I do believe their is life outside our own planet and somewhere in the heavens alone there’s a another world waiting to be found and a colony searching for a new home.

It’s just a matter of time before they’re discovered.

Trump needs to Fired from politics!

Sen. John MCain (L), Presidential Candidate Donald Trump (R)

“He’s not a war hero. He’s a hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured,” said Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump during a recent trip to Iowa. Trump’s remarks comes on the heels of Arizona Senator John McCain, 78, who was shot down and held captive for five years during the Vietnam War.

Trump has stirred some hefty battle wounds among his republican candidates, while a vast majority of voters are rallying behind Senator McCain and his military service record to his country – calling for Trump the apologize for his recent remarks about the Arizona’s Senator’s service record as a “War Hero”.

Trump seems to be out of reality when it comes to the Senator’s military service record. McCain was held captive for 5 1/2 years and was tortured while captive in Vietnam’s so-called, “Hanoi Hilton.” It was one of the most notorious POW prison camps during the Vietnam War.

But for Donald Trump to sarcastically and insanely say, that Senator McCain was never a war hero, makes for some serious credibility issues as a serious presidential candidate, who seems to be out of touch with reality. Trumps latest remarks of not making a public apology to senator McCain makes for some serious consequences among voters seeking to share their votes in support of the the real estate tycoon.

Some of Trump’s fellow Republican candidates are calling for him too throw in the towel and re-think his stance at running for the White House . For me as a voter – he’s just static material and all show and blow and not really gaining and serious merit points to begin with as a serious candidate, so the only thing we can say now, Uncle Donald, “Your Fired!.”