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Wednesday to Thursday – quatum leap?

cropped-oldtypewriter-2.jpg“What’s the greatest story ever told,” as I ask myself in this crazy drowsy life, we call the twenty-first century?

There’s only one thing – just one thing that bothers me on a day like today – just how in the hell did we get from Wednesday to Thursday so fast! Even though this is Friday and this blog post is likely behind schedule in being published into cyberspace by the rugby danes of time, which is nothing compared to Greenwich Village and the Village People.

Of course, there are 365 days in a year and it takes the Earth 24 hours to rotate around a star we call – the Sun – “phooey,” it’s sour grapes with relish and pickles at least to say.

Time rotates twenty-four hours into the future and not into the past, “it’s literally a proven fact,” as my brother would say comically with a pair of cheese sticks looking like “werewolf  or vampire fangs” hanging dangerously from his mouth like a childish jokester, all while trying to impress me with his pre-Halloween imitations of London’s “Jack the Ripper.”

new-york-macy-s-departmentLogically, I’m berated as a dumbfounded cricket looking for an answer on how, I got from Wednesday to Thursday, twenty-four hours later into the future?

“Yes, I know I went to sleep the night before while spending the entire night writing this smurf..!”

Unless, I’m just one of those literal jackass looking for some silly cucumber with pickles and Crispy Kreme Donuts, while walking down the fragrance isles of the Macy’s Department Store on New York’s famed 34th Street in Downtown Manhattan, riddance rules the day once again – “well crap,” that explains it all.

space-galaxy_thumb.jpgGood riddance life is getting old these days, but it never seems to get any younger in my generation gap as we keep getting older by the “day, minute and year” as the world continues to spin among the vast voids of space around our galaxy, the Milky Way.

Perhaps, I’m just a crazy old crow or chap looking to start a catfight about time travel from the past to the present in record timing? I do know for a fact, a number of years ago likely in my younger days of adulthood, I was wondering how I left behind my high school days for the adult world in record time. Perhaps, it was a time trip through the legendary “quantum leap” to our present timing to the future of 2017?

“Man, something better give me some good riddance, I’m going nuts!,” not only by the minute but also by the seconds – perhaps, I’ve been watching too much “YouTube” with the reruns of M*A*S*H and the #4077!


Writing the battle

uvstrongThere may be change, as I continue my battle with Cancer – likely, a new lease on life is in store for the time being?

Last week, I got the results back from my recent scans on the latest prognosis with my current treatment (Chemotherapy).

I chose to fight the disease with my Oncologist, rather than let the low life disease take me for granted, “no way Jose is that going to happen, that’s for damn sure!” I will continue the battle.

The battle continues as I take in my sixth round of Chemotherapy, while I await my doctor’s return from his oversea’s vacation to see what his next step will be with my course of treatment.

Change is always good news as they say, especially when the Chemotherapy seems to be doing its job and my body is responding well to treatment, something the Cancer team likes to see on their part as far as treatment is concerned.

It gives them a better perspective on extending the patient’s lease on life.  As for me? It’s just another dose with a new lease on life. The news couldn’t come at a better time, because I was expecting the worst possible outcome, when treatment would have not worked and my body may have rejected it all. Literally this isn’t the case with this round on the battlefield – its awesome news!

Fighting the “war on cancer” with Chemotherapy has done an awesome job has I transitioned to a new life in the Midwestern states of the Great Lakes nearly a year ago coming this December.

What can be more astounding than doing a rain dance, when the fall rains and chillier weather is upon us, as we work our way toward Halloween, the holidays and beyond? Nada, it’s just the greek sauce on the pasta that makes things sweeter than the Amish cornstalks and the ripeness of  the great Northwest Red Apples.

I feel stronger, better, and healthier to say – I mus say, I was probably on the mist of losing life, when it was all discovered in the four months since, its discovery.

My thought is you either kick cancer’s ass or you don’t. I’d rather kick its butt rather than let it do what it wants to do with my life cancerwise and kill me in the long run, as I say, “it ain’t gonna happen Gracie, I’m gonna keep running to third base and score a “home run,” as I smack the ball out of the goddamn ballpark with a spanking new Louisville Slugger made just for the occasion of beating the disease to the core.

My Chemotherapy treatment seems to be the best method and route to go as I see it in today’s world of modern medicine, as for other’s, their treatment may adversely be different from mine and the suggestion of their Oncologist.

Life is precious enough to continue living out the next fifty years or more – but, surviving the rounds of treatment and the prognosis of surviving the disease is probably one the best choices I could have made has I mentioned elsewhere in this blog.

It was a choice, not only a good one, but a precious one at hand, while taking a leap of faith and see where it goes – the gamble was all I needed to play my cards at hand and hopefully, just hopefully it was all I needed, perhaps, I may have won the jackpot on life?

The fight and the war on cancer continues as they say in the Army – “hooah!,” which is always a good thing, while the Marines Semper Fi the battle at will.

Always be prepared, no matter what!

Preparing for potential disasters can help us respond in more effective ways to save lives, minimize injuries, and lessen damage to our homes and businesses. Other major disasters have demonstrated how important the first 72 hours are to accomplish these goals. For an event like a major earthquake it’s understood that the City’s emergency services […]

via Emergency Preparedness in the Neighborhood — Southeast Neighbors

More changes in life

Change I’m still sticking with the changes as things progress with my Cancer treatment as it goes into its fourth dosage of Chemotherapy with two more to go until the next PET Scan takes place to see where things are sitting and if the Chemotherapy treatments have helped stop the spread of the disease? I would consider it an extension of my lifespan on earth, if the PET scan results come back favorable to the medical team that is treating me for my cancer.

I’m just hoping for the better than the wacky canny insane results, where things go downward spiral into uncertainty, “let’s hope for the best of the best, not the worst of the worst,” I say in my centurion old mind at this age and life.

The new ride

Denali Pic 2017
Photo by the Author

A couple of weeks ago, I took this blue thing out of lay-a-way and brought it home from the shop. It was probably one of the best investments I’ve ever made since my move from Oregon over six months ago to the Midwest.


The bad boy has been getting me “addicted,” in “driving” to and from work and to my chemotherapy appointments at the cancer. It feels refreshing not having to fight to rely on getting a ride share with UBER or vying for the car with my Brother’s wife and juggling between our doctor’s appointments, my work schedule – this “new toy,” literally saves the day, ultimately.

It makes sense in having your “own set of wheels,” and get this – gas is way cheaper, when you can get a full tank of gas, a gallon to say and getting nearly 70 to 100 MPG before filling the tank on the next round at fuel at the pump.

Besides, it only cost me, $2.98 a gallon at the local gas station, where we get our fuel for our cars and now my bike. I’m actually enjoying it more than ever, since I learned to ride and drive motorcycles as a kid on my Grandparent’s farm as a child, along with my cousin’s when we were all young at heart.

The sense of having your own wheels makes, the “independency” a little more “wicked” and bubbly to be able to do what you want to do and where you want to go, when and whenever you want too. I had the same sensibility with my bicycle back in Oregon, when I would hop on the bike and take long day rides around town or out into the country or take the bike on the bus and go to a town miles away with the use of public transportation and ride the bike back home for the ride of the day…

Making memories last

Memories are made when your able to do that the things you want to do with the things you already own and call your own as well. That’s the same feeling that I have with my new Denali Scooter, named, “Blue.”

Fidler’s Pond

It’s nice to take a ride to places you’ve not yet explored, once you’ve made a major move to a new home and while visiting “Fidler’s Pond” in Goshen, Indiana. It’s an awesome piece of land with a well stocked with fish and an awesome walking/bike path around the park.


I had a chance to visit this historic park along the Lincoln Highway in Goshen over the past couple of month’s. It’s just a beauty to see and watch, as nature calls it home for the many animals that live in the surrounding area of the pond.

There’s amble parking and a picnic area for all to enjoy as well as an outhouse barn, that will allow you to visit and tour the park, as well take a canoe into the water and paddle away as the ripple effects of the wind-driven water brings of waves to life as paddle and make your way across the pond.

Life is good. Cancer treatment is going well and better than I had originally thought. But it’s good to know, that I’m in good hands with the folks at the Cancer Center that have been treating me like a Royal King with surpreme treatment with the royalty of love and compassion of their patients that they treat on a daily basis.

Until next time – that’s a wrap.

Cancer is like an oil change

DeskMy life feels like an oil can – not exactly, “Oil Can Henry’s,” to say – just an oil can running low on grunt and grease. The engine starts fine, humanwise. It’s just grut in the oil of the human body, that’s rustic and old.

The human body, these days runs like an automobile engine running the newest and oldest of technology, like “self driving cars and more.” Not exactly fresh off the assembly line, unfortunately, that’s what it feels like, while living and battling cancer.

I’m really not the newest model off Ford Motor Company’s assembly line, but, an old rustic ’65 caterpillar running on spare bone parts, which you can hardly find in this day, age and century, unless you’ve checked every “bone yard” in town and came up empty-handed in the bare bones of the never ending salvage wars.

oz1015-341It seems so surreal, that the disease is real, that I’m still “shocked and amazed,” at the diagnoses of getting Cancer.

Cancer astounds me so much, I wish I knew how to turn it off and fix the broken part myself, which, I would ideally find anew off the assembly line, while playing catch up with the Lion and the Scarecrow on the Yellow Brick Road as they make their way to “Oz,” with Dorothy and Toto.

It seems to be the catalyst of life or is it? An equation that still needs mending to the problematic of answers. But, it’s not nearly enough to conquer the fight to judgement fighting a disease, while fighting a medieval knight to the final countdown toward his entry into Knighthood in the fabled land of Camelot.

My life now is in the middle ages of those medieval times, but it’s certainly not the 5th Century to say – it’s the roaring 21st Century – “The Buck Rogers” Century. But, I’m not fighting for the knighthood of the 5th Century to 15th Centuries of those medieval times. It may feel like modern times with a twist of 5th Century Medieval times, but that’s what it feels like inside – I’m in the race for knighthood literally.

As I endure my second round of chemotherapy this week. I’m feeling chastised of continuing with life, work, writing and probably producing and writing short films, not only to mention that, but also help my best friend and brother with his business along the way.

As Lt. Pete “Maverick” Mitchel,” would say to his co-pilot “Goose” in the Movie “Top Gun” – “I feel good,” as they slap high fives on the tarmac of “Fighter Town, USA, known as Top Gun.” I’m feeling the same way a Maverick stated to Goose in the movie with Tom Cruise.

Has life would have it, we have a wrap and the fight goes on until it’s no longer seen as threat to the human body. As my friends and family say, “You got this,” your damn right, I got this and I’m ready for battle as the USS Gerald Ford sets sail to the high seas after being christian a few days ago the battle goes on.