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The return of Bob’s Burger Express

Bob's Burger Express Eugene If you’re looking for something of nostalgia in the Eugene-Springfield area, the return of Burger icon, “Bob’s Burger Express,” has made it’s way back to the Central Willamette Valley town of Eugene, Oregon, after more than twenty years away from the business – it’s revival has been “hit” among the locals, who remember a restaurant chain with “.19 cent burgers” and fries in it’s early heyday’s of life, when it was full fledged burger chain in Western Oregon.

Golden Grill Concessions based in Salem, Oregon, recently re-opened a store in the heart of West Eugene, along the West 11th Avenue & Highway 126 (Florence-Eugene Highway Junction) near the west end of town. The Eugene restaurant is not far from where the original Eugene Bob’s Burger Express used to be a few blocks east at the intersection of West 11th Avenue and Garfield Streets, where an Aaron’s Electronic’s store now sit.

Bob's Burger Express 2I had a chance to return to the “roots” of iconic burgers, after a long hiatus from the Eugene-Springfield burger scene.

West 11th, play’s host not only to Burger King (directly across the street from Bob’s), but McDonald’s a few blocks westward ho toward the city limits and soon a local Wendy’s franchise will be making a return to the West 11th battlefield after 18 months on the lam, after a fiasco with some former owners of the franchise and their corporate partners – hence this is probably why Bob’s has been “busy,” since they opened and Wendy’s has been on the lam every since.

I keep thinking, what it was like to eat at an “iconic” burger joint from the past – it almost seems like a childhood dream, where you go to sleep at night and wake up the very next morning and the place is gone in a ghost town like atmosphere or vaporized from one’s memory. But, that’s not the case with Bob’s – it’s famous, it’s an icon and many of the locals on social media have been ranting raves about it’s return to the Eugene burger scene – myself included.

Not to mention their “famous” fry sauce and their elegant burgers – I was surprised find that their “Big Brute” burger still taste the same after all these years on the run from the Eugene burger scene. It felt like I was in heaven – “burger heaven.” Rich and juicy, as I remembered as a young kid, when my folks would stop at a Bob’s and get the most famous burger in town.

Ah, what can I say? Those where the days – the “Happy Day’s,” minus the Fonz, Richie, Big Al, Arnold, the Cunningham’s, you name it – it was all about the burgers and the fries and the famous sauce, that Bob made famous to his name.

With the fight for the “best burger’s in town,” one’s appetite will have to make the chosing of their own, but my vote this election year surpasses all my expectations of a burger in Chroniclogical order;

Bob’s Burger Express, Five Guys Burgers, Wayback Burgers, when it’s worth the drive north to a Fuddruckers in Portland near Tigard and what seems to always follow last, is the burgers at Applebee’s for some reason. Hearty, meaty and juicy – it’s bon appetite with the folks from Bob’s Burger Express!

“Welcome back!”…

Eugene Hearing & Speech Center Closes

Eugene Hearing & Speech Center, Eugene, OR

 An unexpected closure is catching the Eugene community off guard. The Eugene Hearing and Speech Center shut its doors Friday and laid off more than a dozen

via Eugene Hearing & Speech Center Closes.


Change brings life and magic into the people

ChangeRick Dancer and I were having a meeting late yesterday and we talked about “change,” the kind of change that inspires others to seek, investigate and execute to perfections, i.e., to hear, to speak as well as to read.

“Change is something, some folks don’t want to play – it’s not their game, it’s their enemy, their foe and the nightmare that keeps them awake at all hours of the night,” as I often remind myself.

Hearing loss is their world and for some, it’s their only means of life. A world with no sound, a world in complete silence, as they say, it’s the opposite to the world of hearing, where you may need change – can be a scary demon.

I remember the very first day I heard my Mother’s voice, on the day of my activation in February 2007 – our world changed forever. Thirty-nine years of Profound Deafness came to a screeching halt, because, I took an elective decision and set my sights on changing the way, I had been hearing the world – something of an epidemic of sorts, something that tormented my life as it was spiraling downward, it inspired change, an action, an elective state of oversight, that had once eluded me for decades.

Watching those tears stream down my Mother’s cheeks and hearing her voice for the first time, since losing my hearing – was something a changed world would do – not just “our world,” but, that of our entire family, minus several relatives who weren’t around to see the change, the transformation and all since, they passed and returned to heaven.

Today, that change has given me a new lease on life. A new perspective with a whole new dimension of what technology can do and how it can change one’s world from a deaf and hard of hearing perspective to a more success in transformation from epidemic to electrified unity in hearing the world as I once remembered and envisioned in my early years of life until the day of infamy.

It’s the profound mission of those who want to hear the sounds of life, nature and the world has a whole – the walk across the bridge seem to fit the bill as to those indeed seeking change and more.

Take a look at this video as Rick’s eyes swelled when he spoke about the change and transformation among the students he recently seen, while at South Eugene High School during a school assembly at the high school earlier last week.


Change isn’t just about hearing loss and deafness, it’s about the people, the one’s we see everyday, the one’s that are seeking change are the one’s who dwell on the magic and transformations and the lives they change on a daily basis – Change can be your best friend.

Perhaps, this is what change is all about? The perspectives with a positive light which brings the harmony in all and gives them far greater perspectives in seeing through the light where the tunnel shines, there’s magic to be seen.

Forty-five years of memories, brings out a youthful generation of memories

Eugene's Allan Bro's Coffee - The Beanery 5th and Olive St.
Eugene’s Allan Bro’s Coffee – The Beanery 5th and Olive St.

I sit in a familiar coffee house in Downtown Eugene on a chilly Sunday afternoon, as the air entraps Oregon’s famous fog, which likes to linger longer than its usual paid astronomical visits during the fall months – just as winter looks to start burst its door in less than a week – the chill factor of the winter cold isn’t much of a deterrent to those who live in the Willamette Valley of Western Oregon. Evidently, it remind of those days where the fall solstice is about to walk out the door and off the job and transforming its duties to the Winter solstice until Spring.

I’m not talking about the utterly winterstorms just yet, I’m admiring my past, when kids used to tease me back in the days of my childhood, when I had once predicted – it would snow that very day. They not shrugged and brushed it off, they made all kinds of noise and music, that it wouldn’t snow has I had predicted. But, the most amazing thing happen along the way, a few tad hours later, it started snowing as we were out and about on our recess either before lunch or thereafter, the flakes started falling slowly and the snow started piling up as the day went onward.

By the time, we got out of school – the city was heavily blanketed with white power – indeed the snow had fallen! What a beautiful sight to see as the snow stuck to the ground, my prediction had come true, it was later thought, I had some kind of magical power to predict anything? – but, it was the empowering thought and the wisdom of one’s sub-conscious of mind bogging knowledge of predictions, the psychic mind was at it’s best to begin with and with the help of some kinds souls across the universe, the prediction of snow that day was the presence of Christmas magic or was it?

5th Street Public Market with fresh winter snow.
5th Street Public Market with fresh winter snow.

Why I can’t remember the exact date or the exact year, when this story took place. But, it has been such an inspirational thought of my childhood, where I once stood my ground and predicting the most wonderful even in memory, while growing up.

I’m still reminded of the Winterstorm of 1969. I recently read an old newspaper clipping of how the storm came about in the middle of nowhere, as a Pineapple Express whirled up a fanfare of destruction and large amounts of snow in a phenomenon that could never be explained – A link to the Eugene Register Guard news story of the surprising impromptu winterstorm to ever hit the Pacific Northwest came about with chaos, school and business closures, since dumped nearly three to four feet of snow in parts of Eugene-Springfield, Lane County and a trail of destruction from Oregon to British Columbia.

West 13th Ave. Circa Jan 1969
West 13th Ave. Circa Jan 1969

It was January 1969, when it all happened. Three days of non-stop snowfall practically shutdown the entire region, as if it was just hit with one of those heavy banded Nor’easter’s, folks on the east coast experience each winter – but, it was close in a way, more of a Nor’wester to say in a way.

But the day, I predicted the winterstorm of the early 1970’s as a young child during my wonder years, I lay back in my office chair reminding myself – those where the days, when we were kids, had “the most wonderful time of the year,” as January 1969 took us into the post-Christmas winter wonderland.

I remember the roof of my grandfather’s barn caved-in – due to the heavy weight of snow, shattering the roof big time. It took my grandfather and my Uncle an entire Spring and Summer to replace the roof before the Fall semester kicked a few months later.

Nearly a half century of memories is a stark reminder, we live in a world where our lives are shared with the memories of our past and future generations.

Passing down the stories we tell from generation to generation is the historical significance of the life we live today. The future is very much different, than, what we experienced as a generation, that was born in the mid 1960’s and seventies.

I believe the twenty-first century is looking to leave a lasting mark, as a new generation of stories are to be told by the offspring of those we bear as children and their grandchildren – as we witnessed it today in our lifetime.

Future generations telling the stories of past generations to come.
Future generations telling the stories of past generations to come.

Perhaps, that was the prediction that endured me to reach into my past and tell the story of a generation, that lived through one of the most surprising snowstorms of their generation? How we perceive the future and to preserve it with the stories to be told is – something to be witnessed by the offspring we bear and that of their town as we muster into a later years as adults, parents, grandparents, writers and bloggers, it is yet to be carved and etched in stone has history is written.

Essence of traveling by train – Ideanomics!

blog pix5

Chasing the written word, while traveling is like chasing a herd of cattle through a cattle drive from Denver, Colorado to the Oregon Territory in the old west 1800’s.

Traveling and writing makes the best of both worlds, no matter how you put it, but literally your not doing all the driving – the engineer who drives the train, the pilot who flies the friendly skies, the driver who drives the Greyhound bus, they’re all doing the work – while you rest assured, your leisurely trip across the Colorado Rockies into the Oregon Territory gets you to the Applegate and Oregon Trail’s will be as smooth as you think as you travel by train toward the famed Oregon trails of the same names, mentioned above.

300px-EugDepot SouthRising at the wee hour of three-thirty in the morning to prepare for the morning commute to Portland, Oregon via the Amtrak Cascades from Eugene to Portland in common sense fashion as life springs in the fast lane of our interstate highways for those who travel the Interstate Five corridor between US and Canadian Border to the US and Mexican Border south of Los Angeles, I’m dwelling in the shadows of darkness, along the hollowed and storied railroad lines of the Pacific Northwest as Amtrak prepares to leave it’s Eugene Depot train station for Portland’s Union Station – my worries of driving along the heaviest traveled lanes of Interstate Five has me resting comfortably and soundly as the train slowly pulls out of the Eugene Station heading north toward Portland.

Amtrak bikeIt’s morning traffic in the fast lane – railroad style! Through the years of traveling, I’ve gone by planes, trains, automobile and bicycle, but I find it more relaxing and comfortable traveling by train than driving or flying the friendly skies across the Continental United States – riding by bicycle isn’t such as bad as taking the train, but you can take your bicycle with you on the train if you wanted too – I elected not to take bike on this trip to Portland, but it would be nice to ride Portland Streets with a bicycle for a day and hop the train back to Eugene later in the day and ride home from the Eugene train depot in downtown Eugene.

Here is a good article about Adventure Cycling Association and Amtrak teaming up on a pilot project involving bicycles on Amtrak back in 2013.

But it all sounds like fun – there has been a few instances when I’ve looked into the idea of traveling to Portland via train and helping with ham radio events in that area with fellow ham radio operators – I’ve yet to try it taking my bike on the train, but I have played around with the idea of taking the bike on the train and helping fellow hams at some ham radio related events with my bicycle and ham radio all in a days works from Eugene to Portland and vise versa back to Eugene.

Has a writer, blogger and bicyclist, it’s the best of both worlds when you travel by bicycle with Amtrak and your two wheeled friend – you can’t go wrong taking the ole miss with two-wheels! My late grandfather used too say, “if you can take it, than your in for the better of the two worlds,” he would often say, when it came to traveling with one’s hobby, such a bicycling your way with a train.

Throw mommaIt’s not exactly the thought of traveling by train, it’s gives you the random thoughts as a scene from the Danny Devito and Billy Crystal movie, “Throw Momma From The Train,” plays in your mind as they travel by Amtrak train they two must decide what to do about something about Devito’s character “Owen,” who has dreams of killing him Mother with Crystal’s character, “Larry,” only to be kicked off the train by the late actress Ann Ramsey before the movie fades to a year later when Owen and Larry later catch up with one another.

Since, I ain’t in Billy Crystal’s shoes, there’s literally the thought of a good murder mystery to be written on the train as you travel at speeds you never thought possible, other than that of the Starship Enterprise and other federation vessels across the universe. It’s that simple, has I write this blog post, I’m enjoying working and writing on my laptop as the train leaves Eugene, Oregon for Portland, Oregon’s Union Station – nice to know with today’s technology, writers are able to craft their work with wi-fi internet access and being able to shuttle their finished product to their blog or editor at some of the most read publications on the news stand or read electronically on the internet!

Amtrak tripAll aboard is what it’s all about – leisure, writing and leaving the driving to someone else, over the years, I’ve enjoyed the ride and it’s always been fun, since it’s still dark out, it would be my first blog post published in the twilight zone of darkness while riding America’s most treasured asset – the railroad!

What can I say, by the time I hit the send button and the edit has been done – this blog post will have already made it’s way from my desk at the office at home and truly finished while on the railroad before reaching Portland’s Rose City, the Columbia River and the famed Lewis and Clark trails historically sitting high and mighty above the Columbia Gorge.

Hoot, hoot, at it’s best from the rails!