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Battle cries

il_340x270-1319978492_hfi1Life has to be simple – simple enough as it could lead to good things and good fortunes of justifiable eternity. “How do we get to the credibility to justify the true credibility of thought?” – “there’s no particular answer to the very question,” says an old friend, even though we must look for the correct answer as we follow our path through the journey’s of life.

I have “the hope, the courage and the strength to foresee the great ends of the battle,” which could very likely lead me to a better a better existence in life with the dreams and passions I’ve carried through out my entire life.

I still struggle with daily with Cancer as a human being, all while trying to make a better life for one’s self, “it’s war” as I once said, to a friend in the Pacific Northwest. It’s never easy trying to win a war with a disease you’ve never dealt with in your entire life. – a completely different animal.

It’s “the bravery, the courage and the strength,” that makes the numbers work in magical wonders to succeed in the righteous travels to “yellow brick road.” It may not be Kansas or Iowa, but somewhere on Earth as the heaven’s spiral above the horizons of our universe – the answer lies within the darkside of the good deeds of the heavenly heavens.

An old Junior High School friend recently told me, “that I had more love and support from those than I ever thought possible,” evidently she was right to begin with as one of my mode swings went into full disclosure mode a few weeks ago when I was getting into a case of lowdown’s.

“I still seek my answers and its forethought’s on life. Its just a matter of time, indeedly to say.”

Eugene Hearing & Speech Center Closes

Eugene Hearing & Speech Center, Eugene, OR

 An unexpected closure is catching the Eugene community off guard. The Eugene Hearing and Speech Center shut its doors Friday and laid off more than a dozen

via Eugene Hearing & Speech Center Closes.


Christmas Magic – Finally?

Every since, I wrote my last blog article – something out of the Christmas blue took a 360 degree turnaround for a the better, rather than the ugly world of – “see, I told you sooo,” mentality! Now, just how the hell that happen? I dunno? But, I’d never expected it to happen in the first place – even though, when I went up for last mapping on my refurbished speech processor for Cochlear Implant last week in Portland, it didn’t seem like it was going to happen from the start, as Me and my Audiologist both thought, “this was a done deal – ain’t gonna happen bro!”

So back to “Trackcity, USA,” I go…

Nucleus 6 Sound Processor
Nucleus 6 Sound Processor

Well, guess it happened – literally! Another mission from “heaven”. That’s what likely threw me on the curve for the last week and half, thinking I was under the “George Bailey curse” of thoughtful thinking?

So here’s the news folks – I’m getting the Nucleus 6 Processor upgrade after all – “hooha!!”

Somehow, I still want to know how the game plan all changed with all these strange turn of events, that had me plagued with some doubting suspense right from the start and more?

Ultimately, I was ambushed! Not, by warfare, hacking or the silliness of some YouTube dogchow named, Greg Benson! Gotta love Greg’s YouTube channel Medicore Films – but, that’s not why I was ambushed to being with – I’m well, literally “ambushed, ambushed, ambushed!” Ok, not time to call in the cavalry or General George Custer to the rescue – not, just yet.

What’s really weird about this entire ordeal is that it’s nearly Christmas and it’s, “the most wonderful time of the year,” as they say – ironically, it’s still a long walk back to “Bedford Falls,” the home of ole George Bailey and I think I’ve found my way back in the snow drifts that seem to keep popping up outta nowhere!

Now, that I’ve gotten the good news, that I’m actually getting my hands and feet wet on a spanking brand new Nucleus 6 Processor and an assortment of goodies along with it, “Chapter 2” of my Cochlear Implant journey is about to begin before the start of the New Year – now, how good is that for a Christmas Present from the Heavens!

As should say – “let the games begin! and bring on the Christmas magic of the season!”

HCR stirs debate across America

Displeasure creates a stir among Americans.

Health Care Reform is alive and well today in America, as President Obama promised during his election campaign for the White House. People voted for change and the country is seeing change in a way they’ve not seen, since Clinton Administration, when Bill Clinton said, “he believed in hope”, American’s agreed for change than as they endure today with the Obama Administration.

America’s displeasure with the recent HCR bill has something that everyone doesn’t seem to understand – the bill itself and the ramifications it will create in the long term planning process.

Asking a our health care providers to become general practioners in their choice of speciality practice creates a hysteria among doctors and nurses that could create shortages in primary care doctors in todays working health care system.

Penalizing those whom don’t get health care isn’t the answer to reform, it resorts to backlash and socialism in a Stalin like effect in a time where Americans are struggling to get out of the housing bubble and create wealth and stabability among their families in the mist of foreclosure.

Creating a tax base for those that don’t follow the rules and harboring the government to go after those who fail to endure health care insurance because of affordability and the choice to choose their own primary care doctor is a given choice among the bill of rights.

But increasing taxes among businesses shouldn’t be a hardship either for those that use America’s beauty salons with tanning beds. The tax is likely to create a backlash that would send nerves of steel in the unemployment lines of an already bulgeoing system that is about the burst it own bubble with people looking for job security and health care  from their employers.

Is the HCR bill the right choice for America? Probably not the best choice, but something that makes sense to many Democrats and hardly makes any sense to 14 states trying to sue the federal government over the bill and its admendments. Stupidity would be a great concern of those trying to create hysteria with threats and gore to those in Congress – which would lead to some costly mistakes among the actions of its own demise and the stabability of the country.

Socialism has no place in America, Democrazy does – it is inevitable that many Americans forget, this country was brought on by the founding fathers of the US Constitution and the breakaway from the British rule, that once dominated America before the birth of America in 1776.

Debate is only the Common Sense with those who believe America will prevail in her own bravery.

Was health care the right stuff?

Now, that the health care bill has been signed into law, many Americans are questioning the fact that this current bill, signed into law yesterday by President Obama, sends a strong message of ignorance to those without health insurance and penalizes employers and small businesses for not insuring their employees.

14 states are planning to sue the federal government over the new law in what they say is a violation of the United State Constitution.

For many years Americans have been asking for reform, but, a balloon circus like this seems to have caught many off guard with Socialist like reform? Perhaps its just a coincidence or snub in one’s cheekbones?

I would have liked that my current health insurance coverage would pay for all my needed medication and also my repairs and replacements of both my hearing aid and my Cochlear Implant as both of them are medically needed.

What is strange about the bill is that it will not allow sex offenders to get treatment for erectile dysfunction. But what does a sexual offense have to do with health care? You might as well call it the sexual health care bill, but somewhere, somehow someone got their P’s and Q’s in the wrong bill.

With the bill already signed into law, it maybe too late to repeal its validation of law. Congress somehow pissed off the American people with puppet talk and peep veeps on an open mic from Vice President Biden, “this is a fuckin deal”. I would hate to be in the vice president’s shoes and catching flak for such a adamant blurp among the press corps for its next media circus at the White House.

After having a talk with a high school friend yesterday about the recent change of events in Washington, I’m told by two of them, that they feel this country is going toward a spiraling cause, something that hasn’t been seen since President Roosevelt took the US to war with Japan during World War two.


Believe it or not, that’s how they felt – Stalin like, the ill effect and the whole paparazzi that came along with the agenda of “health care reform”. Whatever happened to the common sense of politics?

Go figures.