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Why things don’t work? When you want them too!

freelanceblogwriter  I just spent an entire two days working and writing – each and every time, I try to write, things go haywire! You can never get electrified enough to start your stimuli and imagination to write – Okay, “Moonlighting’s” Producer Glen Gordon Caron said, “it was harmful and stimuli,” now, that doesn’t answer my question about “The Blue Moon” cancellation of the show by ABC.

Since, I spent much of the time in my office trying to write, even though, I had two pro football games going on in the background on CBS and FOX on Sunday, only to get stuck on a movie with Hugh Jackman, about the art of magic and the competition of my trick is better than yours type movie.

I wonder how the man of magic, David Copperfield thinks of that one?

Of course it was a typical laid back Sunday, like every Sunday, football and movies, plus the urge to write. But, when you get to Monday’s – the stimuli changes course and your back in your tracks hunting the writing bug to blog your way to blogomania. But – writer’s block is still creeping up behind you very, very slowly! Damn…, that county mounty never gives up.

My elusive plan to write, has been blown my cover, by the devilish word of writers block!

I can’t seem to get anywhere? Perhaps, the Polar Bears and Happy Feet, just can’t get enough of the laughs through the holidays? Well? Who knows? It’s a Bambi year for the Reindeer as the twilight of the Christmas Season is about to roll full sail.

So, I’m thinking? It’s the chemistry between writing and writer’s block? I just remembered, they never tell you this in writing class on the high school level – even in college! So, dat’s why, I’ve been given a scud missile from “Benny the beaver!”…, that little rotten slappin’ Oregon Beaver!

Indeed, I should make Oregon State pay for this! Truly unfair and uncalled for, they’ll just say, “screw it,” along with the UO’s daily Emerald at the University of Oregon. So, much for Civil War rivals. Too bad I didn’t win the pot of gold! Crap.

Now? Why can’t I get horseradish to work right? Yes – I know it’s a sauce, so, hush! When you talk rubbish like me, you’ve given Jimmy Kimmel a seal of approval and David Letterman and bad name in show business. Not to mention, you’ve given Jerry Lewis a great sense of humor and pride in his career, minus the rat pack with the late Sammy David Jr., Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra!

At least it isn’t over yet – the writer’s block meltdown continues. Phooey!

Nightlight in the darkness

 space galaxy
When the night becomes densely dark – there’s life behind the dense fog, that has layered the valley floor for miles. In the age and day, where many folks are “skeptic” of what traditions lies inside the fog – it has become the topic of the night.

The seasonal traditions, behind the folklore and story telling has mended the minds of many, whom have passed on, into the darkness of life. Their travels have brought on the fairness of survival and set the stage to the ultimate truth of the nightlight in the darkness.

From the “Witches of Eastwick” to the cantor of ministries, the truth lies behind books of freedom, known as the book of truth.

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Can heaven wait?

clockThese are the last few weeks of the year 2011 – as we, boldly go into the unknown characteristics of 2012. The new year seems to be written as a mere classic “science fiction novel” of sorts, due to the subject matter surrounding “2012 and the end of the world.”

It is evident that those who dwell into the “end of days”, feel it’s the timing that begins with one’s trust in the most powerful phenomenon they carry on their person each and everyday – their faith and trust in God.

People have tried for many years to “predict” the end of time – but, there is only one person who knows when that fatal hour and time will be, God himself.

Those whom have tried to predict the following of the last days, have never hit the ball out of the ballpark for a homerun around the baseball diamond. Many have been heckled and mislead by those who feel in their righteous timing of the day is coming.

I only feel the earth is going through a transition period of some kind, not – that, of the earth falling apart as seen in the movie, “2012” with John Cusack.

I leave my faith in God and his will, it’s the only way to make things more merrier in heaven, than it is here on earth. Someone, once told me, “this is hell – and were, living it, right now,” as I was told many years ago, by someone I used to work with in my previous profession in the restaurant business.

It’s mystic and a reality, life is only free, as what we do with it here on this planet – those can make it better for themselves, if they choose do to so. As for others? That’s up to them if they do wrong, heaven will deal with it over time and forgiveness from the Lord can be done swiftly to the right to the good in a snap.

Heaven, as we know it, is out there in the universe. It’s yet to be found by scientists and the likes. It’s my belief that heaven is out there somewhere in the universe, a place we’ve not found in the lives and generations we now life with on earth.

The universe is a big bubble of space with many generations and a carnage of mysteries to be solved by science in today’s world. It almost seems like a case for Scully and Muddler, as the truth is out there – somewhere, one day, they’ll find the answer of a lifetime, eventually.

Late night warpath

Since, Conan O’Brian took over the late night seat from Jay Leno at the “Tonight Show”, I have wondered how the two 11:30pm nighthawks of late night talk, would actually fare in the ratings match?

Letterman in my opinion has been scoring some hardcore political talk from the Sara Palin camp for an off the walk joke he made last week on his show and vise versa from the Palin camp in retribution – whoa, heavy stuff! However, O’Brian still new as a transplant New Yorker, he did a show last week, that included a fight stunt and he stated that he’d could be killed doing the stunt itself, even under professional stunt supervision.

…, Now, that make me wonder? Is O’brian serious about late night talk or is he trying to bring his carbon style New York Pizza talk to Los Angeles with more grunt from New York?

Perhaps, if Conan O’Brian wants to succeed in Los Angeles, he needs to build a ratings contender that will stay ontop of the late night ratings game for many months, otherwise, Letterman could sneek up behind Cony Island and give a smirkin cork to the New York transplant!