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Short Film Review: Triune Films – U.F.Oh Yeah

Filmmaker-Writer-Director Ryan Conolly Photo: Triune Films/Film Riot

If you’re a fan of Short Films, Film Riot and Triune Films an Independent Production Company now based in Texas from a recent move from Florida has Film Riot fans brazing for the next three months, as their “Summer Epic Series,” which opened on April 2nd begins their three-month Summer run on their YouTube Channel, Film Riot.

Over the last several months, I have somehow got myself addicted to Film Riot and Triune Films by Ryan Connolly and his crew. Connolly has produced, written and directed numerous Short Films over the last five years – however, I’ve only been seen three of their recently made films and shown on their Film Riot YouTube Channel in their entirety, “Losses,” “Tell,” and “Proximity” – all produced written and directed by Connolly himself, Connolly has established himself as an up and coming Writer, Director and Producer of Short Films.

Connolly and Triune Films and the Film Riot crew will showcase a Filmmaker and their current film projects for an entire month on their YouTube Channel, including some behind the scenes footage and outtakes while making of their current Short Film.

Connolly’s current project – “U.F.Oh yeah!,” casts  Josh Connolly, Ryan’s younger brother as a UFO/Paranormal investigator looking for some serious business in discovering the truth behind the realities of UFO’s,  while researching a recent UFO sighting, Connolly’s character is than paid an extreme visit from a real UFO and ultimately pays the price, of his “rags to riches” Close Encounter with an unsuspecting Unidentified Flying Object hovering outside his cabin, while he research for evidence of aliens and UFO’s only to get paid an unsuspecting visit by a flying saucer outside of his cabin, Connolly gives a superb performs in his current starring role, while under the direction of his brother Ryan.

Connolly is a natural-born actor with no real acting experience, but his skills have improved since his many of his acting sketches on his brother’s Film Riot Internet Show has gotten him noticed by fans of the channel for his superb performances in some of the skits that are performed on the show and as an actor as a whole.

Triune Films has grown in popularity with Film Riot’s fan base over the last five years and they continue to deliver the quality in their weekly Film Riot Monday and Film Riot Thursday shows on the YouTube Channel.

Filmmaker Moore mocks American Sniper

Michael Moore, say's "snipers are cowards."
Michael Moore, say’s “snipers are cowards.”

It’s been mountains of hell. It’s been mountains of crap. It’s been said, that once you call a man “a coward,” you’re in for the flack of flammable bullshit and propaganda. Actor Michael Moore recently said, that American Snipers were indeed, “Cowards.”

Moore has started a firestorm that has exploded like wildfire & more and across the bands of Social Media, since the Bradley Cooper film, “American Sniper” was released, it broke box office records over the weekend to a shattering $90 Million in the weekend box office.

Directed by Actor/Director Clint Eastwood, “American Sniper,” has been causing a battle to brew between Michael Moore, Bradley Cooper and Seth Rogen, since the films wide release earlier this month.

Bradley Cooper (Photo By warner Bros)
Bradley Cooper (Photo By Warner Bros)

In what could be a lengthy battle between Eastwood, Cooper and Moore, the firestorm rages on as Moore proclaims, the $105 Million Motion Picture Directed by Eastwood, who once told, Moore, “he’d Kill’em,” he if ever stepped foot among Eastwood, he once said during an interview about Moore.

Pulling in a record astounding $100 Million plus during the Martin Luther King Holiday, “American Sniper” has shattered move box office proceeds in a few short days of their limited and wide theatrical release dates, Moore’s statements could have some stunning effects on his truce with American Servicemen and Women who currently serve in combat roles worldwide within the US Military and not to mention the ranks of Hollywood.

Having family members once serve in the Armed Forces during times of conflict such as World War II, Vietnam and during regular service tours of duty before 9/11, they all served with honor and pride to their country – but for someone such as Michael Moore to say American Snipers are, “cowards,” is a disgrace to the Men and Women who serve with honor and integrity to their country, Moore’s statements were drastically uncalled for by the filmmaker.

He puts the broken trumpet in place of a harp that can’t play the song of Mozart in the way of Taps, He has become the new controversy of America’s elite fighters of war – the snipers who serve in American branches of military services.

The question to Micheal Moore is, “why?” – Why does he even think that snipers are “cowards?” He has never served in any branch of America’s Armed Forces – he’s been focal and critical of the war on terror since 9/11 and has been seeking answers ever since.

His latest tyrants spell controversy among Hollywood insiders and American moviegoers, who have said, it’s a powerful story and story that had to be told even though Moore has created an outcast of tyrant behavior among American Servicemen and Women and the elite ranks of American Snipers who serve in the American Armed Forces.

With six Academy Award Nominations under the belt of Director Eastwood for Best Picture, Best Actor, Screenplay adaption, Film Editing, Sound Editing and Sound Mixing, the movie’s true story of American Sniper and Navy Seal Chris Kyle.

It’s yet to be seen if Moore, Eastwood, Rogen and Cooper will have their day aside from the ranks of controversy, which ultimately was started by Micheal Moore himself, he’s likely to have blown his anguish tail of ruling authority out the crawling window during the fierce firefight among words between, Hollywood and its elite ranks.

Let’s see how well American Sniper can do at next month’s Academy Awards Ceremony- it could make things interesting to say.

Author Jim Brown gets movie option on “24/7”

  My friend, Author, Broadcast Journalist and fellow Writer, Jim Brown of Jim Brown Books, hence the name – it’s not the former football linesman your thinking of with the same name either. This is a completely different Jim Brown, folks, “trust me, I’m sure, I know which Jim Brown, I’m looking at here – even his wife, knows which one she’s dealing with – I hope!”

I had been on a catch up email drive with Jim, in the past week and he tells me, that “24/7” has been optioned by Paramount Pictures and Michael Garrett for a feature film based on his reality thriller, “24/7,” he said. Notice of his book being optioned by a major Hollywood Studio is also posted on his website at Jim Brown Books. No release date of the movie trailer has been announced or when it will screen in the United States or who will be casted in the film as well.

Now, I wonder if they’ll cast him and I as spectators in the movie? LOL….

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At the movies: The race for the Oscars

  This past week, I’ve been writing and blogging about Christmas. One of blog articles, I wrote turned into a two-parter. It was longer, than, I had originally intended to begin with.

“Who reads this stuff anyways?” I always thought it was horseradish versus Captain King Crap and the Shrimpfest from Marie Calendars! Go figures, someone missed out on the leftover cranberry sauce from Thanksgiving.

Today, I decided to start on something different? I still haven’t decided on what the difference is between, what I intend to write about? Perhaps, it’s just one of those days, when a case of writer’s block comes around from the crystal clear oceans swells of the north Pacific or was that the cold marine air from Alaska, that has been haunting us for weeks now?

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Review: “2012”

Disaster flicks have become a stable of Hollywood since, the being of time, when “Earthquake” first came out with Charlton Heston, not very far behind after the  Irwin Allen came out with the Steve McQueen, Paul Newman flick, “The Towering Inferno”, both of these movies came out in the 1970’s – when the 20th century was just beginning to tell tales of disaster and mayhem.

Later in the at the beginning of the 21st Century, another flick came out with a more chilling effect that the entire North American continent would become another ice age in  the Dennis Quaid flick – “The Day after Tomorrow”.

What’s so special about disaster epics these days is the Hollywood is open to telling compelling stories that make movie goers want to pack movie houses to the extremes and wreck havoc a the box office and bringing in large crowds with an enormous opening weekend in ticket sales worldwide.

John Cusack’s plays Jackson Curtis a washed up writer looking for his next big adventure novel, takes his son to Yellowstone National Park and gets himself summersed an all out effort to save his family after learning about an appearant doomsday plot that the world would end before Christmas 2012, Cusacks’ character struggles to get his wife, son and her new husband safely out of harms way.

Meanwhile as the world starts to experience changes in their daily lives, everyone sets out for the high mountains of China to the supposed “spaceships”, that are effectively built as the Ark in what seems more like a modern day effort to retrace the footsteps of Moses and the ark in bibical times, but only in modern times, the world restarts life a news after escaping the once great flood that literally wiped out modern day earth and renews its life of humanity and human kind with a fresh start.

Director Roland Emmerich and Harold Kloser have written a superb script along with some great story telling and action sequences which would make Charlton Heston’s Mose look might and dandy proud of bringing an ark into the premise of movie making of the 21st century.