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PEOTUS – A media nutcase

maxresdefault  If you’ve watched Donald Trump’s first Press Conference the other day, his first since winning the election for the Presidency, you’ve probably already heard the news that he picked a wicked fight with a reporter from CNN and calling them, “Fake News and your organization is terrible”, while dodging an important question from a news credited organization.

The President-Elect’s actions and disrepect for America’s working media is likely to beocome the firestorm of his preseidency with American reporters on who’s “real” news and who’s “fake” news. There is also sensible disregard that even his own Press Secretary is in the facade as well – now, this could direly get interesting and if Trump last’s four years in the White House has POTUS and makes a media circus out America’s Media organizations and their reporters it could be an intersting fight. Now, that’s scary when it comes to their total disregard for the urgency aand respect of American reporters tryig to do their jobs and getting bullied out of an important story, which cold have some adverse effects on the American people and the media trying to do their job effectively.

A media disaster or is Donald Trump really that nutcase about the American Media Press Corps gone wild in an unknown chatered territory in new the presidential frontier. We shall see how he fairs in the upcoming weeks and months.

I’m still to sure if Donald Trump is ready to be President, even though he takes over the Oval Office, from President Obama next week, now that’s even scarier to say….

Is Trump worth America’s time?

abc_051316_donaldtrumpabc-1-200x200  There’s a general rule. A rule that only makes some common sense with one’s mind. It’s only basic, nothing critical or inflammatory to begin with. Perhaps, I might be politically incorrect or just the opposite, but this Election Season is starting to look much like, “war with greed,” in the minds of Donald Trump and his Democratic opponent’s on the opposite side of the isle in Washington.

Donald Trump in my book seems like a “bully” to every opponent that has tried to hold the line in the Democratic field of candidates, which now only leaves Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders and not much room for those on the Republican ticket – most have jumped ship because of Trump’s antics and bullied reputation.

There has been several references among the Trump camp among spectators in the field of politics as the voters seem to see Donald Trump being “Hitler” like in his uprising for the top contenders spot on the Republican ticket and among the party itself.

Trump seems to be calling the shots, but the Sanders and Clinton camp’s keep coming back to fight the red baron sitting atop the dog house waiting to shoot down his enemy fighters.

America can’t be so great with Donald Trump in the White House, ideally – if that were to happen, America would lead the way as the Adolf Hitler with Germany during World War II – that indeed could spell the beginning of “The Great American Disaster” of all time in the history of the United States Presidency.

Ironically, Trump is trying to divide the country into Civil War, between Democrats and Republicans and those who stand in his way or don’t believe in his policy making schemes of political satire. For what it’s worth, he doesn’t seem serious enough to propel the country into great debate and free for all Democracy as this country was built upon among our founding fathers who drafted the Constitution of the United States in 1776.

The great debate is the debate on how American voter’s few Donald Trump as a candidate for President – the question is? Is he really running for office or is he really running a “satire show and scam” among the voters, just to see if he can win and get what his vote is worth to the White House?

There are still questions to be asked and questions to be answered, but will he answer them both or will he just play it by ear and lit it slip and slide down Pennsylvania Avenue in November or January?

As voter, blogger and writer, I’m still not up to par in voting for Trump. As I said in the paragraph above, I’m still not convinced Donald Trump is the right person for the Presidency and the White House – not just yet, as there is still time to think and recoup my choice for the Presidential ticket to the White House in November.

Trump still has a long way to go before he can realize he can make a difference in the lives of every American in that lives in this great country.

Not a Governor? Likely a traitor?

Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber at press conference on Friday. Photo courtesy of

There has been a lot of talk and flack in Oregon lately over the disastrous and oddly worded press conference held by Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber last week. Kitzhaber and his supposedly “fiancée” Cylvia Hayes, who both face an ethics commission investigation and a potential FBI Investigation of the Governor’s influence of his fiancée and her staff on the possible irregularities of use of the Governors office and more, could lead to some disastrous results in his effectiveness in leading the state as Governor of Oregon.

Ironically, I find it kinda hard to believe of a women not being married to the state’s Governor is admirably the “First Lady of Oregon”  – purely a strange coincidence of events on how she literally got that title under her name for hunching up to the state’s top political marksman for her own gain and influence?

In what seems like an immersive chain of events that has mirrored the echos of the late President Richard Nixon’s Watergate Scandal, seems to be an indebted ghost of “Watergate,” in the works, only this time it’s involves a women’s quest for influence and expense of the Governor’s Office and mad dash run for the money, before the collateral damage hits the press and point-blank.

With an investigation by the state’s Ethic’s Commission and the FBI underway or about to get underway, depending how one views it – Kitzhaber could literally be seeing “hot water” about to broil over into the spillway of more controversy as the Oregonian Newspaper in Portland, Oregon wrote a very strongly worded editorial piece asking for Kitzhaber to resign from the state’s highest ranking office in state government, meanwhile Kitzhaber has said, “that he does not intend to resign from the state’s highest office, as he was elected by the people of Oregon to do a job he was elected to do,” he said Friday at an all out media press conference.

But the ultimate question is? Can the Governor still do the job as elected by the people of Oregon? It all likely depends on the amount of collateral damage done by the Governor and that of Hayes and her influences regarding the ethics findings and more as time wanes onward to the final sediment of resignation or impeachment by the state legislature and the censorship of the voters who see this as a political distraction to derail Kitzhaber and his Governor’s office of Oregon as effective leadership.

Likely the damage may have already been done, as Hayes used her wits and charm to get millions in state money for her supposedly works of art under her name and businesses – this is likely the cause of a disaster gone surprisingly wrong from the beginning as some see it from an ethical and political standpoint.

Since the Oregon editorial calling for Kitzhaber to resign from the political office as Governor, he has utterly avoided the limelight since the Oregonian called for his ouster as Governor.

The question is, what was Hayes thinking while getting cozy with the Governor and getting millions if not, thousands of dollars in state money for her own gains and ultimately bring down the Kitzhaber era of governorship in the process? Sounds like a scary political poly of a Hitchcock movie where villains ultimately conspire to political downfall for one’s beauty in getting FREE money for his or her own personal gain regardless of who he or she muddles up within the circus of controversy.

Good riddance, I never liked the guy to begin with – he always reminded me of Richard Nixon and Watergate! Where were “Woodward and Bernstein,” when we needed them?

Meteor breaks Congressman into skeptic

APTOPIX Russia Meteorite With the recent Cosmic events in Russia and in the United States this last week, it has gotten a Texas Republican Congressman in Washington, D.C., wants to hold a Committee Hearing next week in the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology stating the media overblown the existence of the recent events in Russia over the Meteor Shower there.

Congressman Lamar Smith of Texas, feels he’s skeptical that meteors from space, “aren’t real” to his own mindset as well as those that have some serious doubts about the existence of such meteors in the universe.

In what could have been the most talked about story of the century, a meteor struck and impacted the earth as it streaked 46,000 miles per hour across the Russian sky last week, while another cosmic event was reported less than 24 hour to 48 hours later across the San Francisco Bay area.

In relevance to a cosmic event, skeptics believe meteors aren’t galactic events in the nature, but skeptical in their own mind. The question is? Why would a Texas Congress man want to waste millions of taxpayer dollars to a congressional hearing on such a fact he knows that is real – but, instead he decides to make the questions of his own mind, that the laws and realities of space isn’t a known fraction of life on the most intelligent planet in the solar system, where human life is sustained as we know it for centuries.

Senator Smith feels the media is “overblowing” the event into perceptions of fear and coincidence to world. NASA and scientist has for decades have said earth could someday endure another devastating and engaging hit from a much larger asteroid that could once again wipe out the extinction of human life as it did with the Dinosaurs.

Remember as a young kid, while moving my late grandmother into a new house not far from where my parents now live, we suddenly stepped outside to lock the house as we finished the move for the day and suddenly, we encountered a a very bright green meteor from the south streaking by with a sound of a “whoosh” you would normally hear in a Hollywood movie with a stinging soundtrack.

I wanted to follow it’s landing site and be the first to discover sight of its impact site and location. But, the recent events in Russia and San Francisco, brought back the memories of the vivid day when I had a chance encounter with a meteor passing through the night sky in Western Oregon in the 1980’s or thereabout.

Human life on earth has so many strange experiences, I thought this was one of them – even if the Starship Enterprise or the Battlestar Galactica showed up as friendly’s from another world, it would’ve been a chance encounter to the future of space travel with a colony of survivors seeking a new life in a newly formed planed called, “Earth-2.”

Perhaps, Senator Smith needs a chill pill in reality? The underlying truth of the “Dark Skies” hasn’t befallen on the world just yet. Has my mind remains skeptical of the Congressman and his efforts to conduct a Senate hearing on such a topic, I’m still waiting for E.T. to warn us of the pending massive strike from a dangerous asteroid that could once again spell the truth of extinction of the human race on that has sustained rigors of human life for many centuries and more.

Like I said, I ain’t as skeptic as the Congressman, he just needs a “chill pill” to face the harsh realities of Science once again.

Fireside Chat–NY Newspaper screws up big time!

coffee2  There is a time for a great debate -  but, it’s not about politics. It’s about the release of sensitive information of Gun Permit owners information of those who choose to carry a Concealed Weapons or CCW on their person.

Last month, a White Plains, New York, Newspaper The Journal-News published an interactive map of gun permit owners in nearby Westchester and Rockland Counties. The release of the map set off a national firestorm in the United States about privacy and the endangerment of gun permit owners who’s lives may be credible danger because of the nature of sensitive information released on behalf of the Newspaper, critics say.

The newspaper claims “they knew” the interactive map would be controversial and more and decided it was pursuant to publish the names and addresses of gun permit holders to their readers, rather, than to heed the crucial words of the public not too – instead, they marched into controversy across the nation, sparking debates about gun legislation and possible bans on certain weapons, such as assault rifles made and imported from overseas and some made in the homeland of America.

The interactive map went viral as the firestorm, lit up Social Media sites across the internet in the wake of the Newspaper’s quest to put people in harms way and those who’s lives may or could be in danger because of the nature of the information released to the public.

Crime victims, especially Women, who carry armed weapons, literally had their address and locations of hiding revealed because of the public records release by the Journal-News unspeakable mistake.

In a retrospective, a counter attack was mountain in it’s wake as a response and counter-attack, a lawyer-turned-blogger took the merited steps onward and fought back against the newspaper in posting the names of Reporters and Editors of those who worked at Journal-News in White Plains, New York.

The rapidly fired counter-attack evidently landed him in the national spotlight on CNN.

Social Media watchdogs and national critics are crying foul ball in the newspapers efforts to fuel the debate even more with a possible release of more gun permit data to its circulation area, according to media and internet reports, I’ve been following.

What really ticks me off is that gun owners have a right to carry concealed and it opens a very dangerous predicament of ignorance and disregard by the publisher, reporters and editorial staff of this newspaper. But, in relevance – the names and addresses also brings a so-called Christmas gift or shoppers gift list for criminals and thieves looking to steal weapons and firearms to commit unspeakable crimes with an innocents gun holders weapon in the commission of a crime, such as a homicidal violence and more, police, gun owners and critics say.

It was also reported, that some of the names and addresses released also belonged to police officers, whom are sworn under oath to Protect and Serve the communities they live in, not just those who are innocently legal to carry on their person – a concealed weapon.

The fact is simple and evidently insane – the news media never publishes the names of victims who a victim of a crime unless it has the ability to compromise a criminal investigation and jeopardize the lives, of police and victims investigating the crime and more, including the seeking of revenge by those sentenced under the court of law and for the victims who testified and successfully help convict them for the crimes they’ve committed against them.

The damage may have already been done by the White Plains, NY., newspaper and the trust they have in their subscribers have in their reporting efforts have probably failed them on both sides of the isle. When it comes to such information and prudent to the lives of those who are at stake journalists, writers and photographers need to be on the extreme “what if” mode in the avoidance of a serious backlash from its owns readers and subscribers – if not, advertisers could pull their advertising dollars from their publication and sinking the Gannett Company owned newspaper into limbo, *if not* a quiet death and demise for it’s quality of disgrace to the pistol packing community of Concealed Weapon’s holders across the country.

In retro and public opinion – they should quit and cease publication all together for a generous and deadly mistake they made in the disclosure of such vital information, even though it was obtained through the “Freedom of Information Act or FOIA,” for their monetary gain and disgrace of those who legally carry CCW’s and those who are trying to hide and start a new life without harm and violence – such unselfish as this is journalism suicide in the eyes of those who dwell in the face of disgrace.


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