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Are we a part of Star Trek?

pngtree-five-hawaiian-islands-png-clipart_675136Some folks have been asking me since leaving Oregon for the Midwest, especially an old childhood buddy that I grew up with who now lives in Hawaii with his lovely wife on how I am adapting to life in the historic part of the country?

Evidently, we’ve spoken several times over our social media platforms and have expressed our differences in living in different parts of the country together.

With him living on an island in the Northern Pacific Ocean and me living on the mainland of the United States in the Midwest, history bestows both our new homes and the regions we now live our lives as we get older.

It’s quite interesting to live in an area of the country that has a rich history in the birth of our nation. I never dreamed in my entire life, that I would live a part of my life in a historical part of our nation other than the Pacific Northwest, where I am originally from.

It makes for some great stories to tell the kids and grandkids, about the chuckles of history from one part of the country to another.

Living life elsewhere is like living in a “time warp,” yes as in another time and place. The reason I bring this up, the other day I was watching a video online of an old television series that I used to watch as a kid, called “Grizzly Adam’s,” with the late Dan Haggerty in the leading role – the buck didn’t stop there as the video that was made was a TV movie made after the series ended its network run of a young boy going back into time in the 1840s and meeting Grizzly Adams, while trying to save a small bear cub from a wicked and cruel circus owner.

In contrast, it feels the same way about leaving the Pacific Northwest. How strange can a perspective like that be? – ultimately, if you really think about it, the magnitude of the feeling makes you feel like you’ve time traveled from one time to another while moving elsewhere, it the gut feeling at times when it comes time to think about how you got here from there.

“Hmm, that sounds meaningful?” Well in a curious way it does while time warping from one place to another? – “what is the universe coming too?; I consciously ask”. Perhaps, I’ll just leave it at that, “Mr. Zulu warp drive, out there somewhere, aye Captain, he says.”

Maybe our universe is worth a look into the “real Star Trek?”.

Wednesday to Thursday – quatum leap?

cropped-oldtypewriter-2.jpg“What’s the greatest story ever told,” as I ask myself in this crazy drowsy life, we call the twenty-first century?

There’s only one thing – just one thing that bothers me on a day like today – just how in the hell did we get from Wednesday to Thursday so fast! Even though this is Friday and this blog post is likely behind schedule in being published into cyberspace by the rugby danes of time, which is nothing compared to Greenwich Village and the Village People.

Of course, there are 365 days in a year and it takes the Earth 24 hours to rotate around a star we call – the Sun – “phooey,” it’s sour grapes with relish and pickles at least to say.

Time rotates twenty-four hours into the future and not into the past, “it’s literally a proven fact,” as my brother would say comically with a pair of cheese sticks looking like “werewolf  or vampire fangs” hanging dangerously from his mouth like a childish jokester, all while trying to impress me with his pre-Halloween imitations of London’s “Jack the Ripper.”

new-york-macy-s-departmentLogically, I’m berated as a dumbfounded cricket looking for an answer on how, I got from Wednesday to Thursday, twenty-four hours later into the future?

“Yes, I know I went to sleep the night before while spending the entire night writing this smurf..!”

Unless, I’m just one of those literal jackass looking for some silly cucumber with pickles and Crispy Kreme Donuts, while walking down the fragrance isles of the Macy’s Department Store on New York’s famed 34th Street in Downtown Manhattan, riddance rules the day once again – “well crap,” that explains it all.

space-galaxy_thumb.jpgGood riddance life is getting old these days, but it never seems to get any younger in my generation gap as we keep getting older by the “day, minute and year” as the world continues to spin among the vast voids of space around our galaxy, the Milky Way.

Perhaps, I’m just a crazy old crow or chap looking to start a catfight about time travel from the past to the present in record timing? I do know for a fact, a number of years ago likely in my younger days of adulthood, I was wondering how I left behind my high school days for the adult world in record time. Perhaps, it was a time trip through the legendary “quantum leap” to our present timing to the future of 2017?

“Man, something better give me some good riddance, I’m going nuts!,” not only by the minute but also by the seconds – perhaps, I’ve been watching too much “YouTube” with the reruns of M*A*S*H and the #4077!

Time travel? A reality or just a gag of inspiring inspiration?

time-travel-header1 Tonight, as I was watching this movie called, “The Love Letter,” a story about the past and the present between an 1800’s Civil War era women and a present day 20th century man, who exchanges letters from the past to the present and vise versa by way of an antique desk, the films leading character Scott Corrigan buys.

The power of time travel has empowered some intriguing thoughts of time travel in general. But, there is always the possibility, “the truth is out there,” as the “X-Files,” Agent Muddler would say to his partner, Agent Scully.

It made me wonder what time travel would be like through correspondence or letters from the past to the present? Freaky has it sounds. But – what if it was possible to time travel itself? Skeptics say, as Muddler said, “the truth if out there,” but no one has said, if it was or if it is possible travel from past to present and vise versa.

So? What does America’s government know? Skeptics as the men in black would tensely be with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, they’re clad enough to make comical antics of spaceaholics, traveling at warp speed without Dolly Parton in tow!

Novelist H.G. Wells wrote a book called, “The Time Machine” published in 1890, where a person could travel selectively between past and present. But, the movie, “The Love Letters,” somehow reminds me of both Well’s novel and the movie’s mystic words of the written word through letters and antique treasure found and sold in the present day. The mystics of magic and the power to be’s of such phenomenon happen out of nowhere to be a real as it can be as a story being today in today’s world of skeptics who still think the government is at conspiracy and trivia pursuit of solitary answers of truth.

Inspirational to begin with – a sigh of relief, that we all wonder if we could actually send from the past to the present and vice versa in a matter of seconds from printing it on paper and sending it back via snail mail from the post office and getting a response back in the hutch of a desk drawer without warning in present day makes its superstitious and cranky as a blogger and novelist can think (sorry, Jim Brown, I wasn’t talking about you? Was I?) But, I’m still curious for all that matters. If you’ve seen the Dennis Quaid movie, “Frequency”- you’d, probably already know, what I’m talking about when it comes to time travel from the 1960’s to the present day 1999, a thirty year difference between time travel concepts through a rare strange atmospheric phenomenon via shortwave radio waves has depicted in the movie starring Dennis Quaid.

Nothing that I can remember of my own past where the future and the past could inter-connect from one another still gives me mystical vibes of creeps and gowls as if it were a modern day fairy tale of truth and dare from the past to the present in such mystics of the phenomenon known as “time travel.” I only wish it were true we had that ability, as if I just had re-read H.G. Well’s, “The Time Machine,” all over again for the shear benefit of inspiration of traveling through time.

Universal Hires Writer For New Big-Screen BATTLESTAR GALACTICA


This is going to be interesting once it comes to the big screen. I would bet my money if it does well it could well be worth a movie franchise in sequels for Universal Studios.


Universal Hires Writer For New Big-Screen BATTLESTAR GALACTICA.



Fact, fiction or Reality?

space galaxy  You suddenly fall asleep one night, than, you wake up in something entirely different – something, you know nothing about or how you got there in the first place? Fiction or fantasy? Perhaps, both? But, how is it possible to jump from one moment to the other? What do we knew of the laws of physics and time travel? Is it a reality or a myth? Perhaps, we should be talking to a ticking clock to the past, future and present into the week hours of present day life – even the fabled “mirror, mirror” of choice?”

Rather, its feasible or a chronic myth? I often wonder what Commander and Science Officer Spock would say to a human such as our own species? “Wise, Captain, wise, but, not logical,” as he would stand firm and press the words of a Vulcan into prosperity of Vulcan knowledge versus human knowledge – bold, as Captain you would think? The aging Vulcan stands firm as a logical bastard – but, firm in his ways of life as a Vulcan.

I twitch at the fact, that science, hasn’t debunked the myth of time travel, as we know it through the virtual world of television reality and constant storytelling.

Imagination would have everyone captive, as the laws of the universe would allow us to think. In contrast, Science Officer Spock could be right? But, the boldness of science is yet to be determined and told from an Earthling and human perspective. The shroud of “secrecy, deception and red tape,” has kept the judgmental state of one’s mind into the altered state of shock – go figures, it’s only a matter of time, when and if reality will happen?

I remember fondly, after J.K. Rawlings came out with her Harry Potter Series, which became a notable to big screen sensation and in print as novels, the works of science was about to ant the myths of “Cloaking.” Strange as myth, but, is it possible in reality? The advancements of technology and of the great minds of science would have to put the works of Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein and the greatness of Charles Darwin and Benjamin Franklin the father of electricity with his infamous kite incident would have to surpass the effects of “back to the future” tactics of time travel into prosperity of knowledge.

It would seem the great “masterpiece of minds and science.”  In reality, I would have to bet the odds of these men – who ultimately thought they could crack the most inspired myth of science in cloaking department? My bet would be another smart aleck answer from Science Officer Spock, would be – “Logical Doctor, logical.”

Simple treatment of branching out with a magic wand and the circular flick of a wrist, could spell the beginning of something so impractical it would have sent the world into a tailspin with the works of H.G. Wells and the time machine.

It’s okay to dare and dream – but, we often wonder, if the Battlestar and the Starship are realities of the universe? It’s only a matter of time, before, the reality of time travel is possible? Every Science Fiction Writer wishes his characters were the “real” Captain Kirk, Bones McCoy and the everlasting – Mr. Spock.”

“Somewhere, out there – they’re waiting for us to call home as the ships are fueled for the return trip to Earth and the lives we once had with those that have passed before us would once again be treasured as an important moment in our lifetimes – Spock once said, it was logical as a Vulcan, but, in harsh reality, Captain Kirk would sense it as a ploy where no man has ever gone before.”