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Where is E.T.?

  “The colonies are out there – but, where?” That is the question people are asking about life in space. Not, exactly those on the International Space Station or “ISS,” as it is known, but, from another world, galaxy or planet is the “big question.”

Earlier last week, I read an article about “why, we haven’t heard from E.T.,” at this age and time of life on Earth?

“Is it truly possible that there is life from another planet or from another galaxy,” in what the NASA probes have yet to find, so far, in the deep reaches of space and beyond?

“I often wonder and REALLY wonder”, if the Colonies are out there looking for EARTH and the life and civilization, we currently live in today?

Such show’s has “Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Deep Space Nine, Babylon 5” gave us, the feeling that there are colonies out in the far reaches of space looking for a new home. But, in REALITY, we’d all like to believe, there is human life on another planted like ours and more. It is my belief, that one day the “discovery” will be discovered of a lifetime and many questions would follow with answers to be answered and harbored in the truth to the world and another world, that shares, the same ideals as we do here on earth.

It’s only a matter of time, when and if the truth ever comes into reality – as “Scully and Muddler,” once said, “The truth is out there! And, we shall find it.” We like to believe those find words of our fictional FBI Paranormal Investigators from the “X-Files.”

But, making contact with E.T., need to be succeeded first before the journey home becomes a total belief that we’ve made “contact with another world.”

I vaguely remember back in the 1970’s, NASA released a space probe with a golden record and recordings from our own planet for another world to intercept and find us in our own solar system and within the Milky Way.

It is my hope that someday – the reality of that space probe, will be found by those colonies traveling through space and our recordings from Earth will be heard by those traveling through space. “It is only a matter of time and the truth is out there!”

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A chilly night in the cathouse!–No, not the bordello…

  This place seems to be a cat house on a Saturday night. You go to a Café with wireless internet and all a sudden, the place gets bombarded big time with customers out for the late night Saturday night life, on the town.

But, that’s not all – its bone chilly and the cold is haunting the night life as the city slickers storm the café for the sprinting of the Java Joe of the brewing pot of steaming coffee that has been filling the night air with the smell of fresh food and hot dicey brew of Java.

Seriously, I can’t wait until they start saying the word – S U M M E R in the forecast at the same time and keeping things dicey and freshly brewed into the warm heater months! Aye mate, that’s a moi of cracker jacks, when it comes time to shout out the moi of Java Jonas on a chilly fazed night, when the northern lights are dance to the rhythms of moist colors of the planet in the daring night sky.

Now, if the northern lights could reach into the Pacific Northwest skies of Oregon, the timing would be a stark reminder, that we’re not alone in the universe.

Now, about the pot of Java Joe.

In our memories, she’s not forgotten!

mom Today is one of those days, where things changed the lives of those in my family. This picture was taken in the Summer of 2009 at the Lane County Fair with my Mom and Grandmother. She passed away two years ago today, at the age of 82.

She was the last surviving surviving member her immediate family of 16 children. Born in Yuma, Arizona, She grew up and married and had a family of her own – two daughters.

Today, life is kind of strange without her and my Mom seeing her mother, as my Grandfather passed away twenty years earlier.

I spent the last five years up to her death caregiving for her to her final days of life. It changed me forever and I’ve been a nervous wreck every since. Not to mention the brick in the wall.

It’s amazing that she lived this long to see her grandchildren and a dream my grandfather once had before she passed away – the dream my grandfather had was for me to hear the world once again, since, I lost my hearing at age three, it was forty years later, that dream became a reality.

She was so amazed at how the Cochlear Implant technology had advanced over the years and how it made the bionic wonders of my life – at least, she was still impressed, alright! I’m sure she’d tell my grandfather, I was crazy enough to go along with the trial and error of getting myself into misery with higher technology that would’ve nearly caused me an arm and leg, not to mention my own neck!

So, today, brings on the second anniversary of her passing and the memories she left behind for all of us to remember in her 82 years of her wonderful life. It’s amazing that she lived long enough to see her grandchildren and her two great-children along the way. Not very many people get that far – but, it does make a difference in their lives, though.

It is my hope – that wherever she is now, she’s watching over us during this holiday season a far into the heavens.

Merry Christmas Grandma.

Science finds another “Earth” near the sun!

space galaxy “Houston, we have a problem – we’ve found another Earth type planet like our very own, miles away from home!” Imagine how, those enchanting words and the sounds of discovery would sound in Mission Control, if the mission were a live manned space flight, zillions of miles from earth in the far reaches of space, near our own star – the Sun.

The solar system is full of mysteries to be discovered or waiting to be discovered in the course of one’s expenditures of the stargazing scientist or the amateur stargazer looking for his or her extraordinary discovery to fame.

There are millions and zillions of planets surrounding our solar system and beyond. But, the one’s we are not sure about, are those outside of our own galaxy – the far reaches of deep space, which could be generations and centuries into our future, that we don’t know about.

The meaning of science is the meaning of discovery for all man-kind. I would hate to see the theory destroyed beyond skepticism and into reality. But, very few never seem to know the reality could exist beyond our own beliefs. Of Course, Science Officer Spock could be right and logical of his own theories and discoveries as a Vulcan.

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Nightlight in the darkness

 space galaxy
When the night becomes densely dark – there’s life behind the dense fog, that has layered the valley floor for miles. In the age and day, where many folks are “skeptic” of what traditions lies inside the fog – it has become the topic of the night.

The seasonal traditions, behind the folklore and story telling has mended the minds of many, whom have passed on, into the darkness of life. Their travels have brought on the fairness of survival and set the stage to the ultimate truth of the nightlight in the darkness.

From the “Witches of Eastwick” to the cantor of ministries, the truth lies behind books of freedom, known as the book of truth.

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