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Can heaven wait?

clockThese are the last few weeks of the year 2011 – as we, boldly go into the unknown characteristics of 2012. The new year seems to be written as a mere classic “science fiction novel” of sorts, due to the subject matter surrounding “2012 and the end of the world.”

It is evident that those who dwell into the “end of days”, feel it’s the timing that begins with one’s trust in the most powerful phenomenon they carry on their person each and everyday – their faith and trust in God.

People have tried for many years to “predict” the end of time – but, there is only one person who knows when that fatal hour and time will be, God himself.

Those whom have tried to predict the following of the last days, have never hit the ball out of the ballpark for a homerun around the baseball diamond. Many have been heckled and mislead by those who feel in their righteous timing of the day is coming.

I only feel the earth is going through a transition period of some kind, not – that, of the earth falling apart as seen in the movie, “2012” with John Cusack.

I leave my faith in God and his will, it’s the only way to make things more merrier in heaven, than it is here on earth. Someone, once told me, “this is hell – and were, living it, right now,” as I was told many years ago, by someone I used to work with in my previous profession in the restaurant business.

It’s mystic and a reality, life is only free, as what we do with it here on this planet – those can make it better for themselves, if they choose do to so. As for others? That’s up to them if they do wrong, heaven will deal with it over time and forgiveness from the Lord can be done swiftly to the right to the good in a snap.

Heaven, as we know it, is out there in the universe. It’s yet to be found by scientists and the likes. It’s my belief that heaven is out there somewhere in the universe, a place we’ve not found in the lives and generations we now life with on earth.

The universe is a big bubble of space with many generations and a carnage of mysteries to be solved by science in today’s world. It almost seems like a case for Scully and Muddler, as the truth is out there – somewhere, one day, they’ll find the answer of a lifetime, eventually.

Thy unknown

space galaxy In today’s world, we always wonder what the world will evolve into the future as our days go onward – toward time. I sit out on the poolside of my backyard under a clear sky as the sun sets toward the west, the blue skies are almost darken into the night darkness and the stars are about to do their nightly twinkle twilight show – the thought about the paranormal starts to gather into my thoughts about the afterlife and what is out there in the universe?

The thought, that we are not alone on earth actually gets me into thinking – there is another civilization lurking the galaxies of the Milky Way and the universe as a whole. Skeptics would tell you, “hell yah, there’s something fishy about this planet” and the actions of our government is outrages.” But, paranormally – is there really something out there?

Perhaps, that’s why, I became a paranormal investigator in the first place? Sorry, Charlie, it wasn’t because of the three beautiful “angels” you hired to work as private detectives, but, sure, “Indiana Jones” would take them as true sidekicks anytime over a fury fit with “Chewbacca.”

Just the other day, I was thinking? All the science fiction shows, we see on television were created by the great writing minds of Gene Rodenberry, Alex Hayley, and a host of other’s that produced the excellence of space travel as a golden sign of our imagination of traveling through space and time looking for signs of life and exploration of unknown planets in the far reaches of our own galaxy.

At the same time, I read an article that was published online earlier last week, about an Astronaut from NASA, saying, “he too believes there is something out there.” I couldn’t agree more with his assessment.  If the United States Government has knowledge of such knowledge, that there is another life form in the far reaches of space or nearby planets and galaxies, they should release their findings to the to the world – not just America, but the entire planetary system where life is known to them. That we know of their very existence from earth.

At least it would rid the rumor mills of their skeptical consequences with true facts and twirls that have made skeptics abound with conspiracy theories for centuries.

On a side note, SETI lost its funding, but, bounced back into the foray of scanning the skies for signs of life and far away radio signals as the heavens try to reach earth – SETI can thank the abundance of new funding to Actress Jodie Foster, who played a scientist looking for such signs of life in the movie, “CONTACT.”

SETI’s foray into its continuous work of scanning the deep reaches of space can contribute to another alien contact as they did back in the early 1980’s. No radio signals have been reached since, than. However, this doesn’t really eliminate the equation that the aliens and the afterlife have given up on contacting us here on earth.

Perhaps, “E.T.” is just taking a break from hamming it out over the airwaves and waiting for his previous QSL card from SETI? – before attempting another round of earth bound communications with the earthlings of this planet.

It’s pure humanoid myth to think, the world is coming to an end in 2012? I hope the skeptics are proven wrong, as their mythology is proven resistant in finding the truth that life exists outside our solar system.

Today’s world is even more strange, than, that of the worlds most famous minds that have attempted to read the past, present and future. It brings me into wondering if were really alone on earth or if there are aliens walking among us in today’s life form? The life forms of life can only be answered in its own true meaning and matter if the minds of government conspiracy and know it all became truthful in their contradictions and trustworthy of the revelation of its own existence.

Only time will tell – Perhaps, we should take a sheet out of “LOST” playbook and reveal the inner truths of our own beliefs.

“…It is said, that the truth is out there, finding it is just the piece of the puzzle to begin with.”

Is space travel next for NASA?

Have you ever wondered what life would be like in space? I’m not talking about those living on the International Space Station or as it’s known as the “ISS.” I’m actually talking about living IN SPACE aboard a ship in the far reaches of the universe and the zillions of galaxies that surround our solar system as we know it – the Milky Way.

I recently read an article not to long ago about a NASA idea of sending astronauts into space to explore the possibilities of long term space exploration without possibility of ever returning home to earth.

The idea sums up, an idea of sorts, as it does in the movie “2001: a space odyssey.”

Long term space travel has always been an interest to the human space race on earth. Everyone on earth seems to wonder what kind of life harbors outside of our planet, except for those that live on the ISS.

It’s a scary thought to live the remaining life of one’s lifetime searching the far reaches of space and visiting other worlds in our solar system and beyond. But, with the point of no return or possibility of ever returning home to earth means, one would have to be suited enough to take on the rigors of the job of exploring the heavens and the lingering cosmos.

The other day, I was watching a National Geographic Channel program about the possibility that humans are part alien and part human, perhaps, part humanoid as well? Now, don’t get me started with all kinds of wacky duck tales of “The Terminator” with ol’ Arnold and the story of John and Sara Connor’s.

Perhaps, it might be better of if those with feat for the late Gene Rodenberry’s “Star Trek,” might fit the billing a little along the lines with “Battlestar Galactica” as well.

I often wonder if we’re up for such a galactic of human space flight into the far reaches of space and beyond? It would take such courage and mind of someone to perform the variety of duty and honor to explore the fast images of space and our known galaxy – “The Milky Way.”

I wonder what that would mean to Muddler and Scully? If we were to go far and beyond the dreams ever imagined in today’s world? It could be so astounding than the video feed that was beamed to NASA, while the skip wrecked Castaways of the U.S. Minnow were stranded on a deserted island, with Gilligan, the Skipper, Mary Anne, Ginger and the Howell’s.

My late grandfather always told me, that the far deep reaches of space held one of the most important answers of life. It wasn’t only the heaven’s he said. “It was the creations of mankind that held the truth of the world and the birth of the human race.”

I remember the summer nights as a child we would lay out in the grass in front of the house at our family’s ranch and he would tell me stories about the universe. I had not forgotten what the world was made of during his story telling, each and every summer I had visited.

My boyhood days were yielded with memories of clear nights and tons of stars, which could be seen arisen high above the heavens on any clear night. I often wondered, if the stars were calling my name aloud to become what I am today? A writer. A blogger. And, a totally insane idiot that still dwells for the love of “Smarties” candy rolls.

It has become a priceless pastime to think the heavens have a strong meaning for space travel in todays world. But, the dangers of leaving earth and never returning home is a scary thought to digest among the human race.

One boy’s dream of living in space could become a reality in the near future of NASA or the world space programs merge together on one common and acceptable goal – peace and cooperation is the key ingredient to make amends and adventures in space travel a wondering reality of life.

Rodenberry’s, “Star Trek” gave us the looks of the Starship Enterprise and her crew as they traveled through space exploring the many reaches of space and planets they came in contact with during their travels.

“Battlestar Galactica” gave us what the human race and machines would endure for the safety of the human race, while the Cylons gave us the urge to see the that the “Terminator” was out to set the world to a extreme extinction of the human race.

They were only the perils of fictions in their story telling. Human space flight along with space exploration it can become a humane as possible. But, without a way home to earth, it makes the mission even more dangerous than the battle between humans and the cylons itself.

What do you believe in your own mind about the admission of one’s mission to the deep reaches of space and space exploration as a whole.

Perhaps – we may even find the real “Battlestar Galactica” or the starship “Enterprise” itself? I’m curious to what we will find in the far reaches of the universe and what could scientific finds would find us here on earth.

It’s only a matter of time before we know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

We’re only human in our own mind.