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Remembering the Great Gordon Wickstrom

Gordon M. Wickstom 1924-2014

I thought this was a pretty good story for the love of Fly Fishing over on the Orvis website, this story is so remarable it’s worth a print on my blog for everyone who love’s Fly Fishing and fishing in general. Remembering the Great Gordon Wickstrom.

Oregon’s Chip Kelly leaves Oregon to PHILLY Eagles

Chip Kelly shell shocked the University of Oregon to Coach Philadelphia Eagles, Philly Eagles meanwhile plan news conference tomorrow on Kelly’s position to coach the Eagles.

When a spoke breaks you–@#$%!!

Dorena Lake bike ride 002  A few weeks ago, I had done the most impromptu thing any bicyclist would do – take the bike into the shop and have the mechanic do the fix. Okay, it certainly wasn’t Shepard Motors, but, this was a bicycle shop, I’ve been hearing about so much, that, the shop service was the best there is town, as, I told by the locals on the Disciples of Dirt yahoogroups mailing list and a few other recommendations from those in the local cycling community as well.

The thing is, I hardly do much mountain biking as I once did, when I was in my younger years – I’m still riding the same bike my Mom bought be five or six years ago and recently, the spokes have been stressing out and popping one by one – since, January of this year, five have been taken to “spoke heaven,” leaving me with nearly a “taco time” out of true wheel, each time, I run into one of these spoke mishaps.

The last repair job netted my wallet a good $16 bucks for a spoke repair – this time, the repair netted the same amount from a “sister” bike shop with competitive prices to spare, even though Life Cycles Bike Shop was in the mist of a swamp with builds and other repair jobs. Since, I had only only called them before I left my home office for some seriously needed errand runs, they were gracious enough to call another nearby bike shop and quote me on a price for an “on the spot” emergency repair, several blocks away.

I figured, if, it was close enough and the price was right, my wallet would not scream at me like a police siren blaring “CODE 3” down Seventh Avenue to an emergency call, however the price was decent to begin with. I’m happy.

Now, the reliance of cycling is to get the entire back wheel rebuilt with fresh and stronger spokes to weed out that rest of the agony of further spoke and wheel taco’s, later on down the road. At least it would rest my blood pressure to begin with, if I went this route – figures.

As they would say in an old 1970’s, “7-UP” commercial –”Marvelous, just marvelous!”

Congratulations Oregon Ducks!

  95 years! – that’s, how long it took the Oregon Ducks to win their second Rose Bowl title and their 2nd National Championship, since 1917. With a record sellout crowd (91,245) and a 45-38 win over the Wisconsin Badgers to win the 98th annual Rose Bowl – they’ve once again earned their bragging rights as National Champions of the Crown Jewel of bowl games – the Rose Bowl.

The Ducks capped off a football season that allowed them to take home the newly crowned Pac-12 Conference and the national championship of the Rose Bowl during the same football season. It’s almost like a fairy tale season when you have an experienced coach like Chip Kelly taking his flock of Ducks to the crown jewel of championships – the win will likely cap off an enormous winning season that would go down in the books and once of the best college football seasons ever written by the Oregon Duck Football Program.

Rose Bowl Bound Ducks, President’s job on the line

It starts with the win of a championship, which becomes the tale of an incredible college football season, that capped off an enormous fairy tale ending with a 49-31 win for the #9 University of Oregon Ducks at Autzen Stadium Friday night against the UCLA Bruins.

The nationally televised game on FOX drew a standing and sellout crowd in Eugene as frigid temperature hovered into the mid 30s and lower toward the end of the game. Chip Kelly took his flock of Ducks from rough start early in the season to a an incredible finish in the schools history for a third time is charm to rebirth to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena in Ducks first ever Pac-12 Championship win over the Bruins.

The Ducks three-peat to the Rose Bowl, began it’s fabled historical march after two meetings in Pasadena in the 20th century and for the first time in the 21st century, the school becomes the only college in the United States to make three trips to the city of Roses and the Rose Bowl on New Years Day.

The Rose Bowl has been known as the crown jewel of national championships in the history of College sports, such as the Super Bowl is known as the golden crown of professional football. Rather, you’re a college or professional sports fan, the 2012 Rose Bowl is shaping up to be in exciting football game on New Years Days as for the opponent, we’ll have to wait and see what becomes of the match up Bowl Championship Series continues among the nations colleges still in the running for bids to national championship games in the coming weeks.

With President Lariviere on the mend to leave the University at the end of the year, due do his contract dispute with the Oregon Board of Higher Education, the board effectively terminated his contract, which was set to expire in June of 2012, he’s reportedly leaving the University of Oregon at the end of the school year, I’m betting he’ll leave after the Rose Bowl and once again bring the Oregon Ducks to another winning season as the school’s fairy tale ending and incredible season caps off another successful season in NCCA sports and the Pac-12 innaugural first season.

Lariviere’s legacy leaves the University in limbo as a popular school president that the staff, faculty, students and the communities of Eugene-Springfield have admired for his generosity – His termination has triggered so much anger, that he has built and brought in more students than any other president in the school’s history along with new student housing, a new basketball arena, renowned football stadium and athletic facilities for fledging sports program and more.

The state board of higher education should reverse Richard Lariviere’s termination and reconsider their decision in continuance of his contract with the University of Oregon as President. I would have to see the dispute go any further than a court battle for his job back, with mounting support from students to teachers and staff and community member and of course other state colleges – their decision terminate Lariviere was a mounted mistake on their part and influencing the Governor of Oregon to go along with their decision.

The Governor is likely to lose any re-election votes his decision has caused in support of the UO Presidents job termination, in fact he’s already lost one – mine.