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From the Pit to MATT: A new legacy!

MATT ArenaOpening night at a spanking new arena that took two years to build and millions of dollars in Phil Knight money – The University of Oregon Ducks Men’s Basketball Team got its opening night win over the USC Men’s Basketballs team in Eugene on Thursday night.

After, a thunderous opening ceremony in the heart of the University of Oregon campus – Phil Knight along with his family, friends, students and countless people who worked hard to make this new addition in the school’s history a major feat, since the ground breaking of Mac Court in 1927, the University has achieved another milestone in its treasured history.

Mac Court will remain standing as the UO decides, the next step in its long living history – built in 1926, Mac Court didn’t see its first game until 1927. It has treasured some of the most memorable Athletics upsets in the schools history.


With the “Pit” still beaming its haunted past, Hayward Field, still shines and show progress behind Mac Court. The Ducks called McArthur Court home for over eighty years. Today they shine in a new chapter and new home its storied life.

Matthew Knight Arena is just a few tads steps down the street from its old home on Franklin Blvd, but walking distance from student dorms and campus classrooms – the University could have picked a better time to construct and open and athletic home for it’s schools sports program

Surrounded my motels nearby and the civic center to the west of the arena’s location, makes it an ideal site for the harden UO basketball fan to appreciate, a come and go to his or her beloved basketball game. The arena sits right off the Interstate Five corridor – as you enter the city center and downtown Eugene. Stunning and surprising it brings a refreshing look that I had once remembered as a child coming into town from my boyhood home in Yoncalla, Oregon and seeing the old stabled parking lot, where the arena now sits and the smell of fresh bread at what used to be Williams Bakery.

Those who travel the Lane Transit District’s new fledging EmX bus line are brought right to its front door across the street from of several bus stops along the the Franklin Blvd., corridor into neighboring Springfield, east of the I-5 Freeway.

The EMX – solves the the problem. Even tho, I’m not a real fan of such a compressed idea, but, it does help in getting my utterly bottom dollar to the fancy’s of a sporting event.

It almost reminds me of my time in Portland when I went to events there at the Rose Garden. But, that’s not all – In the past year we’ve seen the UO resurrect its school baseball team, the Eugene Emeralds farm club of the San Diego Padres moved it MLB farm club to school’s new baseball park next door to Autzen Stadium and the Autzen itself received a facelift adding more fan seats to the stadium.

During opening night last night, it was reported that nearly 12,500 people were in attendance in last nights opening game against USC. The $227 million dollar facility had a lot of people smiling among the fans as the new arena was heard in overjoy as a first class facility. Eighty-four years ago, the UO Ducks beat the Willamette University in their home opener 38-10 – spring forward eighty-four years later, the UO Ducks do it again, as they did in 1927.

The win was destined to be a special win for the Ducks as they came off a championship and storied football season – starting the new year with a new win in a new home, is a masterpiece to tell the grandchildren later in life as the history of the UO grows larger and storied in history.