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Ten years of blogging

02eb88b3f0f76540cc223c13acc6688f     Ten Years ago today, I started blogging on, after jumping ship from Blogger to WordPress. I actually started blogging as early as 2007, shortly after I had my Cochlear Implant surgery that very same year.

Using the digital platform has completely changed the way I write and blog in today’s digital media world, then I when I first started writing back in 1986, shortly after leaving high school a few years earlier. With over three-hundred plus blog written to my name since, the first blog I ever wrote in the early 1990s, it has been a tremendous ride since that very first day I started blogging on the internet.

I remember when I first started blogging, the term “blogging” was still relatively “new” at the time to most writers and their potential readers and followers that would follow in the years and months to come.  It became a writing platform for just about every type of writer there is and changed and the way the writing community writes to a whole new perspective means in the world of writing and digital media.

desk2     I remember people asking me what is “blogging?” The simplest answer, I could give them at the time was – “it’s more of a platform for those to express their minds and more, as for some writer’s like myself and it’s more of column style platform, in the form writing your own personal newspaper type column, without the hefty deadlines from the norms of a newspaper or magazine editor in the forms of racing against time to get the piece written, polished out to the world in a more timely manner than what it would take using the said platforms of other print and digital media outlets,” it was simple and to the point.

While going to college, I recall my journalism instructor telling me and my fellow classmates in our journalism classes that, the digital media platform will logically become the medium of choice among writers, editors, news outlets and more as the medium grows into the future. Evidently, he was right by the time, the blogging platform and digital media took the world by storm.

Writing digitally started becoming the norm into the 1990s and gained traction into the turn of the 21st Century, as we now know it in today’s digital media world into the 2000s.

As blogging continues to grow among today’s digital world, the question is often asked, “how do I see the medium today as the twenty-first century continues to grow and well defined into the future? There’s no simple answer, other than, it is here to stay – even though I’ve been writing since 1986 after I took my first freelance writing class with some well-defined knowledge journalism, while in college in the early 1990s.

Ideally, I believe the blogging platform will remain for years to come as it is a way for writers to express themselves and get their style of writing content out faster than ever before than going the traditional routes and means of going through editorial letters via snail mail, email or other means of communication between writer and editor and vice versa and more, all while cutting down on editorial and publishing times on the writer’s time and money for all to be seen until someone until come career professional nabs their next start writer in the various means and platforms in today’s print, television and digital media outlets.

cropped-underwood_typewriter1.jpg    Over the past ten years, it has been a great run to see folks are reading and liking of what is being posted and published on this blog – ultimately, I never dreamed I would get this far into the decade of publishing blogs to my own site and for all to endure its something of an enjoyment to see and fulfill, all while giving not only writers time to write and publish their own content and style of writing, while following other bloggers the like and read for insight and innovations.

There is an old saying from the movie, “Throw Mama From The Train,” where Billy Crystal’s character Professor Tyler says to his class as the bell rings, “remember class, a writer write’s – always!” as the class begins to leave the classroom.

It is definitely the moto and rings true nowadays! I hope everyone has a great day, evening or night depending on where in the world your reading this blog from, remember, “a writer writes always,” and don’t forget to like, “share and follow your favorite bloggers on the various blogospheres platforms including this blog for future content and more.

Be safe everyone.

To quit, stay or pass it up?

freelance-writers-deskIt’s nearly impossible to tell where the story will actually come from? I live in a part of the country where there are lots of stories to be told, but what is the most unique one to pick? One that will not only pick the writer’s brain but also the readers. “Bon Appetite,” I say with the most immortal pain in the ass lion’s roar you’d ever hear since the birth of the “Lion King!”.

Every morning when I get out of bed, I’m looking for something to write about, it doesn’t come easily nor is it to be found wisely in the middle of nowhere? It’s more like a catapult being thrown with a giant rock or stone toward the wizard or King’s Castle to break open the heavily guarded wall or mortified gate to enter the castle with the massive surge of resistance troops trying to recapture the heavily fortified castle against the rebels and more.

This not only reminds me but since I started writing this article, something has come to mind to make amends meet the ultimate goal in making some serious thought of one’s needs and more.

Courtesy of ARRL / W1AW

The ultimate brand of the story reminds me of a fellow “Amateur Radio Operator” that wants to give up his “ticket” or ham radio license to leave the hobby to pursue other means of a hobby. I myself have been a “ham” for over ten years and love the hobby dearly and I not only consider it a hobby, to begin with but also an “Emergency Communications tool,” to begin with in the first place.

surface_fire_collageI not only take my radio with me everywhere, but it is always nearby in case of an emergency – think of it as if it was sitting in an enclosed glass case or openly perched on the walls much like Fire Extinguishers, that hang on the walls of commercial buildings and businesses where it can be easily accessible to break the glass and grab the bottle and it’s attached hose during an emergency need such as putting out a raging small fire or during the need during a power outage and your cellphone is literally in the SHTF mode, to begin with.

“Never leave home without it!”

That is pretty much how I view ham radio when I’m not on the radio chit-chatting with other hams or using it as an old “stand-by” tool in case of an emergency when I have no cellphone coverage nor am I in an area where cell coverage may be null has hell and you can’t get out and more, again remember the SHTF scenario same thing.

At least the radio is in close quarters whenever I go on a bicycle ride on my bike throughout town or out and about while out in the countryside during a bike ride – pretty much like an old “American Express Card” commercial, where they say, “never leave home without it,” ham radio is my “American Express Card,” as I once told my late Mother shortly after I passed my ham license exam and started operating in the radio with an “HT or handheld portable radio” like the one you see in the picture above in my handlebar bag on my Giant Sedona Mountian Bike.

Since I just mentioned that – they hardly make those type of American Express Card commercials on television anymore, I kinda miss those type of television commercials from the 1970 and ’80s, as American Express was heavily promoting their cards with a wide variety of actors back in the day – it just amazes me how times have changed with the way tv commercials are done today.

Rather its an SHTF or some other type of scenario that plays out in someone’s future, it is always better to be prepared rather than not and having to deal with a “hair pulling catch-22 day;” the key is always being “prepared” as you never know what’s going to happen on the other side or in one’s future when it comes to the need for an emergency.

Hooha, keep writing, keep crushing it and we’ll see you on the next one.

Digital age the new norm?

freelance-writers-deskDelightful. Just delightful, I couldn’t think of anything else to say, as I started to pen my next blog. Delightful thinking didn’t come at the spur of the moment either, it suddenly did, as things started to slide into working order.

The working order wasn’t nothing new, it just happened as if you were watching an old 20th-century television commercial about the “yellow book,” i. e., the old day version of the “Yellow Pages” in your local telephone book marching its fingers across the open pages of the phonebook has it comes across your television screen.

Many may not remember that old commercial nowadays? As it was many years ago before the explosion of the digital age and more, as digital technology continued to make the world more proficient at making our lives more productive through its various means of technology – we’re literally stoked and addicted to the submersions of today’s advanced technology.

jack-nicholsonNot going away anytime soon – it seems to be the looming truth as we speak about today’s technology advances. As Actor Jack Nicolson would say, “You can’t handle the truth!,” as he is cross-examined by Actor Tom Cruise in the movie, “A Few Good Men” – it seems the truth and reality are solely the same compatible brothers in technology – it’s honorably abidable to the same principles of honesty, integrity and submersible fact.


When I was younger, I never thought the world would change to such technological advances and it was purely fictional as they said. It would be years that such advanced technology wouldn’t be available to the general public as it was all a “pipe dream” to many folks around the world and a few skeptics here and there.

Only the high tech businesses had them in their facilities, while schools and universities slowly merged into the frays of technology – nowadays, it’s everywhere and I mean everywhere you look!

“Phooey!” – as I thought, it probably was a good thing that technology is advancing so rapidly, that folks around the world seem to be catching up to new toys and gadgets to play with as they are newly released to the general public. With the evolution of cellphones, I had never thought in my wildest dreams I could live with one evidently – it became a real “reality” in the needs of safety and convenience at least to say. Not to mention learning how to text message and all and when it came to teaching new tricks to my late Mother on how to text via her own cellphone as I pounced twenty-two hundred miles from home getting her to learn the ropes of texting and messaging – she indeed became a master craft at texting.

I was proud of her to learn the craft which made things easier for her at times when she needed it the most.

You get so used to it these days, it became the new normal in our everyday lives. Makes as much sense as handling the truth on the witness stand with Jack Nicholson’s character as I mentioned earlier. In fact, we all still can’t live without our everyday digital tools of the trade – “modern day technology.”