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Shockwave – The void

writing-desk-santiago-chileIt’s intimidating enough, the void’s of life have changed the name of the game.

Every since, my Mom passed away, those void’s haven’t been holding up well, even though, it has hit my father hard as his life has been completely changed by the recent events of my Mother’s passing of the torch to the lights of heaven and its holy grace at the gates.

Life for us both has been saturated and bestowed in agony and loneliness, as we live on opposite sides of the country.

With dreams now shattered to shreds, not knowing what life would’ve been like, if my Mother hadn’t passed away and I had the loving chance of seeing her personally over the upcoming holiday’s, after being away from home for nearly two-years. She would’ve been thrilled, as, if I were just returning home from deployment in the Military.

The change of time, space and fading memories came sooner, than, one had ever thought possible in life. “There’s sense,” some day – “life will bring us back as one, as we leave this world for the new life elsewhere in the heaven’s,” as my Dad would say in our daily conversations with one another. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like in the “holy spirit of paradise.” Something, I’ve yet to understand?

I’m neither mad at life, nor, am I mad at God or the heaven’s. “It’s a way of life, as we live our lives here on Earth, has God created and gave us in his beloved Son Jesus,” the bible says.

“It’s, all that matter’s in life,” as I continue to process and understand the ways of life as I grow older away from home. I feel bolder, than, feeling grumpy with sadness and sorrow, while life has changed into a new chapter – which still needs to be written into the books of life. “A bumpy road,” yes, which yet to be seen without the fortune-telling of events, yet to be seen in the future years to come.

It’s been years, since, I’ve read the Bible and the creation’s of life in which God created for us all. I’ve dealt with loved one’s who have passed on in the past, but non of them has hit me as hard as My Mother’s recent death. As I said earlier, I feel “bold and calm,” as my Mother passed away, but life’s changes will be harder to muster as my Dad and I deal with the loss of a dear love and spiritual person in our lives for many years.

The memories of my Mother still flash across my eyes, as I go on with life here on Earth, as she lives free of pain and suffering from the heaven’s and beyond.

It seem’s like this is “Chapter Two – the new beginning?”.

Warm Sunday blogging

I sit under a shaded tree in my backyard listening to the sounds of life, the birds, the wind and the daring wicked world around me.

I can only sense, what a warm spring like Sunday with a breeze of Oregon wind howls the Willamette Valley in its Spring rituals – it makes perfect sense to the mind and body, no matter how I am, it’s just the basis and facts of Life, it’s just a simple warm Sunday.


If you have been keeping tabs on the recent snowstorm on the East Coast, your going to love and like this video from NYC Vlogger Casey Neistat – “Snowboarding the streets of NYC!”

Casey’s snowboarding vlog has gone viral with more hits than you can count than chewing bubble gum, in fact, this isn’t bubble gum – it’s the best of the best of NYC’s elite vloggers taking aim at a Winterstorm that has put NYC on the map to viral vlogging!


Writing naked raspberry satire

Desk This morning, I woke up naked. Not a soul on the other side of the bed was nearby – not even the ghost of the dog, who’s been gone for almost three years next month. As I woke up, sitting naked at the edge of the bed – I was wondering, what the hell I was going to write about in today’s, Daily Dish? Literally, my brain when kaput! Nada! Nothing.

It’s been a week since my last blog. It’s been a nightmare since my last blog – okay, its been nearly three times as that since my last blog – my brain as a writer went completely blank, yup naked, trying to drum up another blog to post to the website, something that would garner the attention of readers who’ve subscribed and the general readership alone.

So, I did the impromptu thing I could think of? I went back and read last weeks blog post for some much-needed ideas – as I was reading it, I came up with this rant of a tale idea, might be kinda out of poise, but the idea does seem to work some magical wonders with readers these days on the internet, so, I came up with his idea – “blog naked, sleep naked, write naked, research naked and have sex naked!” Have sex naked?

Now Houston, we might have a problem having sex! There’s no artificial intelligence of the human kind anywhere near this office of the opposite sex – that’s the problem.

Someone wrote to me last week, a friend actually and they suggested, “I write like crazy” – the crazy crap that people read all over the internet and literally take seriously, when most folks know it’s raspberry satire and gibberish garbage in the local supermarket rags, that sit along the isles of the grocery checkstand. They’re idea was to write “gossip or porn,” where most of the gibberish satire seems to grab the attention of readers and their much-needed money to the raspberry satire they read at the checkstand.

“Mad Magazine,” wasn’t my kinda idea of writing daily satire, but, it was a good read in my younger days, before I started writing and blogging.

Picking up one of those grocery isle rags with people claiming to see or been abducted by the latest UFO and it’s Mothership, seems more like satire along the Amazon River and Jewel on the nile in the red river of love. It was neither a love or hate relationship to read, but writing that kind of raspberry satire seems to stir the simmering pot over some hot coals burning the fire pit.

Sure, it’s writing and sleeping naked and writing sex, isn’t actually my cup of tea to begin with, but it cure the ever-growing nods of trying to come up with writing content on a Monday morning quarterback drills on the football practice field between the San Francisco 49’ers and the Denver Bronco’s looking to score a rematch in the Super Bowl.

It’s giving me some thought to drive my insane mind to ground with thoughts of writing raspberry satire that never seems to work on a remedy to cure an ulcer to write a blog at four-thirty am in the morning. Maybe I better go back to bed naked and start thinking of where to dish up another cranberry sauce of satire works.

…., Sigh! Good grief Charlie Brown, Lucy never told you this was the truth on life – only, if Snoopy had loaded up his Red Baron dog house with the things that mattered the most, the idiot dog at the typewriter on top of the Red Baron was probably right after all – life if full of satire shit some people seem to like in the tabloids these days, rather than picking up a decently dished article in the latest Rolling Stone Magazine.

Go figures, let’s write and blog naked in our sleep – I’m going back to bed, Gracie.

Cyperspace ate my work!

rants.pngSo this morning I sit at my desk with a hot cup of coffee at hand, I tap in my WordPress account and pull up my working blog draft from yesterday that was to be finished with editing and polishing, only to find out – cyberspace, ate an entire day’s work, that now has me starting from, “scratch,” once again!

Not the best of news, when your just waking up with a hot cup of coffee, the threat of rain in the forecast in the next few days and few days here and there for next week as well – nothing keeps me from bitching like an ignorant idiot from Mars.

Mars maybe a planet, but it’s also a candy bar of the same name as well in real life as well.  Perhaps, it had something to do with my writing naked blog that I wrote about the other day as a sign of revenge? If that’s the case, than I’m in some serious trouble as eggplant and brewed eggnog!

No writer is perfect in their literary works until they can save their polished and edited works before saving and publishing for all to read.

With a few shuteye’s here and there, I’m trying to juggle the magic with the cat in the hat and stirring the pot for some gold at the same time, which hasn’t led me to the jackpot – just yet. What a dish, I must say. It’s karma dully pinching her lofty twin set of large melon sized breasts in a rage to win the fight! Karma? We’ll all be damned!

In fact, the bitch Karma needs a name, literally – so, what shall we name her folks? I friend suggested, why not “Jay Jay?” Hmm, I’m thinking – she’s actually trying to get me to write, “porn revenge,” this morning to say – in fact, she is beautiful to say, but I ain’t naming names – just that she’s a one of my longtime high school friend’s and we’ll leave it at that.

In fact, the beast between Karma and the “Jay Jay,” idea would literally get me better sex from the high school friend than from Karma alone – hell, she’s a helluva lot better than that folks! Not, that it’s getting me into the urge of writing a revenge piece for the lost work that I had labored the day and night before, has created a pandora of ideas to get Karma back in the ass.

I know this ain’t Brooklyn or Manhattan, but sure enough the piece I wrote the night before was a legend of its own and has quietly left its mark in cyberspace and the vast troys of the darkness of the internet. Troy or not to troy, the fight will continue but, I’m pressed not to win the battle. Perhaps, this is the start? The real start of the fight, the battle to win the revenge game of the century – Karma is dully on the lam to praise her wishing well as the crystal ball she has held for many years seems to be getting a little dimmer with the lightning rod running low on it’s voltage – I might just have an advantage here to say.

To be continued at another time and place.