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“Lost” finale comes to an end

the gathering
the final gathering of lost
“Lost” became a finale to watch last night in one of the biggest nights in television history of ABC-TV – with a large two hour recap of the last six years since the castaways were ditched on an island thousands of miles from the mainland in the middle of nowhere. Jack Shepard finally made his wish known, he became the protector of the island after promising Jacob, that he’d take it as long as he could – only to lose it in a nasty fight for all with John Locke on the edge of a high shearing cliff where Locke planned his escape route after making a ploy with Ben that he was going to destroy the island, regardless who was choosen to protect it.

Lost fans wondered in the past six years, if many of the answers would be answered in the season finale after six years on the year? – In fact some of them were and some of them weren’t. Fans will never know what had become of the so called “smoke monster”, after Jacob and his brother fought over the death of his mother and the protection of the “light”.

As a fan of the series myself, I had always thought there was more than to smoke monster and the island’s past. The “light” wasn’t one of them until the last two to three episodes took place the week before. The alternating story lines between, past, present and future, seemed more like a switchback from “Highway to Heaven” to “Touched by an Angel” – the series was a sort of go between the two concepts of television, in what, I thought was a well scripted drama that would keep fans hooked to the series in a weekly manner. The concept worked well for the producers of the series.

The finale still leave some lingering questions, including those whom always wondered if the lsland and the events were real. While the cast had gathered at the church before the series ended, Jack’s father had confirmed the events were “real” and he was in a place where they all came together before the light and the meaning of life. I had admired Jack’s father for telling him the truth.

“Lost” will go down in televison history has as one of the foremost televised series with a concept that took meanings of life in strange ways from the crash of Oceanic 15 to the castaways living and working together to stay alive and surviving their ordeal on an island with a strange and immortal history and past.

In the end, Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, Charlie, Jack’s Son, Locke, Jack’s father and several other cast regulars decided the time to see the light was best to understand the reality of life. Ben however, decided to stay behind, as it wasn’t his time to join them in the final moments of life. However, leaving Ben behind leaves the most doubting answer? Where did he go? Back to the island where it all began or back to his own time where he no longer remembers what happend in his previous life?

Only time will tell. But, the carefully crafted televison drama lifted ABC-TV to a winning night in the ratings over NBC with Donald Trump’s Apprentice spin-off, Celebrity Apprentice, where singer Bret Micheals won the the grand prize in the NBC reality show in a head to head battle for the Sunday night Finale winner takes all.

“Lost” will be remembered graciously – we all knew it was real one way or other, in fact, there’s still some lingering questions to the numbers data and the light and who remained on the island to protect it after Hurley passed on the torch.