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2011: Another year gone down

  What can we say about the year 2011? Was it another one of those knock off years or was it, one of those really silly crabby cake years, where the beefcake went wild and rampant? Perhaps, its just another one of those dull moments in time, where things are just rampant as they can be?

Politics for sure, was a strange player in 2011. The Republican Party seems to have taken their fight from the Democrats and tore into America along the way – dragging it on its heals verge of collapse. They held a President at bay and cooked up bully tactics to sway the Democrats off course and held a nation hostage.

The Bank and Mortgage crisis took America by storm and failed – before, going overboard in crisis. In the end, nobody won a damn thing in the battle against the big banks and the mortgage companies, they falsified everyone’s documents for their own financial gain and profit & recourse, ultimately – they failed to return America their money that was loaned to them.

Even though, the United States Government had to bail them out on money loans and now, America is finding out they stole taxpayer dollars to finance their own agendas in the long run and still profited from the loan as well – their own executives racked up high paying salaries that outraged not only the consumer, but, also the government, congress and watchdog groups around the world.

They became the greedy, scrooges and “Mr. Potter types” (a character from, the Jimmy Stewart movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life”).

I never really understood 2011 to begin with, but toward the end, when American troops were called home from war, America was brighter, than, she could shine, during the Christmas holidays – just in the nick of time, I must say.

So? What was one of the craziest things to happen in 2011? For starters, I’ll say this – The “Occupy” protests have opened an lot of eyes and ears, but their tactics is just unruly called for and their actions are unjustified. A friend had joined them and he found out they were complete idiots – I sensed the same thing myself.

Eugene’s Occupy group was nothing, but, a core model group, that never really never really went tactical with police, it somehow got the city government involved to support their movement and give them leeway and space. They bitterly or should, I say – the city literally kissed their fanny bottom dollar into stupidity of letting them camp illegally, until one man was killed in a fight at the Washington and Jefferson Street Bridge Park.

The encampment, has since been torn down and the mess is in process of being cleaned up – but, the large formation of protestors hasn’t been seen, since the city stumped down its foot and declared “eviction” from the WJSBP campsite.

Where have they gone? I don’t know? Rumor has it they’ve been taken in by those who support the movement, others say, they moved on to more important things, like join their foes in larger cities with larger movements and more critical tactics.

Several Occupy protestors here recently, stormed a city councilman’s home during the Christmas holiday’s to protest their stupidity of his vote to not let the movement stay at the WSJBP encampment – the police ultimately came in force and took them to jail on a variety of charges.

They were released from jail and have all since plead not guilty, meaning crapoon tactics could hit the courts as well…, swell, if they go to trial over their actions of free speech and whatever else, it could spell a headache for the court and the presiding judge on the case.

The Occupy movement certainly was a strange and brittle movement of 2011 – I’m hoping, it doesn’t continue into 2012 and the protestors move onward to something beneficial and practical in nature, than causing collateral damage to city and state government economies around the country and locally.

It was a banner year for disasters in the Midwest with the tornado outbreaks that shattered many lives along the way and made headlines across the country as well. The state of Texas was in a severe drought year once again and was on the verge of becoming a dust bowl of sorts – a good super soaker from a hurricane could solve the problem in a variety of ways and dredge the state in better times.

The Pac-10 Football Conference ultimately became the Pac-12 Football Conference and added two more schools to the conference of sports as the Oregon Ducks finally make it back to Pasadena and the Rose Bowl with the Big-12 Champs, the Wisconsin Badgers. Who wins the honor of the Rose Bowl is yet to be seen in 2012 on Rose Bowl Game Day.

Guess, I can safely say, “go ducks!” – that’s the spirit of the supporting your local University team.

In closing – I guess after ten years since, September 11th, 2001, America has shined her armor and braved her sacrifice to her military troops, who protected America for what she stood for and what this country built upon among those who created the United States from the British Rule of the 1700’s.

She stood tall and braved her right to be free and what she stood to mean to those looking to start a new life and journey in America. I’ve always admired her bravery and her strength, but, it doesn’t stop me from believing America is always wrong, but, there is a right as well. And, we’re free to say as we wish without restriction and censorship – but, when politics come into play, America has to dwell on her right to free speech for all and who have a say in their own voices and opinions.

This is America and a nation of rejoice. And I still believe in a place called home and a journey called hope – this was the beginning to the end of 2011, we’ll remember her words and the legacy she left behind in the new century.


  You look at yourself in the mirror each day and you see a completely different person – actually, the same person you saw yesterday and the day before, but there is only one problem? We see differently before we look at ourselves in the mirror.

What we see through our own eyes is a completely different image, than, the images we see in the mirror daily. The stories are different, the colors of one’s skin is different, than, yours and mine. The beauty is honed differently, we may be a man, women or child, when we look in the mirror.

When we shower day and night, we are naked. When we look in the mirror, we are naked – men and women see themselves naked differently, unless they are together and see themselves naked upon each other.

The reflections of life provides a unique opportunity to reflect on the life we lived and the stories behind them. From the old west to the days of Wyatt Earp to Elvis Presley, there is always something to be told behind the names and faces of life.

Wyatt Earp was frontiersman, bounty hunter and lawman in the 1800s, while Elvis Presley was an entertainer known as the King of Rock and Roll from the 1950’s to the early 1970’s – both men provided images behind their legendary lives. Both of their stories were told separately from beginning to end and became legends of their own time and place.

As a writer, we tell the story of the lives that affected us from past to present, but – the future hasn’t been written yet, as it was in the past. The past is a legacy, the future is primarily a legend to be told or discovered. How we got there, all depends on how we write history in the coming year and the years ahead.

The reflections of life can be easy or difficult, all depends on how you tend to write your own story and future.

So, ask yourself – when you look in the mirror, “how will my future be written from this day onward toward end of my own time and will?” It’s hard to say, but, the choice is actually yours to make. We writer’s only create the characters of life and the stories behind them to be read by future generations and more, including those during the course of our own lifetimes.

The reflection you saw in the mirror was that of your lifetime and our legacy.

The art of a Christmas mission: Accomplished!

  When you cherish something in life – you cherish it as one of your greatest accomplishments, regardless of any weaknesses bogging you down into the path of worrisome. The ultimate goal is to conquer the weakness and enhance the goal to become a reality.

For the first time in many years, I understood my own fears and faced the reality, that became the accomplishment and an achievement at the same time. The reality was to benefit from my own doubts and realize the reaction of my accomplishment of my intended target.

The reaction to the accomplishment was very simple – to bring the enlightment of joy and happiness to the supreme (no, this is not a Taco Bell commercial or a show of support for Newt Gingrich, either!). My intended target’s facial expression gave away the clues and the hint, that, I had accomplished my mission perfectly for the first time in many years.

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Why things don’t work? When you want them too!

freelanceblogwriter  I just spent an entire two days working and writing – each and every time, I try to write, things go haywire! You can never get electrified enough to start your stimuli and imagination to write – Okay, “Moonlighting’s” Producer Glen Gordon Caron said, “it was harmful and stimuli,” now, that doesn’t answer my question about “The Blue Moon” cancellation of the show by ABC.

Since, I spent much of the time in my office trying to write, even though, I had two pro football games going on in the background on CBS and FOX on Sunday, only to get stuck on a movie with Hugh Jackman, about the art of magic and the competition of my trick is better than yours type movie.

I wonder how the man of magic, David Copperfield thinks of that one?

Of course it was a typical laid back Sunday, like every Sunday, football and movies, plus the urge to write. But, when you get to Monday’s – the stimuli changes course and your back in your tracks hunting the writing bug to blog your way to blogomania. But – writer’s block is still creeping up behind you very, very slowly! Damn…, that county mounty never gives up.

My elusive plan to write, has been blown my cover, by the devilish word of writers block!

I can’t seem to get anywhere? Perhaps, the Polar Bears and Happy Feet, just can’t get enough of the laughs through the holidays? Well? Who knows? It’s a Bambi year for the Reindeer as the twilight of the Christmas Season is about to roll full sail.

So, I’m thinking? It’s the chemistry between writing and writer’s block? I just remembered, they never tell you this in writing class on the high school level – even in college! So, dat’s why, I’ve been given a scud missile from “Benny the beaver!”…, that little rotten slappin’ Oregon Beaver!

Indeed, I should make Oregon State pay for this! Truly unfair and uncalled for, they’ll just say, “screw it,” along with the UO’s daily Emerald at the University of Oregon. So, much for Civil War rivals. Too bad I didn’t win the pot of gold! Crap.

Now? Why can’t I get horseradish to work right? Yes – I know it’s a sauce, so, hush! When you talk rubbish like me, you’ve given Jimmy Kimmel a seal of approval and David Letterman and bad name in show business. Not to mention, you’ve given Jerry Lewis a great sense of humor and pride in his career, minus the rat pack with the late Sammy David Jr., Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra!

At least it isn’t over yet – the writer’s block meltdown continues. Phooey!

Alec Baldwin on “No Fly List?”

ABC News World News Now reported over the weekend, that Actor Alec Baldwin may have been put on the so-called – “No Fly List,” after his recent meltdown on an American Airlines flight earlier this week. What makes the story more interesting is putting a famous Hollywood celebrity on the so called “No-fly List.”

Baldwin’s actions may have been a little temper mental to begin with, but, his actions aren’t tolerated by those in the airline industry in the recent spat of sarcasm, he delivered to the flight crew before being kicked off his original flight and rerouted to another later flight to his intended destination earlier this week.

It’s kind of crappy to be on the no-fly list, when you’re a major Hollywood meltdown, but, in the long run, the scrabble game he was playing at the time on his cellphone before being kicked off his flight, surged to over 100,000 more accounts and players according to news reports.

Now, that’s an interesting fact to know!

Perhaps, Alec Baldwin will have to go the route of the late coach John Madden – by BUS…, Madden had a dislike for flying so, he took a private coach bus to wherever he needed to go during the days of his on air football personality with NBC Sports many years ago or he can fund his own private Lear Jet and have a pilot of his own willing to be employed as his own captain and business partner in getting from Point A to Point B – now, getting overseas, would be an entirely different story;

He’ll need a totally converted C-130 of his own to get from Point A to Point B, with a special agreement for in-flight fuel stops with the US Air Force! Seriously, think about it – a Hollywood Actor such a Alec Baldwin with his own C-130 converted for a king and a dent that would net him the prestige of a mogul, by the way, Donald Trump doesn’t apply here to begin with, the gold head already has enough problems of his own.

But, Alec Baldwin could be fit for a king, if he at least tried to be more considerate with the flight crews of American Airlines, he would have no problem flying the big airlines today with no trouble of trying to get his stupid name of the No-Fly List.

“…., ouch!” is my final answer to the questionable antics of Alec Baldwin.