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A Little Writer’s Gem

You know it’s hard to find one of those little gems of a place where you can enjoy the agony of the day to blog and write. I found just the place, last week and I made the return to today to try out their Chicago or New York Style Pizza, which turns out to be good to say, compared to some of the others that I have tried over the years.

The place houses three different businesses under one roof, aLTaglio’s Pizza, Press Start Brewery and a small video arcade gaming center that serves the heard of Downtown Eugene at 13th and Willamette Street’s, across from Eugene Springfield Fire Station One.

The best part of it is that you get to watch the fire crews from Station One come and leave the station while responding to Emergencies with their light’s and Siren’s on as they leave the station at any given time of the day of the day during the station’s 24 hour shift’s everyday and night.

Kinda reminds me of watching the late 1970’s Drama Series “Emergency!”, based on the Los Angeles County Fire Department Paramedics of the fictional LACOFD Station 51 in Carson, Ca., which in reality is known as Station 127 and is a real LACOFD working fire station.

What I really like about this place, it’s centrally located in the heart of Downtown Eugene and that’s all that matters to my genes as a writer – at least I’m not one of those castaways lost from a three hour tour off the Hawaiian Islands with Gilligan, the Skipper and all….!


7th Anniversary blogging!

Today marks my 7th Anniversary blogging – several years ago, I asked myself, “where am I going with this blog and why?”

Some 200+ blogs later and seven years of writing, I still don’t have the answer to that question – oh well, “frubar!”.

At least I’m writing and blogging that’s all that matters in my seven years so far.

I look forward to another seven years into the future and more blogs later to top it off when I get to year 14 or 15.

Indeed this should be fun, stay tuned.

Warm Sunday blogging

I sit under a shaded tree in my backyard listening to the sounds of life, the birds, the wind and the daring wicked world around me.

I can only sense, what a warm spring like Sunday with a breeze of Oregon wind howls the Willamette Valley in its Spring rituals – it makes perfect sense to the mind and body, no matter how I am, it’s just the basis and facts of Life, it’s just a simple warm Sunday.

Blogging the hard way

Trying to write a blog the hard way on a cellphone is a lot harder than one would thought possible. I had to improvise a way to manage typing on my phone without abusing the wreckless endangerment of my thumbs and the creakin’ of constant neck pain and more.

With my internet connection being a flake with my cable modem, this past week since the 18th of December, I’ve been searching for a way to post to my blog via WordPress. I had almost forgotten about the WordPress app that I had on my new cellphone and the bluetooth capability.

I discovered, almost by accident – that, I could now use my bluetooth keyboard, that I currently use with my Digiland 7″ Andriod Tablet to work with the phone and blog to WordPress.

How awesome for an improvised way to work, write and pen one’s blog to the internet with a just a cellphone until connection with the cable modem is fixed and back on the air!

At least for now, it suits the job well and works, in my opinion.

Not having to worry about the battery life on my phone while it is being charged, as I sit at my desk writing this blog post, the concept works very well to my expectations – however, it could vary among among others, who try the same approach.

In a heartbeat, it’s back to work writing again.

Needle in a haystack?

coffee2_thumb.jpgThe needles in a hay stack? The ultimate lines of a blogger – exactly, what the hell does that mean – ultimately?

Probably somewhere between the lines of who knows what, where or how or somewhere in between the lines of the Greek isles and the French Rivera – there’s an ultimate blog that needs to be written, not settled, “sigh!,” as I hustled through the dense fog looking for an excuse – that would entitle me to some outrages catnip attack from an unknown foreseen force to write the ultimate blog of the day, week, month, year or century.

I’ve yet to find that stupid needle! It’s in there somewhere, but there’s one problem, there may be some Winter blues outside with the wicked weather, but I’ve been trying to hack and pen this stupid blog for the past three to four days, only to be looking for that stupid needle in the haystack ever since and I’ve yet to find the little son of a bitch anywhere – that’s what I get forecasting so much on the weeks agenda of what to blog and when to pen, yes, I know they both mean the same thing so, hush the tamales and hold the olives before you start griping!

Now, that I’ve found the lousy needle in the hay stack, it’s time to get back to my regular scheduled programming – writing, blogging and researching an idea and topic to pen, write, blog for the next blog posting on the blog…..

“…., sigh!”