Who remembers Sat morning’s?

pr_tv-guideIt was an era before we ever heard the word “Cable Television Network,” such CNN, Fox, MSNBC, the Cartoon Channel, MTV – it evidently became known as “Generation X”.

I remember, when I was kid, every Saturday Morning, I would wake up, turn the television on and watch Saturday morning cartoon’s, until there was no more – at least, until I drew an interest in Major League Baseball and than, getting hooked on some several MLB favorite teams across America.

The Saturday morning cartoon rituals of the 1970’s, started falling victim to cable television as the popularity started to gain momentum, as the original network television stations such as, ABC, CBS, NBC started taking a backseat, while new networks were born among the Cable Televison Networks.

tumblr_o4pnwcyvcf1rpqdi8o1_500By the time, I had already gotten older, I had already gotten my favorite Saturday morning dose of favorite Saturday morning cartoons. I not only settled with the “Flinstones”, “The Jetsons”, “Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids”, “Scooby Doo” and a host of other’s that included live action shorts such as, “Shazam” and “Land of the Lost”.

The buck didn’t stop there, as the list kept growing and would take forever to list them all.

What made it special about all those Saturday morning’s, when you didn’t have to worry about going to school the very next day as it was a Sunday, the very next day, yoube starting the school week started all over again – but, you still got your does of afternoon cartoon’s, as you gotten home from school to such show’s as, “Batman”, “Bugy Bunny”, “Garfield and Friends”, but there was also Walt Disney’s, “The Mickey Mouse Club”, as well.

Those Saturday morning’s, were probably some of the best moment’s of life, when your kid, but has you get older you often wonder where the time has gone since your childhood. Even tho, you can still many of those cartoon’s on the cable television networks, that once was shown on it’s sister networks, such as ABC, NBC, CBS.

Sometimes, we wish we could be a kid again and enjoy those Saturday mornings as we once did in our childhood’s.


The battle for Blue Moon

78e3b5d9d7d9c9a5d5db7cb0aad224b1I’ve yet to come up with a title or where this will actually lead? It’s probably one of those things, you never see out of the blue. Not, just the blue, but from somewhere, out in a bluemoon.

But in reality, so is Life. Those very moments in life, become something of a Saturday Night Life comedy sketch of sorts. I’m sweltering the cold nights, until the warms breezes of he Summer months makes its return to the Great Lakes and the American Midwest.

Life is so transparent, that, I sometimes have the hardest time trying to comprehend the entire book of life.

It has its up and downs and its battle zones. But, the battles that are fought aren’t the one’s, that you’d take to war and fight to the death, it’s actually the opposite when your fighting to establish the red zones of life – something, that can’t be easily done overnight, but that could be done over time.

Time is what scares me the most, it seems to be the most logical fear of fears, that faces the wind, as you leave home and become an “alien” in a transparent world.

A world that becomes your own, but, not the one you once had, before you left your desired the planet of choice. It’s something new, that would gives you fresh minds and chores to cough up under the remedies of life.

afd-196312I feel like, I’m living live like a Vulcan, a descendent of Admiral Spock. Even though, life may not be like “Star Trek,” but somehow, it seems to feel like the dark side of the Blue Moon.

A darkness, that seems to creep up from time to time, that makes you nervous like a twit, who can’t seem to climb a tree to catch the very same dream catcher that eluded you for many years.

I thought about becoming a “Jedi Knight” to conquer of master skills of a Jedi – but, the Lord Vader and the dreadful Empire wasn’t to far off into the vast limits of space, as I seek the quest to become a Master Jedi Knight at life.

It boils down to what needs to be done to become a Jedi Knight. Life is too precious to waste, especially when you’re yawning to crunch the numbers into your fifties and beyond – perhaps, that’s what brotherly talk was all about? Crunching numbers and doing the impossible, which was tought to be the impossible to begin with.

Jedi? Vulcan? Vader, the enemy Empire? Who’s the one to conquer the Master Jedi Knight? The impossible is never impossible, it’s always possible to win them all and dread them llike a prized fighter.

No matter, how one see them in today’s world – it’s a part of life, simple grace.

I may have no Castle or knights in shiny armor, but, I do have one of the best partner’s in crime, my best friend and brother, who keeps those toes spinning, no matter, what the deal is, we’re both in for the same ride, as Spock and crew take the road to no man’s land in the outer reaches of space and the Jedi Knight’s of the rebel empire took the very same route to win the battle with the empire and more.


Fast lane or slow lane?

traffic-610x390What am I thinking? This is life in the fast lane – “apparently, it is life in the fast lane,” I said to myself, while thinking – just how, I literally got here from hell and back.

There was no doubt about it, but its certainly nothing like the, “Fast and the Furious,” with the late Paul Walker and Van Diesel driving fast cars and fast lanes in their Hollywood blockbuster films.

Well, maybe? Close, but not that close, but close. It’s been since December, since, I got off the slow lane and into the fast lane and jumped on the band wagon for a new life. I’m still here and still adjusting, which seems to be a good thing in my game book.

But for others, they wonder, if I’m able to pull off the most impromptu stunt of all time, as if, I were making the greatest motion picture of all time with the help of Actor Burt Reynolds, character Sonny Hooper, from his movie, “Hooper”.

Oscar statuettes sit in a display case in Hollywood“Yes, I know! Tonight is Oscar Night in Hollywood – “its Tinseltown’s biggest night in the industry and the biggest party in the town,” as they say.

I smudge for the biggest upsets and letdowns and surprises, which could swirl at tonight’s biggest party into a political satire or an ordinary Oscar mania show that seems to never fail the movie industry with lots of the unexpected outcomes and more.

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Vintage makes you smile

Here is a little something that would make your face smile of the world of sound and nostalgic of vintage sound from a the days when it was the only means of pleasure to one’s enjoyment.

Thanks to my good friend Dave, KF7ETX, also known as USNERDOC on YouTube, this amazing video, it was something, I thought would brighten everyone’s Sunday, before we hit the Oscars and the Academy Awards tonight in Hollywood! Enjoy it folks, while your at it…!

The Decade – Ten Years!

Cochlear Implant
February 2007

Ten years in the making, “literally, a long time,” as some would say. It seems that way after ten years, as I try to comprehend how time traveled so fast in ten years!

Amazing at what time does to one’s brain – given you the goosebumps of time travel through quantum leap.

It wasn’t something, I was expected to happen until later in life. But, I guess, having it start early could be a rejoice in making viral decisions, when it comes to being a serious adult with serious adult decisions.

Some, folks ask me if I ever “regret” having a Cochlear Implant versus wearing hearing aids? It is something of a legend of the past and a watchdog of the future or at least something in between the two.

In my own words, “no” as, I tell them honestly and upfront. I’ve really never felt any regrets of making a major life decision in life, such as having a Cochlear Implant.

In fact, I had welcomed the idea later in life, than, I did in my earlier years of childhood. Back than, I had once vowed, “I’d never” get a Cochlear Implant – no matter how bad my hearing got in my future years, I vowed to never succeed to the chip on my shoulder of the red dragon trying to disavow me into not succeeding to a successful CI Journey and to the life of hearing, once again.

I proved that little SOB red dragon wrong, has he sat on the chip of my shoulder, literally bitching like crazy beanstalk gone wild.

It downed on me over the past weekend, while, I was looking for a specific YouTube video. I came up upon some videos of people having their own Cochlear Implants “turned-on” with some inspiring results and more – even reminding me of my own journey.

It is a story that has been told time and time again over the years. Some, find it so inspiring, that many have never thought such technology would be so advanced into the future.

Surely enough, I’m amazed myself. I’ve become a fan and an advocate of the technology, as well to those with severe or profound hearing loss and more.

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