Kevin Smith gets the boot

Director Kevin Smith seems to have gotten some bad air miles with Southwest Airlines over the weekend, while returning to Burbank from Oakland.

America corporations seem to be playing pitty with Americans these days in America. All across the heartland, from the midwest to the east coast of New York to Greenland, to the south to Miami to the west to stones of Arizona to the dust devils of the Oregon Trail, companies are getting their fair share of the rude awakening.

It seems that all the news stories about Smith’s unpleasant experience has been hitting just every major news outlet in America. Photo’s of Smith show his weight isn’t enough to consider an obese danger factor as many people claim in blog and news postings across the internet and around the world.

The million dollar question is? Why Smith? I’d certainly like to know the answer behind SW’s newest scandal.


Not so merry

This past weekend was one of the most strangest weekends in nearly 20 years – yup, that’s exactly what I said, twenty years in the making.

In the last days of 1999 and the first two days of 2000, my grandfather has passed away unexpectedly of a massive heart attack on the family ranch, that has been in my family for many moons and generations since the 1940’s, I believe.

This weekend the urgency of my frantic mother calling me about the recent hospitalization of my grandmother was reportedly to have had another stroke, this time, it wasn’t a stroke – this time it was something more dangerous than a stroke itself, she was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in her lungs and another in her brain.

The revelation of the cancer adamantly took me back to the ages of stupidity and shame of why my only living grandmother? My step father lost both his parents as well, mother lost her only sister five years ago and my uncle while I was in high school in the early 1980’s.

I’ve watched my cousins grow and live their lives over the years, since my grandfather, aunt and uncle has passed. While she was in the emergency room, it was understood, that the worst could happen at anytime and moment, but, I would have to see what my mother has to go through now, as what my cousins went through when my aunt passed away.

I shame myself for not doing more in their lives and probably being the one hero of the family of keeping the family together  – but, I guess that wasn’t my job this time around? Perhaps it was meant to be for someone else?

I really hate to see myself in those very same shoes as my mother, watching her only mother die slowly to cancer and such an age, that we and I had hoped that my grandmother would be around long enough to see me married and have my own kids and family and her grandkids.

I only feel that my life and time has been robbed with my grandmother, since my grandfather died. I still blame and shame myself for that day in which he passed away only feet away from his house, car and barn on the family farm – My cousin told me last spring it was worth keeping into the family as he knew there would be shames of truth to sell the property, but, as he had made the promise to keep it within the family – life would’ve been better and more merrier.

I can understand that God has ways and means with life in this day and age, I would hate to see my grandmother go without me to the other side, but, life must go on, no matter what happens in the long run in the moment of truth in Gods word and truth.

The other night, I blamed him for the mess and putting my family in more turmoil and stress, than ever before. I am affraid my grandmother’s time is only short and how short that will be will depends on how long it takes the cancer to advance and stage? There was no time frame given, but only an estimate of anywhere between a week to a six months, maybe longer? It all depends on the spread and advancement.

My world has been out of control since my Uncle passed in the 1980’s, life has never changed or recovered to the dreams I had hoped for and wanted to live. But, my grandfather has assured me that over time, my life would change and my world would be better off, if I had learned the ropes of life on my own? Perhaps that was not the plan, but Gods alone?

As I said, I had blamed God for the turmoil, but, I had asked him for forgiveness in return for me to live my life as a whole, but not to take my one and only assest of life – my mother, until it was time for me to go at the same time.

Life will be strange on the otherside and in heaven, but, it only seems more holy and spirital than one could think – God made things the way they are and life as a while, is what his plan for everyone here on earth.

Either heaven can wait or show me the money, I’m more likely to be at heart with Gods words and his will – I had only wished that he would send Jesus to tell me the truth the meaning of life before the countdown began.

Perhaps, that was the answer?

Review: “2012”

Disaster flicks have become a stable of Hollywood since, the being of time, when “Earthquake” first came out with Charlton Heston, not very far behind after the  Irwin Allen came out with the Steve McQueen, Paul Newman flick, “The Towering Inferno”, both of these movies came out in the 1970’s – when the 20th century was just beginning to tell tales of disaster and mayhem.

Later in the at the beginning of the 21st Century, another flick came out with a more chilling effect that the entire North American continent would become another ice age in  the Dennis Quaid flick – “The Day after Tomorrow”.

What’s so special about disaster epics these days is the Hollywood is open to telling compelling stories that make movie goers want to pack movie houses to the extremes and wreck havoc a the box office and bringing in large crowds with an enormous opening weekend in ticket sales worldwide.

John Cusack’s plays Jackson Curtis a washed up writer looking for his next big adventure novel, takes his son to Yellowstone National Park and gets himself summersed an all out effort to save his family after learning about an appearant doomsday plot that the world would end before Christmas 2012, Cusacks’ character struggles to get his wife, son and her new husband safely out of harms way.

Meanwhile as the world starts to experience changes in their daily lives, everyone sets out for the high mountains of China to the supposed “spaceships”, that are effectively built as the Ark in what seems more like a modern day effort to retrace the footsteps of Moses and the ark in bibical times, but only in modern times, the world restarts life a news after escaping the once great flood that literally wiped out modern day earth and renews its life of humanity and human kind with a fresh start.

Director Roland Emmerich and Harold Kloser have written a superb script along with some great story telling and action sequences which would make Charlton Heston’s Mose look might and dandy proud of bringing an ark into the premise of movie making of the 21st century.

Does Home Depot Discriminate employees?

With the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, one young mans belief in “One nation under God, indivisable” and reading the bible while on his break, would literally get him fired.

What has happened to this country? First, we have the first African American President in the White House,  a former First Lady as Secretary of State, a radio talk show host with a vandetta of his own against the Presidency and now finally – an American company with an all out agenda for Censorship.

Home Depot fired a 20 year old Florida man last week for a button that read, “one nation under god, indivisable”, while his brother is getting ready to be shipped out to war overseas to Afghanistan, however the buck didn’t stop there either, they also fired him for reading his “Bible”, while on his break.

Censorship seems to be everywhere you go these days, many can thank the former Bush Administration surrounding the work around such endeavors.

Firing someone for the expression of patriotism and freedom of speech, including one’s belief in religion seems to be the grounds for discrimination in just about everyone who has a strong belief, that, as a nation, we can trust God and be indivisible and express our freedoms how we see fit.

Home Depot in my opinion needs to change its business name to mission discrimanator and bring forth a policy that management should never judge those for their beliefs and expressions, even if they wear a button that says – smile I’m George Bush.

Rush doubles again!

Rush Limbaugh seems to have created another propaganda stir over the Presidents honor of those killed in action in Afghanistan last week. Limbaugh claims the Presidents presence was just a “Photo Op” for the camera and he really didn’t care if Obama was truth worthy demeanor of respect to those who gave their lives, while saluting those who were killed on Friday in Afghanistan.

Opinion’s are abound nationwide, that Rush is trying to bully the President over his handling of the American economy and the state of war overseas, while he continues to attack the White House on all fronts and seems to be a “point man” to the Republicans in the eyes of some Democracts on the other side of the isle.

Perhaps, Limbaugh needs a reality check of his own? – Trump style.

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