Late night warpath

Since, Conan O’Brian took over the late night seat from Jay Leno at the “Tonight Show”, I have wondered how the two 11:30pm nighthawks of late night talk, would actually fare in the ratings match?

Letterman in my opinion has been scoring some hardcore political talk from the Sara Palin camp for an off the walk joke he made last week on his show and vise versa from the Palin camp in retribution – whoa, heavy stuff! However, O’Brian still new as a transplant New Yorker, he did a show last week, that included a fight stunt and he stated that he’d could be killed doing the stunt itself, even under professional stunt supervision.

…, Now, that make me wonder? Is O’brian serious about late night talk or is he trying to bring his carbon style New York Pizza talk to Los Angeles with more grunt from New York?

Perhaps, if Conan O’Brian wants to succeed in Los Angeles, he needs to build a ratings contender that will stay ontop of the late night ratings game for many months, otherwise, Letterman could sneek up behind Cony Island and give a smirkin cork to the New York transplant!

Letterman-Palin groucho

So David Letterman is in some serious business with the Palin camp? I have literally missed the Letterman outfit, since Conan took over the “Tonight Show” from Jay Leno.

Seems to me, the Letterman camp is in a campaign salvo for the number one late night contenders spot with Conan O’Brian at NBC Television? Hmm, so, how did the joke backfire with a crack-o-pot at Letterman’s take at Palin’s 14 year-old daughter? He got himself whimped in a misfire!

Perhaps – Letterman needs a breather or is he trying to make a poltical statement about the Palin camp? Time will tell.

Political salvo or cherry talk?

There has been a lot of political talk about the Lane County Jail lately. Political foes and community activists are crying foul as inmates are getting out faster than the jail budget can swell to keep the most violent offenders in the local lockup.

The people of Springfield went to great lengths to pass a budget and voter approved measure to build their own city jail to hold the most criminal neglect offenders. Springfield Police had complained of long lines and waiting for their own suspects to be booked into the Lane Co. Jail as the county as told the public and local Law Enforcement Agencies that there is no money in the county budget or beds available to hold everyone’s smarty pants and wiseguys.

Offenders are getting out quicker than mother nature can count, before trail and sentencing. This makes it a political salvo with the most dangerous offenders on the lam to skip out on their sentencing and custody hearings – making them a prime candidate as a fugitive from justice.

Just how does the Lane County and thirty-four Oregon counties see a price to pay for early releases and dangerous offenders getting out or skipping their bail and sentencing hearing to commit another serious crime before they’re ever locked up in a steel jail cell for life.

Lane County is hopping heavily with earlier releases – budget cuts in all areas of Law Enforcement from patrol to corrections has everyone by the tail. I can’t remember in my time of age, where the county was this bad with pre-release offenders? Only Wyatt Earp would know any better than the gunfight at the OK Corral with the Clayton’s. Oregon needs to do something about the release population that needs to be kept behind bars before it becomes a uncontrollable salvo in each of the thirty-five Oregon Counties.

Perhaps, we need a new town marshal to help with delicate matters – the answer, call in the bounty hunters and get those smarty pants back into custody and get the job done, like it should be done.

Welcome to my new blog!

I am hoping that some of my loyal readers over at Blogger will understanding that the blogs there will still be maintained, I’ve decided to start another approach and try my hand at doing a more serious blog, than my Cochlear Impland and Amateur radio blogs on Blogger.

It was decided that, that I needed more intriguing blog to go with the type of writing I do as blogger, rather its political or humorous, it was time to settle more serious in tone. I am hoping that the readers here on will give me that same enjoyment here as I did over at Blogger.

"Politics, Commentary, Blogging, Writing," it's what I do as a writer and blogger.

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