Jon Gosselin seems to be in the spotlight alot lately.

He took over $200,000 from the joint bank account that he shares with his wife Kate. Than he was ordered by the court to return the $280K he took from the account without Kates knowoledge – than, he went on the media blitz, pissing off his lawyers and further complicating his luck in swindlle his future “EX” wife out of money and nothing to fend to survive on with her 8 kids.

The Paparrazi kept their very tabs on Gosselin’s move’s, while Kate was back fending and taking care of the kids.

Gosselin in my opinion ain’t no Husband to Kate, any man that steals money from their joint bank account and leaving their wife with $1,000 and 8 kids behind has got a really big butt problem – Secondly, Jon went on the lam with a so called girlfriend, that say’s she “respects” him? Give me a break lady, this ain’t the man for you!

He’s a cheat, liar and thief and finally, he ain’t even a father to his kids either, he’s always looking to be in the limelight and never out of the spotlight either!

Jon Gosselin indeeds needs a life!


Visionquest: Signs of fall

Misty morning’s chillled with white fog as the sun shown piercing its heart through the cravings of dead leafs, tree branches and twigs broken from a recent rainstorm, it spurned the beginnings of an early fall – it was a masterpiece that could only be seen in the eyes of one’s childhood.

Those early chilled mornings in rural Oregon along the Applegate Trail bring tender memories of a childhood that was never forgotten. It was written that the storm would pass and that life would return to the homestead. It was only a matter of time – whenever the decision was to come to return to the homestead.

It was only the beginning of a mystified morning as the fog harbored above the towering Douglas Firs along the trail, the only sounds of life were the train whistles tooting their horns on locomotives of the 1800’s , the fog was unstoppable as life was peaceful  as one would call a blue heron on the run from the point south.

It was life on the Applegate Trail that kept the memories alive with the chilled fog and crackling of the leafs that fell to the ground a few weeks earlier – I ask myself, “do you ever miss the childays, when you wish you had it all once more in life?”.

You better believe it, it just doesn’t feel like an oldie, but only Jack Benny would know better, so it must be fall?

City makes right pick for Chief

Pete Kerns When it was announced at a news conference last Friday in the Eugene City Council Chambers, that the city had hired its new police chief, they didn’t have to look far after a nationwide search – they already had one, interim chief police Pete Kerns, became Chief of Police during the announcement.

Kerns will inherit a 300 member plus department, along with 911 dispatchers and a $42 million budget, his annual salary will be between $100, 000 and $109,000.

A 28 years veteran of the department, Kerns is no stranger to the EPD, he began his career as an unpaid police reserve officer in 1981 and was hired as a full time police officer several years later. Kerns quickly rose the ranks in the department and was recently a Captain of the department before former chief of police Robert Leher left for California earlier this spring.

Many wonder from reports to blogs surrounding Kerns appointment if the city had made the right choice and the right man for the job.  I have had the privilege  to work with Chief Kerns over the years, when he was a reserve police officer with EPD, as I was a young gun learning the ropes of law enforcement with another Lane County Agency as an police explorer.

Kerns appointment as the police department’s Top Cop, brings a moral booster, hopefully for both line officers and dispatchers within the department. As the level of service in the department went belly up over department over scandals – it was mentioned during the press conference that the recent scandals are now in the past and the department is now moving forward in rebuilding the department’s image.

I would have to agree – now seems the time for the department to improve its image and provide the level of community service of public safety the city needs from a highly regarded department, that makes Eugene safe and sound 24/7/365.

However, the rebuilding process seems to make some unchartered waters among those in the community that oppose the new chief’s appointment, I can understand those feelings among some citizens who dearfully critical of the department rank and file & line officers on the streets.

As working with Kerns in the past, he’s dedicated to his service to the department and I’d trust him with my life, if I were in arms way.

Time will tell, if Kerns appointment will make for a meaningful approach in working with the police auditor’s office and the city’s police oversight committee, hopefully the will of the people the live and work in Eugene, will give the guy some time to make amends

Emeralds move to PK Park – a right move?

Civic Stadium Eugene, Or
Civic Stadium Eugene, Or
When it comes to minor league baseball, a baseball stadium is a home for a lifetime. But, when it comes to four decades since, opening day in 1938 – the Emeralds and the San Diego Pardres have parted ways with the Eugene 4J School District after 4J obligated not to improve the stadium to a plan for a $15 million dollar upgrade.

In a press conference at Civic Stadium yesterday, which has been the home of the Eugene Emeralds since the boy’s came to town 1938, have longed asked for upgrades that would have kept the Emeralds at Civic Stadium for ages longer, than a shiny new $20 million stadium that lacks a locker room’s for both the visiting teams and umpires in the league.

In a recent Register Guard poll 26% percent of the readers said yes for the move to Phil Knight Park, 68% percent of those polled said – NO.

The Emerald’s President should hear loud and clear that fans are cherished to Civic’s prime and homestead after four decades.

What really intrigues me most about the press conference is that the locker rooms for the visitors and ump’s won’t be ready until the 2011 baseball season. The Ems expect to start playing next year at the start of the 201o season, just how many fans of Emerald’s basesball would cherish and buy season tickets for next year’s baseball season at PK Park?

It seems that the Eugene School District has snubbed their noses in not doing repairs to Civic Stadium to make room for some high rise apartment building in future development, where the they could recoup the expenses of getting some much needed money in their coffers for school programs, despite what many say – the school district is simply kicking the Ems out of Civic Stadium for the money.

Fans may rejoice or they may go elsewhere for their prime in baseball, there’s always the meaning of hoping a train and watch the Oakland A’s or the San Franscisco Giants whip out the lucky stars against the Seattle Mariners in Seattle. Whatever the will of the fans will be next season – Beban could hope the fans will rejoice and join the Ems at PK Park.

The loss of the Emeralds to Auzten Stadium and Phil Knight Park is likely to cause a “Ghost Town effect” at Civic Stadium and a 20 year haunting on Beban and the Emeralds decision for the move – guess, I’ll be joining the boy’s of summer at 7:05 pm next season as the lone spectator behind home plate at Civic Stadium with my ghost friends of baseballs past.

To fair or not to fair?

This week my local county fair starts – the General Admission price for an Adult is $9.00, $6.00 for kids 6-15 and for Seniors 65 and over. But once you get to the concert part for enterainment the show prices are outrages for a fair of this size $20 for Tuesday night’s show to see country singer Roy Clark, the following the Foreigner group shows up and the tickets are a whopping $30 bucks!

Ouch…., now, no wonder why mama always wonder who made these outrages prices!

Than a fre concert Thursday night and two more high priced shows on Friday and Saturday night’s. All of the above are priced seperately along with the cost of the fair’s general admission – now, talk about wasting all mom and dad’s food money just to see some bands play for outrages prices. Whatever happen to the good ‘ol days when entertainment used to be FREE when you paid your general admission to the fair to see all, including the rides and shows?

One has to go great lengths in today’s fair board to out spend those whom wish to pay outrages prices for a county fair and its entertainment shows – as my late grandfather once said, “a fair board that charge outragely priced tickets, one doesn’t belong in the county fair business”. My vote – TWO THUMBS down!

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