A taste of middle age

Middle aged crazy? What’s a guy like me with a Cochlear Implant, ok, a bionic ear have to do with being middle aged?

Crazy enough to challenge the souls of life as I see it today, compared to what life was like 44 years ago in my past.

The future today, isn’t what I had dreamed it would be today, compared in a lifetime.

“Wait a minute?”, your starting to sound like a one of those crazy sleazy Dave Berry types! Shall, I conquer?  – Not a chance.

I wonder why life has become such a melodrama of its own without the serial reruns? Perhaps, Dave Berry would’ve agreed? Probably not, after fetching sexual jokes about David Letterman and Sara Palin’s 14 year old daughter. Life would never be the same on Television – in fact, the mad cappin beef may have been the hurdle turtle on Dave’s overture to take over the “Tonight Show”  from Jay Leno.

“Ding”, the sounds of the bell ring to start the fight for late night ratings.

Speaking of late night – the late Johhny Carson was an icon of his own time and demeanor, but he was human, just like you and me, middle aged, always a crackpot of first class jokes, always brought in the rich and famous.  Maybe that’s why Jack Parr was so famous at the same time in the 1950’s, before Carson came around?

“Ding”, round two.

Whatever one’s middle age? Life, is always the same and the story is different than one can tell, depending on whom you ask. Maybe that’s why, I celebrate my 44th birthday today, as life is always full of stories to tell, especially to the kids as they grow up.

“Ding, round three!” – say, this a fight or what?

“Uh no, you must be in a post Twitter world, right?”, well…..

Like I said, life has its drama – perhaps the 40’s seem better than the 50’s? Perhaps this is the taste of one’s middle age drama, minus Dave Berry.


Graduation gone wrong!

Graduating for High School is supposed to be a time of dedication and hard work, but once you’ve finished you’ve earned the hard work and your diploma – one young man found out the hard way, that walking across the stage and blowing a beloved kiss across the stage to his mother who sits filming the scene during her son’s graduation is in all disbelief that her son did not get his high school diploma on graduation day.

Here is a link to the news clip to the young man’s story.

Graduating is supposed to be fun and rewarding, but, where was the principals common sense in this story? And, what the hell was she thinking? OMG, not in my 25 years of post high school graduation have I ever heard of such a raccoon twitter ever denying someone their high school diploma because he or she walked across the stage and blew is mother and family a kiss from afar and only to be humiliated in front of his fellow classmates and everyone else that was present there at the graduation as well.

Common sense tells me this principal needs a spanking in the twats for miss behaving herself! At least the school board should fire her and suspend her without pay for merits and grounds of denying students their high school diploma. I wouldn’t be too surprised, if the graduation class went en mass and showed support for the misdeeds done, by the principal.

Lets hope the media gets on her case and she better hope to have a good explanation of why she was a witch to this young man and his fellow students.

Its only common sense and time will tell.

So, now tell me was this disruptive behavior or was this an over-reaction by the schools principal and school district policies? Readers please take the pool!

Late night warpath

Since, Conan O’Brian took over the late night seat from Jay Leno at the “Tonight Show”, I have wondered how the two 11:30pm nighthawks of late night talk, would actually fare in the ratings match?

Letterman in my opinion has been scoring some hardcore political talk from the Sara Palin camp for an off the walk joke he made last week on his show and vise versa from the Palin camp in retribution – whoa, heavy stuff! However, O’Brian still new as a transplant New Yorker, he did a show last week, that included a fight stunt and he stated that he’d could be killed doing the stunt itself, even under professional stunt supervision.

…, Now, that make me wonder? Is O’brian serious about late night talk or is he trying to bring his carbon style New York Pizza talk to Los Angeles with more grunt from New York?

Perhaps, if Conan O’Brian wants to succeed in Los Angeles, he needs to build a ratings contender that will stay ontop of the late night ratings game for many months, otherwise, Letterman could sneek up behind Cony Island and give a smirkin cork to the New York transplant!

Letterman-Palin groucho

So David Letterman is in some serious business with the Palin camp? I have literally missed the Letterman outfit, since Conan took over the “Tonight Show” from Jay Leno.

Seems to me, the Letterman camp is in a campaign salvo for the number one late night contenders spot with Conan O’Brian at NBC Television? Hmm, so, how did the joke backfire with a crack-o-pot at Letterman’s take at Palin’s 14 year-old daughter? He got himself whimped in a misfire!

Perhaps – Letterman needs a breather or is he trying to make a poltical statement about the Palin camp? Time will tell.

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