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Obama is like Lincoln

Presidential elections have been a stable for more than two hundred years – since, America broke from the British rule. Honest Abraham Lincoln the nation’s 16th President of the United States would’ve been proud of Democratic President Barack Obama for winning a second term to the White House.

President Lincoln abolished the ruling of slavery in America in the mid 1860’s. He was a life long Republican at heart and self educated, became one of the greatest of three American Presidents ranked by American Scholars, he was followed by President George Washington and President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The election of 2012 brings a whole new meaning to American politics as President Obama embarks on his continued mission of bringing a decade of war to an abrupt end and bringing troops home from a decade of war and re-energizing the economy jittered by a previous Republican President, that left the country in despair from an unspeakable decision of sending troops and wasteful spending and loss of American jobs to overseas corporations, after the terrorist attacks of 9/11.

As the nation’s first African-American President, Obama beams the likes of Lincoln and Roosevelt in his political ambitions as President. I’m often asked in the waning days up to election day of what my take and view was on American Politics and the President ticket of 2012 – My answer was to wait it out and see how the electoral college played with the 270 votes that were needed to win the White House – Obama swept Governor Mitt Romney 303-205 in the final national tally toward the end of the night as the east coast stayed up into the wee hours of the night to wait for the final results and the final grandstanding of a winning a new elected Republican President or the Re-Election of President Obama as American’s casted their votes at the polls, voters were getting jittery as Romney shown he was leading the pack, but, Obama shot back and made it clear – America wanted him back in the Oval Office, not a man who thought, the Presidency was a laughing joke and a prudent to puppet politics.

As I watched the night unfold, I was a complete nervous jittery wreck, wishing that Obama would’ve scored the first winning points, but, Romney blew the lead until late in the night, after getting home from dinner, a short bike ride and a joyful stop at the local Starbucks joint, Obama started to sweeping the nation in political points left and right – even though, Romney red eyed the Midwest and a couple southern spit ballers to his name, the Obama camp fired up the voters with the long lines and tallies from the west coast to secure the White House once again.

“Impressive!” – I thought from the political standpoint, but, luckily, I didn’t bet any of my Republican friends on this election otherwise, the election would’ve swayed in their favor! Thanks to whomever gave me that idea, wherever you are…. There is a thought though – I keep seeing a lot of Abe Lincoln in Barack Obama from a voters standpoint of view. It’s actually a good feeling because, Lincoln would’ve admired the way Obama made a difference in his re-election campaign and working with voters to brighten the future of America into a brighter future for the next four years.


Strange beings of the good kind

freelanceblogwriter  There are a lot of things in life that you just don’t get very often? You walk into a Starbucks Coffee Shop, the music is blaring, while customers tap their heels to the beat of the music, you settle with the urge of getting on your laptop computer out to check your days e-mail and of course your everyday addiction to Facebook – dun we all!

“Amazing, America’s addicted to technology and the internet!”

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The super pinch!: America’s pocket book

  When America becomes hungry their appetite becomes the enemy of the state – in their pocket book, that is.

“No, the CIA isn’t after my cheeseburger, they’re after the spook that keeps calling the dominoes pizza outlet for a pepperoni pizza every night,” costing Newt Gingrich his retirement fund and his pesky Roth IRA, not to mention his 401K account as well.

When it comes to Americans eating out, they expect to pay the price of their meal only. But, than – when it comes times to ask for such ask condiments, such as ketchup packets, dipping sauce packets, salt and pepper, straws and lids, etc., that could be needed as extra by the consumer, are being charged out of pocket expenses for such extras, after they have picked up their orders at the pick-up line.

A recent visit to a local Burger King (BK) Store in my town netted me, just that – an out of pocket expense for such an item for dipping sauce for my French Fries! That’s right folks, the local BK franchise wanted to charge me .20 cents, twenty cents for a single packet of Ranch Dressing for my dip my fries in, while I eat.

In all the years, that I’ve been going to that same BK, I’ve never been charged a penny on a dime for such condiments. In fact, I wonder why corporate greediness is taking America’s consumers by storm?

Probably, not by the interest of the “Occupy Movement” – but, that of corporate profit to suck and bilk hardworking Americans and tourists out of their wallets and bank accounts for such simple condiments items that have long been free to consumers, who do business with just eateries in America.

Of course – they say, “We are free to do as we please and sell as we please and we have a right to refuse service to anyone who we please,” they say.

But, when the customer gets charged for an out of pocket expense, it becomes a burden on those who have to dwell for their hard earn cash that may be needed elsewhere.

It’s called – “bilking the money.” I’m am told by the Assistant Manager of the restaurant, “that they have always been charging for such little condiment items to customers,” she said. The statement made me give back the item I had wanted to use for my fries and simply told her, “in all the years, I’ve been coming here, I have never been charged for such items,” I said. Why charge for simple things as this is beyond my disbelief and why such companies as Burger King would go to such lengths to expand their profit expenditures and more.

Greed is an evil word, bilking money from the consumer is a sin – plain and simple. Sooner or later, such items will be enforced into their price of one’s meal and things will be more costly and profitable for such fast food chains, but, in the long run, many would lose out on their customer base for other chains that make it simple and clean and aren’t following the golden rule of corporate greed.

BK may have just lost another valuable customer – perhaps, I’m in settlement for a better deal for my money at my girlfriend’s place of work, two blocks down the street. BK sounds so wickedly insane to be charging for such condiment items, when the economy is showing some gain and speed in regaining its strength.

2011: Another year gone down

  What can we say about the year 2011? Was it another one of those knock off years or was it, one of those really silly crabby cake years, where the beefcake went wild and rampant? Perhaps, its just another one of those dull moments in time, where things are just rampant as they can be?

Politics for sure, was a strange player in 2011. The Republican Party seems to have taken their fight from the Democrats and tore into America along the way – dragging it on its heals verge of collapse. They held a President at bay and cooked up bully tactics to sway the Democrats off course and held a nation hostage.

The Bank and Mortgage crisis took America by storm and failed – before, going overboard in crisis. In the end, nobody won a damn thing in the battle against the big banks and the mortgage companies, they falsified everyone’s documents for their own financial gain and profit & recourse, ultimately – they failed to return America their money that was loaned to them.

Even though, the United States Government had to bail them out on money loans and now, America is finding out they stole taxpayer dollars to finance their own agendas in the long run and still profited from the loan as well – their own executives racked up high paying salaries that outraged not only the consumer, but, also the government, congress and watchdog groups around the world.

They became the greedy, scrooges and “Mr. Potter types” (a character from, the Jimmy Stewart movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life”).

I never really understood 2011 to begin with, but toward the end, when American troops were called home from war, America was brighter, than, she could shine, during the Christmas holidays – just in the nick of time, I must say.

So? What was one of the craziest things to happen in 2011? For starters, I’ll say this – The “Occupy” protests have opened an lot of eyes and ears, but their tactics is just unruly called for and their actions are unjustified. A friend had joined them and he found out they were complete idiots – I sensed the same thing myself.

Eugene’s Occupy group was nothing, but, a core model group, that never really never really went tactical with police, it somehow got the city government involved to support their movement and give them leeway and space. They bitterly or should, I say – the city literally kissed their fanny bottom dollar into stupidity of letting them camp illegally, until one man was killed in a fight at the Washington and Jefferson Street Bridge Park.

The encampment, has since been torn down and the mess is in process of being cleaned up – but, the large formation of protestors hasn’t been seen, since the city stumped down its foot and declared “eviction” from the WJSBP campsite.

Where have they gone? I don’t know? Rumor has it they’ve been taken in by those who support the movement, others say, they moved on to more important things, like join their foes in larger cities with larger movements and more critical tactics.

Several Occupy protestors here recently, stormed a city councilman’s home during the Christmas holiday’s to protest their stupidity of his vote to not let the movement stay at the WSJBP encampment – the police ultimately came in force and took them to jail on a variety of charges.

They were released from jail and have all since plead not guilty, meaning crapoon tactics could hit the courts as well…, swell, if they go to trial over their actions of free speech and whatever else, it could spell a headache for the court and the presiding judge on the case.

The Occupy movement certainly was a strange and brittle movement of 2011 – I’m hoping, it doesn’t continue into 2012 and the protestors move onward to something beneficial and practical in nature, than causing collateral damage to city and state government economies around the country and locally.

It was a banner year for disasters in the Midwest with the tornado outbreaks that shattered many lives along the way and made headlines across the country as well. The state of Texas was in a severe drought year once again and was on the verge of becoming a dust bowl of sorts – a good super soaker from a hurricane could solve the problem in a variety of ways and dredge the state in better times.

The Pac-10 Football Conference ultimately became the Pac-12 Football Conference and added two more schools to the conference of sports as the Oregon Ducks finally make it back to Pasadena and the Rose Bowl with the Big-12 Champs, the Wisconsin Badgers. Who wins the honor of the Rose Bowl is yet to be seen in 2012 on Rose Bowl Game Day.

Guess, I can safely say, “go ducks!” – that’s the spirit of the supporting your local University team.

In closing – I guess after ten years since, September 11th, 2001, America has shined her armor and braved her sacrifice to her military troops, who protected America for what she stood for and what this country built upon among those who created the United States from the British Rule of the 1700’s.

She stood tall and braved her right to be free and what she stood to mean to those looking to start a new life and journey in America. I’ve always admired her bravery and her strength, but, it doesn’t stop me from believing America is always wrong, but, there is a right as well. And, we’re free to say as we wish without restriction and censorship – but, when politics come into play, America has to dwell on her right to free speech for all and who have a say in their own voices and opinions.

This is America and a nation of rejoice. And I still believe in a place called home and a journey called hope – this was the beginning to the end of 2011, we’ll remember her words and the legacy she left behind in the new century.

HCR stirs debate across America

Displeasure creates a stir among Americans.

Health Care Reform is alive and well today in America, as President Obama promised during his election campaign for the White House. People voted for change and the country is seeing change in a way they’ve not seen, since Clinton Administration, when Bill Clinton said, “he believed in hope”, American’s agreed for change than as they endure today with the Obama Administration.

America’s displeasure with the recent HCR bill has something that everyone doesn’t seem to understand – the bill itself and the ramifications it will create in the long term planning process.

Asking a our health care providers to become general practioners in their choice of speciality practice creates a hysteria among doctors and nurses that could create shortages in primary care doctors in todays working health care system.

Penalizing those whom don’t get health care isn’t the answer to reform, it resorts to backlash and socialism in a Stalin like effect in a time where Americans are struggling to get out of the housing bubble and create wealth and stabability among their families in the mist of foreclosure.

Creating a tax base for those that don’t follow the rules and harboring the government to go after those who fail to endure health care insurance because of affordability and the choice to choose their own primary care doctor is a given choice among the bill of rights.

But increasing taxes among businesses shouldn’t be a hardship either for those that use America’s beauty salons with tanning beds. The tax is likely to create a backlash that would send nerves of steel in the unemployment lines of an already bulgeoing system that is about the burst it own bubble with people looking for job security and health care  from their employers.

Is the HCR bill the right choice for America? Probably not the best choice, but something that makes sense to many Democrats and hardly makes any sense to 14 states trying to sue the federal government over the bill and its admendments. Stupidity would be a great concern of those trying to create hysteria with threats and gore to those in Congress – which would lead to some costly mistakes among the actions of its own demise and the stabability of the country.

Socialism has no place in America, Democrazy does – it is inevitable that many Americans forget, this country was brought on by the founding fathers of the US Constitution and the breakaway from the British rule, that once dominated America before the birth of America in 1776.

Debate is only the Common Sense with those who believe America will prevail in her own bravery.