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The return of Bob’s Burger Express

Bob's Burger Express Eugene If you’re looking for something of nostalgia in the Eugene-Springfield area, the return of Burger icon, “Bob’s Burger Express,” has made it’s way back to the Central Willamette Valley town of Eugene, Oregon, after more than twenty years away from the business – it’s revival has been “hit” among the locals, who remember a restaurant chain with “.19 cent burgers” and fries in it’s early heyday’s of life, when it was full fledged burger chain in Western Oregon.

Golden Grill Concessions based in Salem, Oregon, recently re-opened a store in the heart of West Eugene, along the West 11th Avenue & Highway 126 (Florence-Eugene Highway Junction) near the west end of town. The Eugene restaurant is not far from where the original Eugene Bob’s Burger Express used to be a few blocks east at the intersection of West 11th Avenue and Garfield Streets, where an Aaron’s Electronic’s store now sit.

Bob's Burger Express 2I had a chance to return to the “roots” of iconic burgers, after a long hiatus from the Eugene-Springfield burger scene.

West 11th, play’s host not only to Burger King (directly across the street from Bob’s), but McDonald’s a few blocks westward ho toward the city limits and soon a local Wendy’s franchise will be making a return to the West 11th battlefield after 18 months on the lam, after a fiasco with some former owners of the franchise and their corporate partners – hence this is probably why Bob’s has been “busy,” since they opened and Wendy’s has been on the lam every since.

I keep thinking, what it was like to eat at an “iconic” burger joint from the past – it almost seems like a childhood dream, where you go to sleep at night and wake up the very next morning and the place is gone in a ghost town like atmosphere or vaporized from one’s memory. But, that’s not the case with Bob’s – it’s famous, it’s an icon and many of the locals on social media have been ranting raves about it’s return to the Eugene burger scene – myself included.

Not to mention their “famous” fry sauce and their elegant burgers – I was surprised find that their “Big Brute” burger still taste the same after all these years on the run from the Eugene burger scene. It felt like I was in heaven – “burger heaven.” Rich and juicy, as I remembered as a young kid, when my folks would stop at a Bob’s and get the most famous burger in town.

Ah, what can I say? Those where the days – the “Happy Day’s,” minus the Fonz, Richie, Big Al, Arnold, the Cunningham’s, you name it – it was all about the burgers and the fries and the famous sauce, that Bob made famous to his name.

With the fight for the “best burger’s in town,” one’s appetite will have to make the chosing of their own, but my vote this election year surpasses all my expectations of a burger in Chroniclogical order;

Bob’s Burger Express, Five Guys Burgers, Wayback Burgers, when it’s worth the drive north to a Fuddruckers in Portland near Tigard and what seems to always follow last, is the burgers at Applebee’s for some reason. Hearty, meaty and juicy – it’s bon appetite with the folks from Bob’s Burger Express!

“Welcome back!”…