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Castle: Season 8 Finale: Crossfire


They say all things must come to an end – that’s exactly what happened in last night’s Season Finale of Castle on ABC. If you haven’t yet heard the news, the series has been axed and cancelled by the network. Even though, there has been a social media firestorm over the cancellation of the beloved police procedural crime drama based in New York’s finest – the 12th Precinct.

With the demise of the show from network television, I even wonder, if show Creator Andrew Marlowe will even have Richard Castle continue his mystery novels beyond the capacity of the show’s cancellation to the general public has they were released in realtime during the show of Castle’s eight years season run? This only reminds me that after the series Diagnosis Murder with Dick Van Dyke, the shows novels continued to the mass market by Writer Lee Goldberg

I can see the same thing happening with Castle’s Nikki Heat and Derrick Storm Novel’s as well, if the show’s creators went that route and spun off a few Castle made-for-television movies on ABC to satisfy the appetites of Castle fans and more.

Strange beings of the good kind

freelanceblogwriter  There are a lot of things in life that you just don’t get very often? You walk into a Starbucks Coffee Shop, the music is blaring, while customers tap their heels to the beat of the music, you settle with the urge of getting on your laptop computer out to check your days e-mail and of course your everyday addiction to Facebook – dun we all!

“Amazing, America’s addicted to technology and the internet!”

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From fictional novelist to novelist

  Every Monday night at 10 p.m., you switch the dials on your television and your remote control to the American Broadcasting Company’s Television Network (ABC-TV) as you cuddle up with your favorite blanket, your fireplace is crackling with firewood as its pops the dry wood into mini orange sparks against the fire screen. You sequester the indulging fact to catch up with your favorite crime fighting dual of  NYPD’s Detective Kate Beckett and Mystery Writer, Richard Castle in the ABC Drama Series – “CASTLE.”

Now in its forth season on ABC, Castle has become a mystery fan favorite according to its Facebook page and the show’s website on ABC.COM. With a fictional mystery writer and a real life novelist hawking the works of our hero, “Richard Castle” and his novels character “Nikki Heat,” which is based on his exploits with Detective Beckett and her detectives in her NYPD Detective Squad.

The combination and chemistry between Beckett and Castle has fans talking about a possibly relationship between the two characters.

Last season in the season finale, Detective Beckett was gunned down in a cemetery, while delivering an eulogy of a fellow officer that was killed in the line of duty. Has Beckett lay on the ground gasping for air, Castle rushes to her aid, after spotting the sniper that shot Beckett and said, “I love you Kate, I love you,” as the final frame of the shooting scene faded out into the twilight during the season finale. 

ABC Television has crafted the concept of fictional writer and novelist to screen with a public novelist offering has other television networks trying to attempt the same immerging concept, but, CBS did away with the same concept with the “Jessica Fletcher” series of “Murder She Wrote,” with Actress Angela Lansbury as an embroiled mystery writer who gets caught up in some kind of mystery case each week in the fictional town of “Cabot Cove” or during her trips elsewhere during her book tours.

  The writer-novelist to television genre has capitulated the publishing world into publishing a series of novels by the show’s fictional and  lead character, Richard Castle. Castle’s books are available at you local bookstores and from online retailers. Castle’s first novel “Nikki Heat” debuted as #26 on the New York Times Best Seller list, his second novel “Naked Heat” debuted at #26, four weeks later, it went to the top 10 on the New York Times Best Sellers list as #6 in 2010.

With 2011 still in the swing, his third novel, “Heat Rises” ranked number #1 on the New York Times Best Sellers List.




Has Castle’s popularity continues to grow, the show’s fan base will continue to follow his exploits with Detective Beckett and her squad of case cracking detective as they solve New Yorks most disturbing and sometimes strangest murder cases involving the city of New York.

The show is likely to survive the cutting block as long as the storytelling is fresh and concise, the fans will continue to come as they have since the series debuted in March 2009.

Stephen J. Cannell leaves behind a legacy

Castle game
Stephen J. Cannell on ABC's "Castle" with Naton Fallon
It came as surprising news on Friday to hear that writer-producer-actor, Stephen J. Cannell had passed away at the age of 62, after a battle with cancer.

Cannell had recently been making some cameo appearances on ABC’s hit drama, “Castle” with Nathon Fallan real life mystery writer’s James Patterson and Michael Connelly as Castle’s poker buddies in several episodes of the show.

Cannell is best known for several hit television show’s during the 1970’s and ’80’s. He casted actor Jame Garner as “Jim Rockford” in the “Rockford Files” in the early 1970’s. I remember watching the “Rockford Files” on weekends and enjoying a good quality private eye show that made television view more pleasurable than some shows created on other networks.

Cannell was also responsible for such hits shows has, “Riptide”, “The-A-Team”, “Hunter”, “Barreta” with Robert Blake, “Hardcastle and McCormick”, “The Greatest American Hero” with William Kat and a host of other fan favorites, that still continue to show on cable or network television in reruns. Cannell was most known for his trademark at the end of each show at the ending credits in his office ripping out a sheet of paper from his IBM Selectric typewriter as his trademark.

Cannell not only wrote television but also made cameo appearances on current or past network shows still in production. When not writing television he wrote the “Greatest American Novel” with his “Shane Scully” mystery novels not writing television.

Cannell’s career started at the University of Oregon and continued with success in Hollywood, Cannell is reportedly to be alumus’ with George Lucus and Stephen Spielberg at the UO, according to reports I’ve heard over the years about the trio.

With Cannell’s demise from Hollywood his work will be missed greatly as many Hollywood icons are aging into the day’s where retirements are calling and a new breed of Hollywood entertainers come to life in the next century. The sounds of Cannell’s typewriter and the paper falling to the floor will probably make his office a little more ghostly, but – Stephen J. Cannell is a legend of his way and will always be apart of the Hollywood legends in good standing.