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Cyperspace ate my work!

rants.pngSo this morning I sit at my desk with a hot cup of coffee at hand, I tap in my WordPress account and pull up my working blog draft from yesterday that was to be finished with editing and polishing, only to find out – cyberspace, ate an entire day’s work, that now has me starting from, “scratch,” once again!

Not the best of news, when your just waking up with a hot cup of coffee, the threat of rain in the forecast in the next few days and few days here and there for next week as well – nothing keeps me from bitching like an ignorant idiot from Mars.

Mars maybe a planet, but it’s also a candy bar of the same name as well in real life as well.  Perhaps, it had something to do with my writing naked blog that I wrote about the other day as a sign of revenge? If that’s the case, than I’m in some serious trouble as eggplant and brewed eggnog!

No writer is perfect in their literary works until they can save their polished and edited works before saving and publishing for all to read.

With a few shuteye’s here and there, I’m trying to juggle the magic with the cat in the hat and stirring the pot for some gold at the same time, which hasn’t led me to the jackpot – just yet. What a dish, I must say. It’s karma dully pinching her lofty twin set of large melon sized breasts in a rage to win the fight! Karma? We’ll all be damned!

In fact, the bitch Karma needs a name, literally – so, what shall we name her folks? I friend suggested, why not “Jay Jay?” Hmm, I’m thinking – she’s actually trying to get me to write, “porn revenge,” this morning to say – in fact, she is beautiful to say, but I ain’t naming names – just that she’s a one of my longtime high school friend’s and we’ll leave it at that.

In fact, the beast between Karma and the “Jay Jay,” idea would literally get me better sex from the high school friend than from Karma alone – hell, she’s a helluva lot better than that folks! Not, that it’s getting me into the urge of writing a revenge piece for the lost work that I had labored the day and night before, has created a pandora of ideas to get Karma back in the ass.

I know this ain’t Brooklyn or Manhattan, but sure enough the piece I wrote the night before was a legend of its own and has quietly left its mark in cyberspace and the vast troys of the darkness of the internet. Troy or not to troy, the fight will continue but, I’m pressed not to win the battle. Perhaps, this is the start? The real start of the fight, the battle to win the revenge game of the century – Karma is dully on the lam to praise her wishing well as the crystal ball she has held for many years seems to be getting a little dimmer with the lightning rod running low on it’s voltage – I might just have an advantage here to say.

To be continued at another time and place.

Sunny as warmth


Sunny content on a warm Sunday afternoon with nothing, but late spring blooms and warm weather, which brings out the best of the best on a Sunny afternoon as the month of June get underway.

No computer needed, just a tablet or smartphone does the job as easily as climbing a tall coconut tree in the warm sands of the South Pacific atoll of the Hawaiian Islands.

Fiesta is all that makes, the true warmth of a breezy Sunny day and a prequel to the long hot summer that still awaits to be written from anywhere with a tablet or smartphone. Aye, just what the skipper ordered.

Change brings life and magic into the people

ChangeRick Dancer and I were having a meeting late yesterday and we talked about “change,” the kind of change that inspires others to seek, investigate and execute to perfections, i.e., to hear, to speak as well as to read.

“Change is something, some folks don’t want to play – it’s not their game, it’s their enemy, their foe and the nightmare that keeps them awake at all hours of the night,” as I often remind myself.

Hearing loss is their world and for some, it’s their only means of life. A world with no sound, a world in complete silence, as they say, it’s the opposite to the world of hearing, where you may need change – can be a scary demon.

I remember the very first day I heard my Mother’s voice, on the day of my activation in February 2007 – our world changed forever. Thirty-nine years of Profound Deafness came to a screeching halt, because, I took an elective decision and set my sights on changing the way, I had been hearing the world – something of an epidemic of sorts, something that tormented my life as it was spiraling downward, it inspired change, an action, an elective state of oversight, that had once eluded me for decades.

Watching those tears stream down my Mother’s cheeks and hearing her voice for the first time, since losing my hearing – was something a changed world would do – not just “our world,” but, that of our entire family, minus several relatives who weren’t around to see the change, the transformation and all since, they passed and returned to heaven.

Today, that change has given me a new lease on life. A new perspective with a whole new dimension of what technology can do and how it can change one’s world from a deaf and hard of hearing perspective to a more success in transformation from epidemic to electrified unity in hearing the world as I once remembered and envisioned in my early years of life until the day of infamy.

It’s the profound mission of those who want to hear the sounds of life, nature and the world has a whole – the walk across the bridge seem to fit the bill as to those indeed seeking change and more.

Take a look at this video as Rick’s eyes swelled when he spoke about the change and transformation among the students he recently seen, while at South Eugene High School during a school assembly at the high school earlier last week.


Change isn’t just about hearing loss and deafness, it’s about the people, the one’s we see everyday, the one’s that are seeking change are the one’s who dwell on the magic and transformations and the lives they change on a daily basis – Change can be your best friend.

Perhaps, this is what change is all about? The perspectives with a positive light which brings the harmony in all and gives them far greater perspectives in seeing through the light where the tunnel shines, there’s magic to be seen.

Thanksgiving brings out the masses in Cochlear Implants

freedom processor  Thanksgiving has a lot of interesting “thanksgiving’s” in a whole lot of ways. During the Thanksgiving holiday, there was an interesting series of events that took place. While my parents and I decide to furlough the pains and liberty of baking and cooking a full course Thanksgiving meal, we decided to head out to our favorite eatery – HomeTown Buffet.

Deliciously cooked and good as if it were cooked at home, My appetite was happy toward the end. But, an interesting series of events took place, even before we left the restaurant and headed home. I encountered a sighting (not Bigfoot, UFO or Alien), but, that of a young boy, no more than three or four years old and he amazed me at his young age with bilateral Cochlear Implants. I myself wear a CI as well, but, this young boy brought smiles to both Me and my Mother’s faces as we ate our dinner.

Flashbacks of my own childhood struggling with hearing loss once again reminded me of the hardships of growing up for more than, forty-four years, thirty-nine at the time of my CI surgery in 2007. But, this little guy had story – a story, I hadn’t had forty years earlier, a Cochlear Implant. Amazingly, how technology has advanced over the years, since, I wore my first hearing aids bilaterally in both ears.

When, I decided to get up and make another round for the dinner plate, I approached his father and asked him about his hearing loss and his bilateral CI’s. I had learned he had been implanted at age six months. I had seen children implanted shortly after birth, but, not at the age of my own childhood, years earlier.

The advancement of technology has advanced so much, that Cochlear Implants are getting smaller and smaller each year as technology becomes more advanced, that one day, you won’t even see a person with a CI externally, but, internally with the possibility of a remote control to power the implant off and on and to change programs in one’s hearing capacity, has I do now with my CI alone.

But – check this out, this young boy’s entire family had a history of hearing loss, as well! – several of them wearing CI’s and hearing aids. Just before, we were to call it a night, the boy’s “grandfather” came up to me and asked my about my own Cochlear Implant and asked me all sorts of questions and more. Since, I work and volunteer as a Cochlear Awareness Support Volunteer with the Cochlear Awareness Network and Cochlear Corporation – it suddenly became a “Cochlear Awareness Network Thanksgiving,” at the end.

My friends are always telling me, the Cochlear Implant is a “girl magnet!” I’m not too sure about that one, but, it does become a “public relations magnet” of it’s own from time to time. Believe me, one of my high school buddies, still can’t believe it, either and he’s still amazed at the advancement of technology himself. Go figures, “Crash Newton” has struck again with the Vegas bookies, I tell him from time to time from Maui, Hawaii.

If it wasn’t for my hearing loss, life would’ve been a different perspective to being with – but, as life is given to me from above in the heavens, it has brought wonderful memories of life in general. I couldn’t have been happier in life, than, I was nearly forty-five years ago in the late 1960’s, when my life story took on a whole new chapter in life. Perhaps this is “Chapter Two?” – not the movie with James Caan and Marcia Mason.

But, Chapter Two itself – but, one can never know, until they get to heaven and asking the heavenly saints of life in a universe full of amazing people that has passed on for generations.

It’s interesting though, because people have a different lifestyles with different chapters to being with. It’s only a perspective, a serious perspective. I couldn’t have enjoyed it more, than, writing about it. “It’s a whole new experience still and a whole new life,” as I tell others about having a Cochlear Implant, today, tomorrow and the next few months and more. My grandfather was always right, it was his dream to see me hear again, but, he never lived to see it or did my Aunt and Uncle, but, My grandmother did, before she passed away in 2010.

Heavenly, as I keep thinking, God and the universe keeps doing amazing with life and for that matter, it’s my only cue with a story to tell, an amazing story and for that matter – “that’s a wrap folks.”