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Dreading life like Cheers

I sit in a quiet Starbucks Cafe in Downtown Eugene on a fall like Sunday afternoon, but, it’s still a warm summer day in early August and the forecast is well into the low 80’s, as the clouds move into the heart of the Willamette Valley from the Oregon Coast – the sun plays hide and seek, has the threat of thunderstorms rigs with the Monday forecast theology of weather fanatics.

I sit perplexed into a new world vision, as I watch the various walks of life go about their daily lives with their family, friends and the daily throngs of strangers craving their critical needs of java addiction.

I sit at a small table with black leather seating – watching the various folks come into the cafe and I ask myself quietly – “who are these people and where do they come from?”

Eugene, Oregon, may be a three college town with the likes of the University of Oregon, Lane Community College and Northwest Christian University, which sits on small parcel of land, it shares with the University of Oregon – perhaps, the famed fictional college of “Faber Colledge,” which once stood in for the University of Oregon, during the filming of “Animal House” with the late John Belushi.

Stranger than fiction, there’s a story lurking in everyone who walks into the cafe on a daily basis. This may not be the place where, “Harry met Sally” or New York’s Central Park – perhaps, it’s the closest thing to the “Central Perk Cafe,” on NBC’s “Friends” television series?

Something, really perks my inspiration as a Writer, when I sit in places like Starbucks, Sizzle Pie or any other free style java joint with free WiFi to the internet, writers and bloggers work the daily realms of information from the Super Information highway and the internet, which has become the tool of the trade as writers and bloggers look to pen their works from their laptop, netbook, tablet, notebook or their favorite napkin from the nearest napkin dispenser – imagination wrinkles the lines of terror and has it keeps the reader hooked to the story and more.

I seem to think, the real Cheers in downtown Boston, Ma., shares some of the same characteristics from all walks of life, as they revolve through the door of the most famous bar in America.

I can only wonder, what life would be like in Boston’s most famous brew pub, “Cheers.”

Please don’t tell me you never heard the name “Cheers” – right? Not even, Sam Malone or Diane Chambers? Go figures, “Norm” and “Cliff” would have fretted about the ego of ol’ boy Sam playing for the Boston Red Sox before washing out the Red Sox bull pen to the Detroit Tigers on a 9th inning loss to the Tigers on a grounded fly into right field, suited by Hawaii’s Thomas Magnum, P.I., who literally slugged it hard and fresh to snag the win for the Tigers in the 9th Inning against the Red Sox.

It’s only exceptional, life in Eugene could be much like Cheers – but, there is only one problem. Both cities are on opposite sides of the United States. As I leave my dreaded life of inspiration behind at the cafe – my writer’s nest only leaves me with random room and thoughts, as if Sam Malone could’ve taught Diane Chambers some much needed virtues of life as she began her stint as a Cheers bar fly during the Cheers for Season of Episode One – ultimately, it was just the beginning of a virtue gimmick to dish Diane on the seasonal finale, eleven years later.

At least Norm was right along, Sam Malone was the luckiest son-of-a-bitch with his first true love – the love of his life, Cheers.