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PEOTUS – A media nutcase

maxresdefault  If you’ve watched Donald Trump’s first Press Conference the other day, his first since winning the election for the Presidency, you’ve probably already heard the news that he picked a wicked fight with a reporter from CNN and calling them, “Fake News and your organization is terrible”, while dodging an important question from a news credited organization.

The President-Elect’s actions and disrepect for America’s working media is likely to beocome the firestorm of his preseidency with American reporters on who’s “real” news and who’s “fake” news. There is also sensible disregard that even his own Press Secretary is in the facade as well – now, this could direly get interesting and if Trump last’s four years in the White House has POTUS and makes a media circus out America’s Media organizations and their reporters it could be an intersting fight. Now, that’s scary when it comes to their total disregard for the urgency aand respect of American reporters tryig to do their jobs and getting bullied out of an important story, which cold have some adverse effects on the American people and the media trying to do their job effectively.

A media disaster or is Donald Trump really that nutcase about the American Media Press Corps gone wild in an unknown chatered territory in new the presidential frontier. We shall see how he fairs in the upcoming weeks and months.

I’m still to sure if Donald Trump is ready to be President, even though he takes over the Oval Office, from President Obama next week, now that’s even scarier to say….

Is Trump worth America’s time?

abc_051316_donaldtrumpabc-1-200x200  There’s a general rule. A rule that only makes some common sense with one’s mind. It’s only basic, nothing critical or inflammatory to begin with. Perhaps, I might be politically incorrect or just the opposite, but this Election Season is starting to look much like, “war with greed,” in the minds of Donald Trump and his Democratic opponent’s on the opposite side of the isle in Washington.

Donald Trump in my book seems like a “bully” to every opponent that has tried to hold the line in the Democratic field of candidates, which now only leaves Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders and not much room for those on the Republican ticket – most have jumped ship because of Trump’s antics and bullied reputation.

There has been several references among the Trump camp among spectators in the field of politics as the voters seem to see Donald Trump being “Hitler” like in his uprising for the top contenders spot on the Republican ticket and among the party itself.

Trump seems to be calling the shots, but the Sanders and Clinton camp’s keep coming back to fight the red baron sitting atop the dog house waiting to shoot down his enemy fighters.

America can’t be so great with Donald Trump in the White House, ideally – if that were to happen, America would lead the way as the Adolf Hitler with Germany during World War II – that indeed could spell the beginning of “The Great American Disaster” of all time in the history of the United States Presidency.

Ironically, Trump is trying to divide the country into Civil War, between Democrats and Republicans and those who stand in his way or don’t believe in his policy making schemes of political satire. For what it’s worth, he doesn’t seem serious enough to propel the country into great debate and free for all Democracy as this country was built upon among our founding fathers who drafted the Constitution of the United States in 1776.

The great debate is the debate on how American voter’s few Donald Trump as a candidate for President – the question is? Is he really running for office or is he really running a “satire show and scam” among the voters, just to see if he can win and get what his vote is worth to the White House?

There are still questions to be asked and questions to be answered, but will he answer them both or will he just play it by ear and lit it slip and slide down Pennsylvania Avenue in November or January?

As voter, blogger and writer, I’m still not up to par in voting for Trump. As I said in the paragraph above, I’m still not convinced Donald Trump is the right person for the Presidency and the White House – not just yet, as there is still time to think and recoup my choice for the Presidential ticket to the White House in November.

Trump still has a long way to go before he can realize he can make a difference in the lives of every American in that lives in this great country.

Trump needs to Fired from politics!

Sen. John MCain (L), Presidential Candidate Donald Trump (R)

“He’s not a war hero. He’s a hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured,” said Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump during a recent trip to Iowa. Trump’s remarks comes on the heels of Arizona Senator John McCain, 78, who was shot down and held captive for five years during the Vietnam War.

Trump has stirred some hefty battle wounds among his republican candidates, while a vast majority of voters are rallying behind Senator McCain and his military service record to his country – calling for Trump the apologize for his recent remarks about the Arizona’s Senator’s service record as a “War Hero”.

Trump seems to be out of reality when it comes to the Senator’s military service record. McCain was held captive for 5 1/2 years and was tortured while captive in Vietnam’s so-called, “Hanoi Hilton.” It was one of the most notorious POW prison camps during the Vietnam War.

But for Donald Trump to sarcastically and insanely say, that Senator McCain was never a war hero, makes for some serious credibility issues as a serious presidential candidate, who seems to be out of touch with reality. Trumps latest remarks of not making a public apology to senator McCain makes for some serious consequences among voters seeking to share their votes in support of the the real estate tycoon.

Some of Trump’s fellow Republican candidates are calling for him too throw in the towel and re-think his stance at running for the White House . For me as a voter – he’s just static material and all show and blow and not really gaining and serious merit points to begin with as a serious candidate, so the only thing we can say now, Uncle Donald, “Your Fired!.”

Trump invests in Romney, fires Gingrich!

greed  What can I say, Newt Gingrich was hoping for the King of Real Estate for his political empire and battle against candidate Mitt Romney, instead, the Donald looked elsewhere – he decided to endorse the competition instead of a power house!

Now, that’s Politics! “I’m sorry folks, but, I had to laugh at this one, when I heard the breaking news earlier this am on Good Morning America on ABC – “just how in the hell did Newt intend to miss a major endorsement from Donald Trump?” Guess, that’s politics, huh? Figures.

The Donald was probably right to invest in Romney, than investing the Casino empire against a financial bet that could have caused a financial meltdown in Newt Gingrich’s nuclear reactor meltdown. I can’t imagine the financial loss the Gingrich campaign could lose over Trumps endorsement of Romney, instead Trumps money is all about the greed and money lies this political politician use for political gain and financial ruin of an opponent during election season.

It is too early to say or tell, if Trump’s financial backing would help Romney in the campaign to the White House or end up being a total financial meltdown for both the Trump and Romney camps?

Time will tell if and when or perhaps, Trump, Romney and Gingrich give up their bitter feuds upon one another and rest their cases saving their hinds from more embarrassment and dropping out of the race.

If not, I’ll admit, the Republican Party is not what is used to years ago. Good thing, I went Democratic.