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It’s September? Already!

Well looks like September is here? Just how in the hell did that happen? It’s still a couple of weeks away before the official start of fall starts in North America and the climate changes south of the Equator take change.

This Summer has been an indeed interesting hike all across America with wads of wet weather in the midwest, a late start in Hurricane Season, now sporting three major storms off the South Pacific near Hawaii and two more in the works they say in the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts.

Each day’s sunrise and sunset’s have made for some interesting photo ops of our sun as the wildfires burn out of control in the western portion of the United States – it’s enough to ring in some satire writing ideas for the working writer and bloggers in just about ever corner of blogosphere you look.

With Labor Day Weekend just a few tad days away and the ending of the Summer for the kids, everyone would be gearing up and getting ready to go back to school and hit the books, the lockers and score some new friends and enemies, but mostly friends to say – it all becomes the wicked ways of life.

More than thirty years ago, I once walked those haunted halls of my high school Alma Mater. Today, the high school is a completely different beast and animal than it was back than in the 1980’s – luckily, I came out with some good life long friends whom I’m lucky enough to remain in contact with today in my adult life.

Has I daily dish the thought of the past, I’m quelling the mist of the future as we dwell in today’s world – technology is far more advanced than it was in the past, information is right at hand in smartphones and or with the flick of the wrist in Dick Tracy style watches with an Apple Watch or the likes of an Iphone or other type of smartphone.

I’m garnering what the future hold for the month of September? Ideally they say, September is National Preparedness Month. FEMA is upping this years theme for NPM as, “Don’t Wait. Communicate. Make your emergency plans today!”

Which is wisely a very good choice to begin with to say. Preparedness is the key to survival in today’s world as disaster strike at just about every corner of the world, Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Tornado’s, Heavy rains and flooding, just to name a few – who’s prepared and who’s not? Any time a catastrophic disaster takes place, no one is ever prepared to the unexpected, except for those whom have taken preparedness seriously with their family, neighbors and friends.

Banning together is the key to survival in today’s tech savvy world, packing survival kits is more important now than ever – since the article from the New Yorker Magazine was published earlier this Summer it has frenzied people to craze minded dashes to the hardware stores and home centers as well as to survivalist company for disaster and preparedness kits.

The Red Cross and Community Emergency Response Teams are rallying together promoting 72 hour kits, but more are advocating for more than 72 hours to more than Three weeks without such essential services after a major disaster.

One of the simple things to do is get training from the Red Cross in First Aid and also from you local Community Emergency Response Team.

Being prepared and getting your family, friends and neighbors ready would go a long way when the unexpected comes as we experienced back in the 4th of July, when Eugene and Springfield felt a pretty sharp jolt from an Earthquake that shook the Central Willamette Valley.

Be save, be prepared as you never know, when disaster will strike and it’s just a matter of time of when.

Visionquest: Signs of fall

Misty morning’s chillled with white fog as the sun shown piercing its heart through the cravings of dead leafs, tree branches and twigs broken from a recent rainstorm, it spurned the beginnings of an early fall – it was a masterpiece that could only be seen in the eyes of one’s childhood.

Those early chilled mornings in rural Oregon along the Applegate Trail bring tender memories of a childhood that was never forgotten. It was written that the storm would pass and that life would return to the homestead. It was only a matter of time – whenever the decision was to come to return to the homestead.

It was only the beginning of a mystified morning as the fog harbored above the towering Douglas Firs along the trail, the only sounds of life were the train whistles tooting their horns on locomotives of the 1800’s , the fog was unstoppable as life was peaceful  as one would call a blue heron on the run from the point south.

It was life on the Applegate Trail that kept the memories alive with the chilled fog and crackling of the leafs that fell to the ground a few weeks earlier – I ask myself, “do you ever miss the childays, when you wish you had it all once more in life?”.

You better believe it, it just doesn’t feel like an oldie, but only Jack Benny would know better, so it must be fall?