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Not a Governor? Likely a traitor?

Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber at press conference on Friday. Photo courtesy of oregonlive.com.

There has been a lot of talk and flack in Oregon lately over the disastrous and oddly worded press conference held by Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber last week. Kitzhaber and his supposedly “fiancée” Cylvia Hayes, who both face an ethics commission investigation and a potential FBI Investigation of the Governor’s influence of his fiancée and her staff on the possible irregularities of use of the Governors office and more, could lead to some disastrous results in his effectiveness in leading the state as Governor of Oregon.

Ironically, I find it kinda hard to believe of a women not being married to the state’s Governor is admirably the “First Lady of Oregon”  – purely a strange coincidence of events on how she literally got that title under her name for hunching up to the state’s top political marksman for her own gain and influence?

In what seems like an immersive chain of events that has mirrored the echos of the late President Richard Nixon’s Watergate Scandal, seems to be an indebted ghost of “Watergate,” in the works, only this time it’s involves a women’s quest for influence and expense of the Governor’s Office and mad dash run for the money, before the collateral damage hits the press and point-blank.

With an investigation by the state’s Ethic’s Commission and the FBI underway or about to get underway, depending how one views it – Kitzhaber could literally be seeing “hot water” about to broil over into the spillway of more controversy as the Oregonian Newspaper in Portland, Oregon wrote a very strongly worded editorial piece asking for Kitzhaber to resign from the state’s highest ranking office in state government, meanwhile Kitzhaber has said, “that he does not intend to resign from the state’s highest office, as he was elected by the people of Oregon to do a job he was elected to do,” he said Friday at an all out media press conference.

But the ultimate question is? Can the Governor still do the job as elected by the people of Oregon? It all likely depends on the amount of collateral damage done by the Governor and that of Hayes and her influences regarding the ethics findings and more as time wanes onward to the final sediment of resignation or impeachment by the state legislature and the censorship of the voters who see this as a political distraction to derail Kitzhaber and his Governor’s office of Oregon as effective leadership.

Likely the damage may have already been done, as Hayes used her wits and charm to get millions in state money for her supposedly works of art under her name and businesses – this is likely the cause of a disaster gone surprisingly wrong from the beginning as some see it from an ethical and political standpoint.

Since the Oregon editorial calling for Kitzhaber to resign from the political office as Governor, he has utterly avoided the limelight since the Oregonian called for his ouster as Governor.

The question is, what was Hayes thinking while getting cozy with the Governor and getting millions if not, thousands of dollars in state money for her own gains and ultimately bring down the Kitzhaber era of governorship in the process? Sounds like a scary political poly of a Hitchcock movie where villains ultimately conspire to political downfall for one’s beauty in getting FREE money for his or her own personal gain regardless of who he or she muddles up within the circus of controversy.

Good riddance, I never liked the guy to begin with – he always reminded me of Richard Nixon and Watergate! Where were “Woodward and Bernstein,” when we needed them?