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For the love of music

freelanceblogwriterA couple of months ago, I met a gentleman from Cottage Grove, Oregon, who was in the process of looking into getting a Cochlear Implant for his left ear, which has likely gone dormant and decommissioned, which is not allowing him to hear in that ear any longer – however, his right ear is still remains his best ear with the help of a hearing aid.

When, I got my own Cochlear Implant back in 2006-2007, I joined the Cochlear Awareness Network, which is a volunteer support network group with the Cochlear Corporation. The group helps potential Cochlear Implant Candidates hook up with experienced volunteers, who have had their own implants for quite some time and are well versed into their own Cochlear Implant journey.

Caleb is the one of the first candidates that I’ve written about in a long time in my nine years as a Cochlear Awareness Support Volunteer.

Helping others with their new found journey, is a bold new world – it’s like venturing into where, “where no man, has gone before,” as if you were a Captain of a Federation Starship looking to explore a newly discovered galaxy or planet, but you’ve never ventured to an outside galaxy or planet looking for species of Alien life.

A Cochlear Implant journey is often a brave new world of the unexpected and sometimes – the really unexpected – like it took me thirty-nine years to realize what I was actually forgetting hearing wise, every since, I lost my own hearing in my left ear in the late 1960’s, the following hear my right ear went kaput as well, leaving me with no choice to use “bionic” equipment in order to hear once again – hearing aids.

Everyone has a story to tell, including myself. But, Caleb’s story is all about the love for music – “in fact, music is his entire life.”

The great sounds of the great strings of songs and memories, he once made in the true memories of his musical playing days – his new found journey, if granted, shall once again, find the righteous tunes of life and the musical tunes he once loved played for family and friends and of course for those who shared his love for music.

Understanding his struggles, is like understanding the mechanics of an automobile engine in a vintage 1950’s Roadster completely restored to it’s prestige state – the prime vintage, as if it never left the showroom floor after all these years.

Shortly after I started writing this article about Caleb and his journey, I was informed that he was a candidate for his Cochlear Implant, which could come before or after the holidays, he said via email.

An inquiring mind–the public

Last night, I had a chance to sit down in a local restaurant and do some computer work on my laptop. While, I was there, a women walked up to me, as I was having a Yahoo chat with my brother – she started becoming an inquiring mind about my Cochlear Implant.

She told me she had never seen one up close, but and “Live” on a person wearing one.

It was an astounding moment cold blooded in and out of the spurn moment to inquire about the “bionic technology”, also known as a Cochlear Implant or “CI”.

Who ever said, “it’s the girl magnet?”. I often wonder how that little magical bastard works it’s magical strength!

My late Grandfather would probably have a fit at his old spanky age, if he were here today, thinking a $100K dollar surgery was the scam of a lifetime!

Holy cow Batman, the “Boy Wonder” of technology has won again! I clutch my teeth, make a frown face and shrug my shoulders upward, thinking – holy Toledo and thinking I’ve won the jackpot in the Oregon Lottery!

Well, it certainly isn’t Ohio, but, your right, we’re in Oregon and I can’t put the blame game on Charlie and his tuna fish. So, what can I say?

The impromptu girl magnet is working its magical wonders of the world. And, it’s a priceless decision on my part from four years earlier when I decided this was the chance of a lifetime.

I was probably right too, right?

I get so intrigued by those spur of the moment visits from the public these days, I’d would be a total stranger to the universe, than wearing, the “Superman or Batman” costume around town.

Makes sense huh? I thought so, indeed. I would be glad if some of you readers agree than watching a complete marathon run of Fox-TV’s “COPS”.

I was grateful that she took the time to stop by my table once again before she left and asked a few more questions. I’m always open to talking publically to those whom are a complete stranger and it becomes an conversation start to begin with.

As a writer and blogger, this is something that gets people to talk about at the coffee table, with family and friends and also complete strangers sitting next to you and more.

It’s not easy being an almost “public figure” to the “John Q” public, but its good public relations on educating the public about the Cochlear technology and one’s life story from start to finish with one’s life with a hearing loss.

Perhaps, this it the time of my life (no, not the song) where life really begins with a bang at be the public figure in your own way. Just how does Cochlear do it?

Like, I said, earlier in this post – “it’s the silly ol’ bastards way of getting the girl magnet” to work its charm!.

Now that’s the wrap with technology – go figures!

What’s your dream or reality?

What am I doing up at four o’clock in the morning? Those on the east coast have been up for hours – “it’s almost fifteen minutes to eight in New York City, so, what the hell, am I complaining about!” Nothing in particular, maybe I’m a little “jinxed” in a way for a Monday morning?

I often ask myself, while working at my computer each day or night, if my next dream will be a reality or just another one of those memory messages lurking from the purgatory realm of life? Nothing seems to spur a scene of gravity of such a notation, unless your actually caught off guard into the reality of the future.

I remember once as a young teen in junior high school, while I was in the cafeteria with some friends, I was heading out the door into the corridor to my locker – just, has I was about to walk out the door, the future flashed forward right in front of me. The vision, I had a night or two before, I had realized, the vision was of the dream I had, literally came true as I began walking toward that very same door for some apparent reason.

Strange in many ways. But, I had wondered why the time and day was picked for me to experience the realm of a dream into the future? There is really no answer to why we experience these realms of purgatory senses in our sleep?

I had always wondered if earth was real or if earth was a sideshow to that answer of “LOST”, the ABC hit series that ranked merit points with skeptics across country after several successful season’s on network television.

Perhaps, Jack was right along, perhaps not? I always question myself, what if the world was real? How did I & we get here in the first place? Who are these people, that are my friends, family, enemy’s and who’s this? Perhaps these are all questions we need to ask? What happens to us when we die and where do we go from here?

Scientist’s recently discovered another world like ours some 16 trillion miles from Earth. The same size with almost the same type of atmosphere and all, but a bit bigger that earth. Perhaps’ this is earth’s “big brother?” My internal guess is maybe there is “life” on this planet?

Perhaps not? No one will ever know if there is human life outside of our world? The late Carl Sagan once said, “he believed there is life outside our universe and perhaps in our solar system”, his belief was a valuable justice to science and theory. Today’s discovery would have him talking science of another world – but, getting there and exploring the world, the planet and its soil is a hard sell to NASA and the space program in today’s world on earth.

20.5 light years from Earth, the purpose outside our planet means a lot to the word purgatory and the reals of one’s dreams. Perhaps, we could be visitors of our own planet or is the new discovery – the so called, “otherside?”, only time will tell.

I hope that one day the truth will be told and the purgatory of the dream would be revealed in honor and truth under oath. Perhaps, this was the answer Jack was seeking from the beginning after the plane crashed no the island in the middle of nowhere.