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Cancelled: “Retirement in progress!”

I write and rant at outrages hours of the day and night, it compromises the deeds of being a writer. But, when it comes to late night television, the race for the throne to be the late night king is an ultimate fight to the death between the likes of Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel.

With Leno out, Fallon and Kimmel in the driver’s seat of their perspective networks and their own late night shows, David Letterman leaves behind the spurs he once wore for thirty-three years as the King of Late Night Television – hoping to rein has host of the “The Tonight Show,” after Johnny Carson retired from late night, Letterman kept his feet in the water with NBC, until moving across the street to CBS, where he said until his retirement last week on national television, after losing out to Leno in a heated contest for the late night chair.

David Letterman during taping of his last show May 20th, 2015. Photo Courtesy CBS

I grew up a fan of late night television – but, I was more into “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson,” back in the days when Johnny was still the King of Late Night talk each weekend night with sidekick Ed McMahon.

Through the years, I watched the faces of late night bring the monologues of jokes being pitched by host’s Letterman, Carson, Leno and finally JImmy Fallon.

One thing, I couldn’t come to grip with was the loss of Johnny Carson as host of the “Tonight Show” – Did you know that everyone in Hollywood tunes into the Tonight show each night before ABC and CBS started having late night talk shows added to their 11:30 P.M., television lineups?

But now – the folks who live in Tinseltown have the dual between Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel as late night Kings battling it out for number one!

The truce of late night has gotten me to the point where, I’m more addicted to watching Jimmy Kimmel after my local news at 11:35 p.m., each night and the fan fare to watching Fallon later at night brings in some much needed solstice after Letterman’s absence from late night television.

One can only wonder what a red head comedian like a David Letterman can cloak the dagger in pulling off one of the biggest upsets of his career – leaving late night television. Letterman not only did some of the greatest interviews of his career at late night, he also provided the fans with something to talk about in years to come – perhaps, that very same redhead now turned salt and pepper into his retirement years, can rest assured he’d be another talk of the town, when he sits down and writes the story of being at the helm of “The Great Late Night rat race between him, Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon.

Until than, it’s a wrap at the Ed Sullivan theater where much of the LNWDL set has been dismantled, some shipped off the scrap yards, some shipped off the the Smithsonian as rumors say and play, Letterman himself has been the icon from being, the unknown redhead to the grey and black peppered comedian who truced the laughs of late night with band leader Paul Schaffer and his crew who stepped foot on the late set with Letterman and crew.

Dave and Paul both gone from late night, as the sunset’s in Cancun with Schaffer’s band playing the the melody of closing theme songs into the darkness of Cancun’s beaches, Letterman and Schaffer can recollect their thought and mission of their time together on the Late Night Show with David Letterman – they cam rest assured they’ve not been forgotten as the once late night king of talk looks to retirement, we can all sleep better at night only to wake up with the agony of the Star Wars Stormtrooper on one side of the bed and the evil Darth Vadar on the other and that this was only a dream of the past, not the present.

Late night warpath

Since, Conan O’Brian took over the late night seat from Jay Leno at the “Tonight Show”, I have wondered how the two 11:30pm nighthawks of late night talk, would actually fare in the ratings match?

Letterman in my opinion has been scoring some hardcore political talk from the Sara Palin camp for an off the walk joke he made last week on his show and vise versa from the Palin camp in retribution – whoa, heavy stuff! However, O’Brian still new as a transplant New Yorker, he did a show last week, that included a fight stunt and he stated that he’d could be killed doing the stunt itself, even under professional stunt supervision.

…, Now, that make me wonder? Is O’brian serious about late night talk or is he trying to bring his carbon style New York Pizza talk to Los Angeles with more grunt from New York?

Perhaps, if Conan O’Brian wants to succeed in Los Angeles, he needs to build a ratings contender that will stay ontop of the late night ratings game for many months, otherwise, Letterman could sneek up behind Cony Island and give a smirkin cork to the New York transplant!