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What part of Christmas?

christmas-tree-1.jpgThe lure of the holiday is something that is to be tried and trued with fine ingredients and with an ultra fine toothpick to measure its stance in quality and taste to perfection – it’s the first rule of holiday Christmas cooking or baking at least to say.

I know what you thinking? What part of Christmas am I talking and blogging about? I have no idea at the moment, it’s just the title that back in an attempt to get me to write something about the Christmas Holidays – even though there are less than twenty-five days until Christmas to say, the magic is yet to hit home.

It’s the part of Christmas that seems to play the name and jealousy game between the physics of a magical holiday, while one either wins or one loses on the wager of a tumble weed bet gone viral in the middle of nowhere, somewhere in the lost voyages of the rustic clay of the Arizona Desert.

There’s a fine¬†needle¬†somewhere in the middle the haystack, where the true honors of Christmas miracles are legends in its own way – they are only made once upon those who see the true meaning of a plausible holiday, that brings true miracles to the wealth of those who deserve a unique price to a generous holiday that could bring the most of the most or the least of the best of the best.

Let’s find the meaning of Christmas and share it’s truth and the miracles it produces along the way – you could discover some unique truths about yourself that you never knew you had from the beginning.