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Obama is like Lincoln

Presidential elections have been a stable for more than two hundred years – since, America broke from the British rule. Honest Abraham Lincoln the nation’s 16th President of the United States would’ve been proud of Democratic President Barack Obama for winning a second term to the White House.

President Lincoln abolished the ruling of slavery in America in the mid 1860’s. He was a life long Republican at heart and self educated, became one of the greatest of three American Presidents ranked by American Scholars, he was followed by President George Washington and President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The election of 2012 brings a whole new meaning to American politics as President Obama embarks on his continued mission of bringing a decade of war to an abrupt end and bringing troops home from a decade of war and re-energizing the economy jittered by a previous Republican President, that left the country in despair from an unspeakable decision of sending troops and wasteful spending and loss of American jobs to overseas corporations, after the terrorist attacks of 9/11.

As the nation’s first African-American President, Obama beams the likes of Lincoln and Roosevelt in his political ambitions as President. I’m often asked in the waning days up to election day of what my take and view was on American Politics and the President ticket of 2012 – My answer was to wait it out and see how the electoral college played with the 270 votes that were needed to win the White House – Obama swept Governor Mitt Romney 303-205 in the final national tally toward the end of the night as the east coast stayed up into the wee hours of the night to wait for the final results and the final grandstanding of a winning a new elected Republican President or the Re-Election of President Obama as American’s casted their votes at the polls, voters were getting jittery as Romney shown he was leading the pack, but, Obama shot back and made it clear – America wanted him back in the Oval Office, not a man who thought, the Presidency was a laughing joke and a prudent to puppet politics.

As I watched the night unfold, I was a complete nervous jittery wreck, wishing that Obama would’ve scored the first winning points, but, Romney blew the lead until late in the night, after getting home from dinner, a short bike ride and a joyful stop at the local Starbucks joint, Obama started to sweeping the nation in political points left and right – even though, Romney red eyed the Midwest and a couple southern spit ballers to his name, the Obama camp fired up the voters with the long lines and tallies from the west coast to secure the White House once again.

“Impressive!” – I thought from the political standpoint, but, luckily, I didn’t bet any of my Republican friends on this election otherwise, the election would’ve swayed in their favor! Thanks to whomever gave me that idea, wherever you are…. There is a thought though – I keep seeing a lot of Abe Lincoln in Barack Obama from a voters standpoint of view. It’s actually a good feeling because, Lincoln would’ve admired the way Obama made a difference in his re-election campaign and working with voters to brighten the future of America into a brighter future for the next four years.


New year, brings political battle

  December – that was pretty much it. December! Where did it go? How did it leave? “Oh yeah, we rang in the new year Saturday night! – damn, Simon your quick as eggnog!” Go figures folks, your telling me…

2011, may be gone, but 2012 is in full swing and its supposedly to be an interesting year ahead, as this is election year, it should be interesting, if Obama gets re-elected to the White House over Newt Gingrich. The rumor mill has been abuzz, that, the Obama camp is reportedly making a power shift change in the Vice Presidency? Does this mean Vice President Joe Biden is out of the running for VP or is he on the verge of retirement – already?

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Was health care the right stuff?

Now, that the health care bill has been signed into law, many Americans are questioning the fact that this current bill, signed into law yesterday by President Obama, sends a strong message of ignorance to those without health insurance and penalizes employers and small businesses for not insuring their employees.

14 states are planning to sue the federal government over the new law in what they say is a violation of the United State Constitution.

For many years Americans have been asking for reform, but, a balloon circus like this seems to have caught many off guard with Socialist like reform? Perhaps its just a coincidence or snub in one’s cheekbones?

I would have liked that my current health insurance coverage would pay for all my needed medication and also my repairs and replacements of both my hearing aid and my Cochlear Implant as both of them are medically needed.

What is strange about the bill is that it will not allow sex offenders to get treatment for erectile dysfunction. But what does a sexual offense have to do with health care? You might as well call it the sexual health care bill, but somewhere, somehow someone got their P’s and Q’s in the wrong bill.

With the bill already signed into law, it maybe too late to repeal its validation of law. Congress somehow pissed off the American people with puppet talk and peep veeps on an open mic from Vice President Biden, “this is a fuckin deal”. I would hate to be in the vice president’s shoes and catching flak for such a adamant blurp among the press corps for its next media circus at the White House.

After having a talk with a high school friend yesterday about the recent change of events in Washington, I’m told by two of them, that they feel this country is going toward a spiraling cause, something that hasn’t been seen since President Roosevelt took the US to war with Japan during World War two.


Believe it or not, that’s how they felt – Stalin like, the ill effect and the whole paparazzi that came along with the agenda of “health care reform”. Whatever happened to the common sense of politics?

Go figures.