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Strange life& World

There is something about the world and life we life in today, I sit at my sorta, well, one one of my pet peeve cafe’s around town with free WiFi access to the internet and simple easy food to chow down on -But, there is something that has been intriguing me every since last week, when, I got the news that the house, that I have been living in for more than thirty-years since my Junior year in high school, went into Foreclosure and sold under the feet of both my Mother and myself.

A new era had begun, like it has been the start of World War III. But, that wasn’t the case – it was something very different – a scary tactic world to say.

Now with that in store, I have to do something! Something, that I’ve not done in so LONG – MOVE and find a NEW LIFE to live! It’s not that “The World Turns,” and draws life into the strange processes of life, which we shall call – “the ghetto!”

All in all, I may be old and still young at heart into my early 50’s, but the entire scenario and process is actually scaring the reality shit outta me, at least to say – because, this is something, no one should be going through and more.

To be honest and to tell you the truth folks, the reality we live in today, isn’t the reality we see on television and more, where crime drama’s get their cases solved each week by the show’s gumshoes and more – Even Richard Castle and Kate Beckett did the same thing week after week for eleven seasons at the 12th Precinct of the NYPD.

I’m trying to make good at the entire process and more, but for the reality and living daylights of me, the channeling doesn’t seem to be going as I expected from the start as there is either some good or there’s some bad out of it all? I keep telling myself, “take your pick and gamble the bets, Vegas style, baby!”, but it doesn’t always work that way, as it would with the late Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday marching on the case like prized winners in a recent tournament poker game.

I feel like, I’m setting myself up for another nerve wrecking ball challenge of a lifetime? How it will end and will there be any good out of it all? Only time will tell if the line of life will will lead the way to taking the Yellow brick road toward the “Wizard of Oz” or trailing it high and mighty somewhere in Kansas, the Scarecrow and Toto will have to settle for something better than Kansas and the wicked witches wrath of destruction, it’s all still a friggin legal ball game that is likely to see how the Cleveland Indian’s deal the end zone with the Chicago Cub’s in the World Series!

It’s only a matter of time, has I sit out in left field waiting for the smirking fly ball from home plate to hit home for a grand slam win!

Change brings life and magic into the people

ChangeRick Dancer and I were having a meeting late yesterday and we talked about “change,” the kind of change that inspires others to seek, investigate and execute to perfections, i.e., to hear, to speak as well as to read.

“Change is something, some folks don’t want to play – it’s not their game, it’s their enemy, their foe and the nightmare that keeps them awake at all hours of the night,” as I often remind myself.

Hearing loss is their world and for some, it’s their only means of life. A world with no sound, a world in complete silence, as they say, it’s the opposite to the world of hearing, where you may need change – can be a scary demon.

I remember the very first day I heard my Mother’s voice, on the day of my activation in February 2007 – our world changed forever. Thirty-nine years of Profound Deafness came to a screeching halt, because, I took an elective decision and set my sights on changing the way, I had been hearing the world – something of an epidemic of sorts, something that tormented my life as it was spiraling downward, it inspired change, an action, an elective state of oversight, that had once eluded me for decades.

Watching those tears stream down my Mother’s cheeks and hearing her voice for the first time, since losing my hearing – was something a changed world would do – not just “our world,” but, that of our entire family, minus several relatives who weren’t around to see the change, the transformation and all since, they passed and returned to heaven.

Today, that change has given me a new lease on life. A new perspective with a whole new dimension of what technology can do and how it can change one’s world from a deaf and hard of hearing perspective to a more success in transformation from epidemic to electrified unity in hearing the world as I once remembered and envisioned in my early years of life until the day of infamy.

It’s the profound mission of those who want to hear the sounds of life, nature and the world has a whole – the walk across the bridge seem to fit the bill as to those indeed seeking change and more.

Take a look at this video as Rick’s eyes swelled when he spoke about the change and transformation among the students he recently seen, while at South Eugene High School during a school assembly at the high school earlier last week.


Change isn’t just about hearing loss and deafness, it’s about the people, the one’s we see everyday, the one’s that are seeking change are the one’s who dwell on the magic and transformations and the lives they change on a daily basis – Change can be your best friend.

Perhaps, this is what change is all about? The perspectives with a positive light which brings the harmony in all and gives them far greater perspectives in seeing through the light where the tunnel shines, there’s magic to be seen.

The ditto of 2012

typing As 2012, comes to a close. I am left wondering of what will become of 2013? I’m hoping that America will do better and she will regain her strength and compassion and set forth, she gets this great nation back on track.

Despair and honesty is still abound in the wilds and greasy stretches of life. New opportunities are a distant possibility for everyone around the world, including that of my own as we ring in the new year of 2013.

Good or bad, there’s always the possibility of the great harmony as the joys of life brings to the empathy of the world of writing and blogging, which will be a challenging factor and a struggle as competition and new talent is discovered through the minds of Social Media and blogging sites throughout the vast regions of the internet in the new year.

It’s an impact, soul and feeling with inspiration that sets forth the sunrises and sunsets into written words within the distant galaxies of the universe. Nothing creates more inspiration, than, one’s thought to grab a laptop, netbook or desktop computer and hack away at the keys to make those magical words come alive for the reader and audience to read on a daily, weekly or bi-weekly or even a monthly basis.

“You’re a writer, god-damnit,” as they say – period, it’s nothing personal. “It’s in your genes, Jaros and you know it!” I’m thinking fellow writer and best friend, Garrett Jaros has a vast tropical pool in his backyard (literally!) that would make a never ending story for “Lost,” “Magnum, P.I.,” and the cast of “Hawaii Five-O,” shit, the late Jack Lord, would’ve been a happy camper with his alma mater at the Five-O HQ’s after being modernized from the 1960’s – even the theme song is still the same, I think?

But, that’s not all – 2012, was a tough one for us best friends and writers, we both lost our dogs, a couple months apart or so, than, one of our childhood friends passed away before the dogs’ headed home to the “Rainbow Bridge.” As Garret says, “it was a tough one for us, dude.” He got that right. 2012, was indeed a tough one.

As we enter the ditto of leaving 2012, I’m hoping, 2013 looks better and optimistic in both the writing and blogging department on my end of the rope and the writing lugs on Garrett’s end across the pond in Maui – who knows what the world of 2013 will hold as the future of ‘13 comes ashore?

The wackiness between the two us two writers will likely enhance a collaboration of sorts? I know, I know, I can see him putting sand in my lunchbox and the kind words of, “Newt, you’re an idiot, but, I ain’t writing no chicka flick with you – you moron!” Well, selfishly, that wasn’t the greatest of ideas, but, it’s enough to get him laughing in the South Pacific and me quite farther, than, having him chase my lovely carcass with a spanking new Louisville slugger all over the Willamette Valley with my name engraved on it and personally signed by former Cincinnati Reds Third Baseman, Pete Rose. Ditto.

At least he has the laugh track from the states, while being port-side in the middle of the South Pacific – we’ll see how he fares from the islands and the South Pacific Atoll and the merited of friendships on the mainland. My Mother was asking me just this afternoon, while visiting her, “if his mother misses him,” has he now lives in Hawaii – Her memory is still fresh after all these years from Mine and Garrett’s childhood. It amazes me she still has it – “wow!”


Copyright @2012 Jeff Newton

The good ole days: “A Wonderful Life”

Childhood memories make great Christmas stocking stuffers. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been slacking with a severe case of Hawaiian punch. “No, I’ve not been drinking a television commercial folks.” A recent childhood best friend revealed to me via email that, I’ve been slacking on the blog lately and “I’ve been deadbeat slow,” as he said, from Maui, Hawaii, where he now lives with his girlfriend Naomi.

The two recently, moved to Maui during and settled for some prime sand off the coast of Maui. But, all this slacking has given me, a 360 degree dose of Writer’s and blogger’s block these past few weeks – even though, I’ve been trying to work on a Christmas theme type blog piece – but, getting the right inspiring thought and topic, hadn’t been the greatest use of my writing and blogging time – most of it, still has to do with the recent death of my dog back in October.

Now, about that childhood memory – Even, Garrett is watching my blog closely from Maui, just to make sure, I’m blogging and writing, not slacking like an idiot! “Slimy beach bastard..!” “No, pun dude, just a laugh jerker from the Northwest, it ain’t easy when you run out of topics to write about, blogging-wise.”

One of the childhood memories, Garret brought up during a recent email exchange between the two of us from his home in Hawaii was, the way we used to play to play together as kids, in the likes of being “Firemen!” It was during the early 1970’s, when a popular television show was shown weekly, on NBC called “Emergency!” The series changed the lives of children watching an action drama series about two fictional Los Angeles County Fire Department Paramedics, “John Gage and Roy Desoto” and their friends of the fictional L.A. County Fire Station 51 in Carson City, Ca., just outside of Los Angeles.

Garrett, Myself and a few other neighborhood boys used to play Firemen, all the time and used my parents green sofa as the basis of a “hook and ladder truck,” at the time. I started to shed some tears, as I read his email and reflected a flashback of the time, which suddenly came alive as I continued to read his email. I had forgotten about the memory of us playing firemen together and several of our friends in the early 1970’s. “How, in the hell, a blogger and writer like Me, would forgot such a childhood memory in the course of my adult lifetime,” I asked myself while reading his email?

The silent voices from my head tell me – “Newton, you’re a friggin’ slacker of memory chips!” Go figures, I’m thinking, I must be a slacker idiot to begin with! Sheesh, thanks Jaros for mentioning it, by the way – “Your right, I have been slacking lately.”

But, the one thing for sure, the the drama series led to my career in being a volunteer firefighter and for more years, than, I can swing an axe with in my adult life today. In fact there’s a little history behind the “Station 51” on the show of “Emergency!” as it aired on NBC in the 1970’s. Something, that Garrett would be amazed about as he reads this blog post! “You didn’t think, I’d go that far did you dude?” “Figured that..!”

At the time, the Los Angeles County Fire Department didn’t have a “Station 51” at the time series was on the air, however, L.A. County Fire Station 127 was the “stand-in” at the time of the show. Decades, later, the very same fire station, which now operates as L.A.Co. Fire Dept., Station 127 and finally, the Fire Dept., built a real “Station 51” near Universal Studios with Engine 51, Squad 51 and Cart 51 at the Universal Lot and is a functional operating Fire Station of the L.A. Co. Fire Department – the tourist trams of the studio goes right by the fire station, I’m told and what I’ve heard and read about the history of behind Station 127 and Station 51.

The original apparatus’s used in the show have been retired from service and can be seen at the Los County Fire Department Museum in Los Angeles.

The memory of two Oregon boys, who became best friends for life with memories abound, hasn’t faded with one of them and the other still looses the charm of memory and slacking in his adult life of a memory childhood, nearly drained from the fuel tanks of life, has once again fueled his debate between choices of life.

I haven’t heard such stories of my childhood for years and decades to that have gone by without notice and fanfare. This particular memory, made me swell a few tears or gotten me into a little emotional little state of memory nearly lost in the memories of my childhood to adult life. It’s the reality of life, when your childhood was once a cherished memory – later in life in your adult lie it becomes a cherished memory the million dollar smile, that had been nearly forgotten.

It was 1970’s, when three young neighborhood boys became my best friends for life, Steven, David, Garret and I couldn’t have had a better childhood, than most of us would’ve imagined. Even though, we’ve gone separate ways in our adult lives and I still see Steve and David, occasionally via social media and in person.

Its one of those things in life that you utterly forget from time to time, until a close friend brings you the surprising gift of memory and later, you get it confirmed by your own mother. “An incredible journey of memory.” Some specific things, I utterly can remember, other’s have faded into the achieves of life.

Perhaps, this is what Christmas is all about? The castaway of life? The ultimate gift of life and memory? As George Bailey’s Guardian Angel, “Clarence” wrote in George’s Bible, in the movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life,” “Remember, no man is a failure that has friends.” Clarence could be right all along in today’s reality of life. I couldn’t have agreed with Clarence on that statement, he made to George Bailey in his bible left atop a basket of money. Even, though, I would bet the dollar of bets, my own guardian angel would literally say the same thing, as if he or her were watching over my shoulder, while writing this blog post.

In fact, “it is a Wonderful Life,” as I come to think of it – “life can be the greatest test of all mankind,” even though, I’m still learning new things about my childhood, that has begotten me in my adult life. It’s all good and a great laugh track with a good friend on the islands.

Thanks for the buttercup of memory, dude, you just made the smiles of my Christmas in the memories of our childhood together – how inspiring can that be to one’s life as we grow older as Writers.

This blog article is Copyrighted by Jeff Newton@2012


  You look at yourself in the mirror each day and you see a completely different person – actually, the same person you saw yesterday and the day before, but there is only one problem? We see differently before we look at ourselves in the mirror.

What we see through our own eyes is a completely different image, than, the images we see in the mirror daily. The stories are different, the colors of one’s skin is different, than, yours and mine. The beauty is honed differently, we may be a man, women or child, when we look in the mirror.

When we shower day and night, we are naked. When we look in the mirror, we are naked – men and women see themselves naked differently, unless they are together and see themselves naked upon each other.

The reflections of life provides a unique opportunity to reflect on the life we lived and the stories behind them. From the old west to the days of Wyatt Earp to Elvis Presley, there is always something to be told behind the names and faces of life.

Wyatt Earp was frontiersman, bounty hunter and lawman in the 1800s, while Elvis Presley was an entertainer known as the King of Rock and Roll from the 1950’s to the early 1970’s – both men provided images behind their legendary lives. Both of their stories were told separately from beginning to end and became legends of their own time and place.

As a writer, we tell the story of the lives that affected us from past to present, but – the future hasn’t been written yet, as it was in the past. The past is a legacy, the future is primarily a legend to be told or discovered. How we got there, all depends on how we write history in the coming year and the years ahead.

The reflections of life can be easy or difficult, all depends on how you tend to write your own story and future.

So, ask yourself – when you look in the mirror, “how will my future be written from this day onward toward end of my own time and will?” It’s hard to say, but, the choice is actually yours to make. We writer’s only create the characters of life and the stories behind them to be read by future generations and more, including those during the course of our own lifetimes.

The reflection you saw in the mirror was that of your lifetime and our legacy.